Onex First Flight: Gary Novotny

Congratulations to Gary Novotny of Chuckey, Tennessee whose tri-gear, AeroVee powered Onex (S/N ONX0199) flew for the first time on April 11th! “I made my first flight 4/11/20 and stayed aloft 1.2 hours,” writes Gary. “AeroVee 80 ran flawless and I got my 1+ hours at 3000+ RPM as recommended in the AeroVee manual. Aircraft flew great. Flight controls were a bit sensitive but within 15 minutes and my anxiety calming down all went well. In my early days I built an RV 4 and had several hundred hours in it so there were a lot of similarities to the Onex. Ya’ll have nice kits and great support. Thanks [Sonex Tech Support] for your help on the few issues I needed help with.” Gold Wings are on the way to Gary!

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