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Sonex 0509: Michael Madaris

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Sonex 0509

Flight: It was a cool and cloudy day with winds out of the north at 3mph. 509 and I rolled out on the runway, the power came up and away we went. The Sonex picked picked up speed quickly and jumped right off the ground with just a slight bank to the left. I got it straightened up and up we went.

I am a low time private pilot with only 80 hrs under my belt in a 172 and have flown a couple of Sonex's prior to the first flight of Sonex 509, Bruce Harrington's #321 out of Roseburg Oregon and Bill McWhorter #1486 out of Eugene Oregon let me fly his Sonex two different times. Thanks goes out to both of those guys.

Thanks also goes out to all the guys on sonextalk that helped me out with first flight information.

My Sonex flew great and was very easy to fly although a bit touchy on the control which I am sure I will get use to as I fly off the hours

A special thanks goes out to my wife Jackie for all of her support while building the Sonex, spending hundreds of hours in the shop and even more hours down at the airport getting ready for the first flight. She was just excited as I was about the first flight and to Kerry at Sonex Aircraft for answering all the questions I had for him.

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Aircraft Model
First Flight Date
April 26, 2014
Corvair O-164
Landing Gear
Standard (Taildragger)
Control Stick

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Michael Madaris
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EAA Technical Counselor
EAA Flight Advisor
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