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Sonex 1149: Michael Dupree Sr

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Sonex 1149

Well it took four years and seven months and 2,900 hours to build Sonex #1149 aka Mike's Mistress. First flight occurred at Slidell LA Airport ( KASD ) at 6:15 am August 1st 2012. The sun was coming up just above the trees on the east side of runway 18. Wind calm, temperature 81, dew pt. 77, clear skies, density altitude =1,785 feet, it was a beautiful morning . Take off roll was approx 950 feet. Mike's Mistress, with seventy five year young Mike at the controls, entered the magical world of flight this day. The flight was very smooth. I never thought a plane could fly so well. The flight lasted three laps in the pattern and the landing was as near perfect as I have ever done. Movie videos and still shots and memories were made. To Sonex = you have designed a wonderful airplane, to Kerry and all the folks at Sonex =thank you for all the advice given me over the years, to Matt at MGL = thanks for all your support, to Tech. councilors = Burl Nelson and Mickey Whittenburg, thank you ever so much for your advice and now to my close flying friends, Allan Maxwell, Jim Corkern, Don McDermott, Bubby Gros, Charles Maurer, and Jay Strahan, my close flying friends that supported and advised me through this veil of fun, sweat and happy tears, I thank you, thank you , thank you. And now to my children, Mike Jr., Eric and Sharon and to my wife of 57 years, Gail = we have made some memories through your love and support of this project. Now Gail and I will be flying along with our flying buddies and their wives into the wild blue skies making new memories and eating $100 hamburgers.-----Again to all, THANK YOU , THANK YOU and THANK YOU. Sincerely, Mike Dupree, Sr.

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August 1, 2012
Jabiru 3300
Landing Gear
Control Stick

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Dupree Sr
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Michael Dupree Sr
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