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Our Mission at Sonex Aircraft:

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is committed to providing the recreational aviation community innovative, cost-effective and efficient aircraft kits, powerplants, and accessories and supporting them with industry-leading customer service.

In addition, Sonex provides leadership to the grass-roots homebuilt community to protect the experimental-amateur built rules and cultivates new pilots and airplane builders through educational efforts.

Our Vision:

To continue the Sonex Aircraft heritage of Product Innovation, Affordability, Simplicity, Versatility, Performance, Engineering, and Quality and to expand these themes into a broader aviation marketplace.


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Sonex Aircraft News | Sonex Builder News
Sonex Aircraft News:

Announcing Sun 'n Fun Show Specials!

Visit Us at Sun 'n Fun
Booth# NE-11/29

Sun 'n Fun Show Specials:

(regular retail prices shown: discounts will be deducted upon order confirmation & processing)

Sun 'n Fun 2017 Show Specials for Sonex and AeroConvesions Products are now available! Order Now thru by April 12th and take advantage of these great offers:

Premium Savings Offer*
Combine a Complete Airframe Kit or Kit-Minus-Tail Package with a Quick Build Kit Upgrade, or an AeroVee, AeroVee Turbo, or UL Power Engine and Save 10%. You can even combine all 3 for HUGE savings!

*Premium Savings Offer excludes SubSonex, and cannot be combined with any other offers above.

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B-Models Featured in Kitplanes Magazine!

Subscribers, Read it Online Today!

Sonex Aircraft is extremely excited to announce that the Waiex-B is featured on the cover of Kitplanes Magazine's May, 2017 issue!

"Waiex-B: B Stands for Bigger" is written by Kitplanes Editor in Chief Paul Dye and covers all of improvements of both the Sonex-B and Waiex-B and includes a flight review of the Sonex factory prototype Waiex-B, "Red One."

The Sonex Aircraft B-Models offer many enhancements over the original legacy designs and are available in Sonex-B and Waiex-B configurations, along with the newly available Xenos-B Motorglider! B-Model features include:

  • More Room and Comfort
  • More Panel Space
  • More Fuel
  • More Engine Choices (engine mounts available for AeroVee/AeroVee Turbo, Jabiru 3300, UL Power and Rotax 912-series)
  • More Standard Features
  • Less Build Time!
  • Same Great Flight Characteristics!

The Waiex-B factory prototype aircraft can be seen along with the SubSonex Personal Jet at Sun 'n Fun 2017!

Learn More About the Sonex-B and Waiex-B

Learn More About the Xenos-B Motorglider

Sonex Events Calendar Updated for 2017!

The Sonex Aircraft Company Events Calendar has been updated for 2017, including the Vertigo Airshows SubSonex performance schedule!

Australian builders and Sonex fans, be sure to check-out the SubSonex performing at the Australian International Airshow!

Also, don't miss Sonex Aircraft's exhibit at Sun 'n Fun 2017, including SubSonex airshow performaces!

We Need Your Builder Events!

As 2017 gets into full-swing, remember that we need your grass-roots Sonex Builder Events scheduling for your Builder Events Calendar!

In addition, Sonex Aircraft is happy to support Builder Events with Sonex literature, DVD's and door prizes, as well as publication of your event reports on our home page and social media sites. Contact with your events!

See the Sonex Company Events Calendar!

Sonex Employee Anniversaries:
Heather Zahner Celebrates 12 Years of Service!

Congratulations to Heather Zahner, who celebrates her 12-year employment anniversary at Sonex Aircraft, LLC today! Heather joined us in February of 2005 and has grown in her responsibilities to become an increasingly vital and valued member of the Sonex team. A member of our management team, Heather currently serves as Sonex Aircraft's Financial Controller, Manager of Customer
Service and Human Resources.

Read more about Heather, and the rest of the Sonex Aircraft Team!

Sonex Employee Anniversaries:
Kerry Fores Celebrates 14 Years of Service!

Congratulations to Kerry Fores, who celebrates his 14-year employment anniversary at Sonex Aircraft, LLC today! Kerry has been with Sonex Aircraft since January 2003, but volunteered his time beginning in 1999 after learning of John Monnett's plans to develop the Sonex design. As Technical Communications Manager at Sonex, Kerry is primarily reponsible for leading our technical support efforts, while writing, maintaining and managing Sonex Aircraft technical manuals, instruction sheets and other documentation.

Read more about Kerry, and the rest of the Sonex Aircraft Team!

New: Introducing The Xenos B-Model!

Sonex Aircraft is extremely pleased to announce the new Xenos B-Model! The Xenos-B is available to order now, and kit shipments will begin in March, 2017.

The Xenos-B combines all of the great enhancements of the Sonex and Waiex B-Models with the outstanding motorglider performance and value of the Xenos:

  • More Room and Comfort
  • More Panel Space
  • More Fuel
  • More Engine Choices
  • More Standard Features
  • Less Build Time!
  • Same Great Flight Characteristics!

Xenos B-Model:
See All Pricing and

PDF Order Form

First Article Xenos-B Airframe Quick Build

Learn More about the Xenos B-Model!

Third Customer-Built SubSonex Personal Jet Makes First Flight: John Murphy

Yet another customer-built SubSonex Personal Jet has flown! Congratulations to John Murphy of Chesterfield, Missouri whose SubSonex SN#4 flew for the first time on December 22nd! And no, those aren't two different jets you're looking at above, those are the same jet with two different paint schemes, one on each side of the aircraft! "[Flight] went very well," writes John. "Very responsive." Gold Wings are on the way!

Learn More about the SubSonex!

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Sonex Aircraft News | Sonex Builder News
Sonex Builder News:

Sonex Builder Events:
3rd Annual Sonex Mile-High Fly-In Scheduled!

The first grass-roots Sonex builder event for 2017 has been added to our Sonex Builders' Events Calendar!

Check-out the 3rd Annual Sonex Mile-High Fly-In on May 20th at KFLY, Meadowlake Airport in Colorado Springs. The event attracts builders and pilots from all across Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas and greater Rocky Mountain region.

Informal and interacive presentations are planned and several local pilots plan to give "Sonex Smile Rides" as a way to show off the attraction of a Sonex and to hook future builders!

Find More Sonex Builder
Organizations and Events!

Building a Sonex: What It's Really Like

Thinking about building a Sonex Aircraft? You can read about the experience from one of our builders in Air Facts Journal. Robbie Culver, builder of Sonex s/n 1517 wrote about his experiences in the article "Building a Sonex: What It's Really Like."

Read More About the Sonex!

Sonex Flying Stories:
AeroVee Sonex Flying 2016 with Randy Risjan

We received this inspiring music video featuring Randy Risjan flying his AeroVee powered Sonex s/n 1160 through aerobatic manuevers over the 2016 flying season. "I only have one GoPro which I moved around on the plane for different flights," writes Randy. "As you can see, I enjoy flying my Sonex very much.  Thanks for the great design and excellent support!"

This and many more recent videos have been added to the Sonex Flying Stories playlist of our YouTube Channel!

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Waiex First Flight: Christopher Dillman

Congratulations to Christopher Dillman of Exeter, New Hampshire, whose AeroVee powered, standard gear Waiex (S/N W0079) flew for the first time on November 9th! "With three jobs, two kids, a home remodel and addition, and approximately 10 years of construction, Waiex N790EF took flight on November 9 2016, just in time before the New England weather landed," writes Chris, "Special thanks goes out to my good friend Dana Thurston, of, for painting and accomplishing the finishing touches on the plane. Frank Stephens who helped me build a spar that belongs in an art gallery. Kevin Johnson and Herald Fuller for lending a helping hand and professional guidance, and when two arms wasn't enough. I would like to also thank my wife for tolerating my desire to build a aircraft, partly in my basement. And to all my friends who gave me support and the encouragement to continue the build." Gold Wings are on the way to Chris!

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Onex First Flight: Glen Smith

Congratulations to Glen Smith of Columbia, Tennessee, whose AeroVee powered, tri-gear Onex (S/N ONX0110) flew for the first time on November 21st! "Onex N110NX flew for the first time on November 21st at Lewisburg Ellington Airport (LUG) in middle TN," writes Glen, "My support team included my wife and fellow builder Karen, son Andrew who flew top cover with fellow pilot Dan Ford, Tech Counselor John Deyeager, and friends Tom Kempfer and Julie Roberts. The plane flew great with only small tweaks to the engine. After getting a few more take offs and landings I flew her home to our grass strip at Hunter Field (06TN) where we live. Thanks to all that helped to make this dream come true." Gold Wings are on the way to Glen!

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Sonex First Flight: Harold Reynolds

Congratulations to Harold Reynolds of Salvisa, Kentucky, whose AeroVee powered, tri-gear Sonex (S/N 999) flew for the first time on November 18th! "This was my first flight in a Sonex and I found it a delight to fly," writes Harold. "I would like to thank my wife Faye & my friends that helped me, especially John Smith, John Wheatly, Densil Baker, and Bill Allen." Gold Wings are on the way!

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Sonex First Flight: Randy Bush

Congratulations to Robert Bush of Lexington, Tennessee, whose Corvair powered, standard gear Sonex (S/N 1236) flew for the first time on October 28th! "This is my second plans built airplane," writes Randy, "The first was a Pietenpol Air Camper that I still fly. The Sonex is a very different experience from that but a real joy to fly. Looking forward to a lot of fun travel with it. Thanks go to my wonderful and patient wife Brenda who helped when I needed it and gave lots of encouragement along the way! Thanks to you guys at Sonex for a great set of plans to build from." Gold Wings are on the way to Randy!

View the Latest Sonex Aircraft Completions

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Onex Kit (base price):

Build and Fly for $28,699*

Sonex B-Model Kit (base price):

Build and Fly for $36,506*

Waiex B-Model Kit (base price):

Build and Fly for $36,827*

Xenos B-Model Kit (base price):

Build and Fly for $40,266*

AeroVee Engine Kit:


Financing Available!

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Build a Sonex Aircraft in Your School!

Through the Sonex Education Initiative, your school, EAA chapter or community organization can receive 10% discount incentives on any Sonex Complete Airframe Kit or AeroVee Engine Kit! Aviation metalworking "Starter Kit" packages are also available.

To find out more, see the official Sonex Education Initiative web site:





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