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Sonex 0618: Andrew Pearce

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Sonex 0618

On Wednesday the 22nd of May, Sonex #618 "Flyin' Matilda" left the ground and embraced the sky. She is powered by a Jabiru 3300 and sports a tailwheel. She flew wonderfully and even apparently landed herself while I was still wondering what had happened. Team Pearce-Ros (Me, Rosemary, Michael and Matthew) wants to thank the academy, our technical counselor Randy Smith, our hangar mate Mark Cassada whose name I probably just spelled wrong, the manager and overlord of the Oxford Henderson airport, Mike Kellogg (who just told me on the phone that he had sold my aircraft for scrap) and of course the entire Sonex extended family of John ("Do I look like a people person?"), Betty ("Thank heavens I am a people person!"), Jeremy ("I am strong, like bull!") and Kate ("Of course John is a people person!") in addition to illustrious Kerry ("Catch the pen Andrew, only Australians get motion sick. You owe me taxes. Muhahaha!"), Mark ("What? Kerry is levying taxes for support calls?") and Heather ("What do you mean I am funny?") and everyone else up there that eats lunch at the Hornet's Nest. I hear some guy called Pete Buck was involved as well. Based on the way Matilda flies, he might one day amount to something. Who knows!

Thanks for Tony Spicer for giving us a flight in Sonex 32, all those years ago. It is your fault Rosemary's laundry sink is full of paint.

*I think I am making a Goodfellas reference. Joe Pesci was a comparative wuss. Seriously, don't cross her.

Aircraft Details

Aircraft Model
First Flight Date
May 22, 2013
Jabiru 3300
Landing Gear
Standard (Taildragger)
Control Stick

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Andrew Pearce
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EAA Technical Counselor
EAA Flight Advisor
Transition Training
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First Flights/Flight Testing


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