Sonex Flying Stories: Pete and Wayne’s Excellent SNF Adventure – and an Award!

“Congratulations. Your Aircraft is an Award Winner!” That’s the card that homebuilders around the world hope to see when they return to their aircraft towards the end of a big fly-in. Pete Van Schalkwyk found one such card on his aircraft at Sun ‘n Fun 2019! Congratulations to Pete, whose AeroVee Powered Sonex (s/n 0773) was awarded Best Auto Engine Homebuilt.

Pete and fellow Sonex builder Wayne Andrews (s/n 0035) made the trip to Sun ‘n Fun 2019 in Lakeland, FL as a two-ship formation from their home bases in North Carolina, and sent us a few great pictures after their trip: enjoy!

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Pete Van Schalkwyk’s Sonex 773 in the foreground, and “Winding” Wayne Andrews’ Sonex 35 in the background.

A view of Pete’s award-winning Sonex without a canopy cover.

Long cross-country using the buddy system: Wayne on Pete’s left wing.

Sunrise in homebuilt camping at Sun ‘n Fun 2019.

The route for Pete and Wayne’s Excellent Adventure to Sun ‘n Fun.

Performance enroute: Hard to beat the Sonex/AeroVee combination of economy and speed!