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Sonex-B SNB0393: Leroy E. Brandt

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Sonex-B SNB0393

My B-Model conversion made its maiden flight this afternoon. Winds were 13 slightly crosswind and with the hills around Lodi is was rough than I like but it flew very well. The UL Power 260IS [107hp] performed flawlessly and really increased my takeoff performance from my Legacy Sonex [80hp]. I was restricted to 3000RPM for the first 5hrs so I really babied it except on my takeoff I saw 3100+ for a very short time. It lifted of at midpoint on Lodi's 2500' turf runway. I only flew for 30 minutes but at one point heading back to the airport I was cruising at 130. Thanks to my ground crew Jerry, cal and Hallis. This is going to be a fun airplane again. [Special Note: Customer already had a UL Power engine available for this project, but it did not have the prop hub length specified for a Sonex Aircraft B-Model, which is the reason for the top cowling modifications shown. With the Sonex-specified prop hub length, no modifications are required to the B-Model cowling for UL Power engines.]

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November 28, 2017
UL Power UL260iS
Landing Gear
Control Stick

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Leroy E.
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Leroy E. Brandt
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EAA Technical Counselor
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