150th Sonex Aircraft Completion: Joel Fuller’s Waiex #14 Flies!

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Congratulations to Joel Fuller of Minneapolis, Minnesota, for completing the 150th Sonex Aircraft to take flight! Joel’s AeroVee powered, Standard Gear, Dual Stick Waiex (S/N W0014) flew for the first time on January 13. “The plane handles great. It has a nice balance between responsiveness and stability,” Reports Joel. “The only other taildragger I have flown is a Cub, and all I can say is that the Waiex is way way easier to land and taxi (and start, and take off, etc.). Everyone told me this would be the case, and they were right. I don’t think I really looked at my flight instruments during the whole flight, I just did everything by feel.” Gold Wings are on the way to Joel!

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