Sonex Participates in Committee to Protect Amateur-Building Privileges

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On Wednesday and Thursday September 6th and 7th, Sonex Aircraft, LLC CEO Jeremy Monnett participated in the first meeting of the FAA’s Amateur-Built Aviation Rulemaking Committee, held in Chicago. With mounting concern over builder-assist programs that may be stepping over the 51 percent line without adequate customer involvement, the FAA has assembled this committee including 17 representatives of government, general-aviation groups, and aircraft kit manufacturers to examine the problem and propose solutions that will preserve the rights of amateur builders.

“Sonex Aircraft was pleased to participate in this work group,” said Monnett. “We are confident that the talent assembled in this committee will be able to come up with both short and long-term solutions to address any FAA concerns about the future of the highly successful Amateur-Built Aircraft Rules.”

During lasts week’s meeting the group broadly agreed on its interest to preserve the original language and intent of the amateur-building regulations, and that its focus should be on the trend of builder or commercial assistance circumventing the intent of the regulations and thereby performing the majority of the construction tasks on behalf of the customer. Sonex Aircraft, LLC is committed to preserving the current privileges of amateur builders in the United States.

The committee’s next meeting is scheduled to take place in November in Washington, D.C.