The First Thousand Hours: Waiex W0082

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Congratulations to Kip Laurie, builder and owner of Waiex W0082 who recently surpassed 1,000 hours on his aircraft! The orange and white Jabiru 3300 powered taildragger has become extremely well-known in the Sonex community both for the quality of the build as-well as the quality of the builder’s personality. In his post to the forum regarding this milestone, Kip gives a brief review of the aircraft’s maintenance history along with some very impressive statistics. Some of the highlights:

  • Total Miles (GPS odometer): 111,585 statute miles
  • Total Landings: 1359
  • 326 different airports visited followed by a "list of where I’ve been" that reads like an exhaustive directory of worthwhile places to fly.
  • Perhaps most impressive: Kip has shared the Sonex experience with 117 passengers.

Kip first began flying W0082 on May 20, 2010 and the past 12 years of frequent flying is a real testament to the robust qualities of our aircraft when properly built and maintained. Thank you Kip for being such an outstanding ambassador to the Sonex community!

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