Sonex Fly-In Sightings

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Tony Spicer sent-in images of Tom Dubrouillet’s Sonex S/N 259 from the Wilmington, North Carolina Stag Airpark EAA chapter fly-in. Tom flew-in to Stag from York, South Carolina. “He’s done an outstanding job on #259 and has one beautiful Sonex!” remarks Spicer. That’s pretty high praise coming from the builder of the award-winning Sonex #32.dubes_0002_thumb


Tony Lewis of Winter Haven, Florida, send us a picture of his AeroVee powered Sonex S/N 447 at the EAA South Eastern Regional Fly-In in southern Alabama. Tony was asked by the Fly-In air boss to show-off his Sonex in some high-speed fly-by’s, which Tony was more than happy to provide! Tony’s AeroVee Sonex has logged over 560 hours!


lewis_serfi_06_thumbJohn Davis (Sonex S/N 523) recently held his 3rd Annual “ASA” Sonex Fly-In in Crossville, Tennessee. John reports having 6 Sonex aircraft fly-in from as far away as New Port Richie in the south to Kalamazoo, Michigan in the north! Approximately 40 Sonex builders and pilots attended the weekend-long event. Fine southern cuisine (including Moon Pies) and a good time was had by all!asa_2006_thumb