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Our Mission at Sonex Aircraft:

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is committed to providing the recreational aviation community innovative, cost-effective and efficient aircraft kits, powerplants, and accessories and supporting them with industry-leading customer service.

In addition, Sonex provides leadership to the grass-roots homebuilt community to protect the experimental-amateur built rules and cultivates new pilots and airplane builders through educational efforts.

Our Vision:

To continue the Sonex Aircraft heritage of Product Innovation, Affordability, Simplicity, Versatility, Performance, Engineering, and Quality and to expand these themes into a broader aviation marketplace.



Sonex Builders' Events Calendar Updated
for 2015 Spring and Summer Events!


The Sonex builder and pilot community is greatly enriched by wonderful customer-driven organizations and grass-roots events held around the world! The Sonex Builders' Organizations and Events page of our web site has been updated with several events for Spring and Summer 2015!

If you are organizing an event for Sonex Aircraft builders, owners and pilots, be sure to contact us with all the details for posting on our calendar.

Find Sonex Builders' Organizations and Events!

Sonex First Flight: Ray Kurian

Congratulations to Ray Kurian of Kearney, Missouri whose AeroVee powered, tri-gear Sonex (S/N 612) flew for the first time on April 12th! "I want to thank Sonex Aircraft for such great plans, assistance, and a wonderful airplane," writes Ray "Now the real fun begins." Gold Wings are on the way to Ray!

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Xenos First Flight: Bartolomeo Carlo Colapietro

Congratulations to Bartolomeo Carlo Colapietro of Rome, Italy whose Jabiru 3300 powered Xenos (S/N X0021) received its testing completion certification from the Italian Civil Aviation Authority on April 9th! "The airplane flies better than expectations," writes Bartolomeo. "Thanks to the designer Monnett and his entire expert team." Gold Wings are on the way!

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Onex First Flight: Michael Roderer

Congratulations to Michael Roderer of Dayton, Ohio whose AeroVee powered, standard gear Onex (S/N ONX0038) flew for the first time on March 18th! "The aircraft flies straight and level hands off," writes Michael. "Tech support (Kerry and Joe) resolved the few issues I had. My special thanks to fellow Onex builder Todd Reifers for pictures and advice, my father-in-law Bill Nostadt and wife Nancy for their support and encouragement. Building the Onex was a great experience." Gold Wings are on the way to Michael!

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Bob Carlton to Debut SubSonex Personal Jet
Aerobatic Show at Sun ‘n Fun 2015


Sonex Aircraft is proud to announce that Bob Carlton will make his worlwide debut of the SubSonex Personal Jet Air Show at Sun 'n Fun 2015! Flying on Tuesday and Sunday afternoons, Bob will perform aerobatics never before seen in a microjet air show, showing-off the incredible capabilities and flight handling characteristics of the SubSonex JSX-2 Personal Jet. Read More in today's Official Press Release!

Sun 'n Fun attendees will be able to see the SubSonex up-close at our booth in the North East Exhibit area, NE-29!

Sonex Aircraft Returns to Sun 'n Fun!
Sonex Aircraft, LLC is returning with an official exhibitor presence at the 2015 Sun 'n Fun International Fly-In & Expo in Lakeland, FL for the first time since 2006! Sonex will exhibit in the North East Exhibit area, booth NE-29, and the AeroVee Turbo powered Sonex Sport Acro will be on-display, along with the SubSonex!

SNF 2015 Forum Schedule:
Consult Sun 'n Fun schedules for the most up-to-date scheduling information.

  • Tuesday, Noon - Paradise City: The Sonex, Waiex, Xenos & Onex - Sport Pilot Designs
  • Wednesday, Noon - Room 10: AeroVee Engine, AeroVee Turbo and AeroInjector - Sport Pilot Power
  • Thursday, Noon - Room 6: The Sonex, Waiex, Xenos & Onex - Sport Pilot Designs
  • Friday, 11am - Room 9: The SubSonex Personal Jet
  • Saturday, 3pm - Paradise City: AeroVee Engine, AeroVee Turbo and AeroInjector - Sport Pilot Power

See us at our booth in the North East Exhibit area, booth NE-29!

Sonex First Flight: Robert Ohlson

Congratulations to Robert Ohlson of Poinciana, Florida whose Jabiru 3300 powered, standard gear Sonex (S/N 1325) flew for the first time on March 19th! "Your Sonex team has been a joy to work with during the 3.5 years it took me," writes Bob. "Your Sonex team was always there to help (tech support), and fill my orders with a friendly email. My flight was from Winter Haven airport in Florida, with my ground team and Jeanne my wife watching. After the test hours are flown off paint will be next with the wings, wheel pants and tail tips painted Royal Blue, the nose will be Silver, and fuselage polished." Gold Wings are on the way to Bob!

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Sonex Flying Stories - Our New YouTube
Playlist: Mike Kelley Brushes-Off the Winter
Rust with Some Spring Acro!

The number of Sonex customer videos posted to YouTube has exploded over the past few years. As-hard as we try, we just can't keep-up with them all -- which is a beautiful thing to see as the fleet grows! To make it easier for everyone to find Sonex customer videos, we have enhanced our YouTube channel to include a link to the YouTube-generated #SonexAircraft channel, and we have created a new playlist called "Sonex Flying Stories: Our Favorite Customer Videos." Keep sending us those video links that you're especially proud of, and we'll add our favorites to the playlist!

One such video recently came-in from Mike Kelley, builder of Tri-Gear, Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex #1284. For Mike, building an airplane and performing aerobatics in that plane had always been on his bucket list. In summer of 2014, Mike took his first and only aerobatic instruction in a Citabria. "The lesson was taught over the Juan de Fuca straight on a cool day, with a hard 3000' overcast ceiling, not allowing many visual land reference cues," writes Mike. Since then, he has been taking the basic spin, rolls and loops he learned, and putting them into simple +G combinations such as the Spit-s, Immelmann's, wing-overs, and Cuban 8's. He has no intention of ever competing, but enjoys the unencumbered feeling of these sport class maneuvers. "I'd recommend unusual attitude or aerobatics instruction to any pilot," continues Mike, "Practicing these over-and-over, including actually spinning the Sonex, has definitely made me a better & safer pilot. By far, the Sonex was the absolute best kitplane choice for me. Where else could I have this kind of fun and this level of performance on 5-6 GPH!"

Mike's Spring Acro video can be seen below and on our new YouTube custmoer videos playlist along with another recent video of his, "A Day in the Life of Sonex 1284."

Find More Stories and Videos on the Sonex Flying Stories Page!

Sonex Logs 59th Builder's Workshop Event!

Jeremy Monnett demonstrates the AeroVee powered Onex in a high-speed fly-by for the Workshop crowd on Saturday.

Workshop attendees gained hands-on metalworking experience using Sonex construction techniques with their Workshop projects.

Sonex Aircraft held it's Spring, 2015 Sonex Builder's Workshop on March 7-8, the 59th Workshop event since the company's founding in 1998!

Typical of March Workshops, the event hosted a small, but enthusiastic group of current and prospective Sonex Aircraft builders, as attendees from across the country traveled to Oshkosh to learn more about building, owning and flying Sonex Aircraft. The group constructed sample Sonex metalworking projects, received detailed informational sessions about all Sonex Aircraft designs, engine options, AeroConversions products, and all other aspects of building, owning and flying Sonex Aircraft.

The weather for the weekend gave Northeast Wisconsin a real break, with above-average temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's! This afforded factory prototype aircraft fly-by's on both Saturday and Sunday, and every Workship attendee seeking a Basic Aircraft Familiarization Flight through our T-Flight Transition Training Program was able to fly -- almost the entire group! Workshop attendees also had the whole weekend to inspect every inch of Sonex factory prototype aircraft on the ground, and try them on for size.

The Sonex Aircraft Workshop continues to be an extremely valuable experience for our builders, saving them time, money and answering many frequently asked questions in the building process. Sonex Builder Workshops are held several times per year at the Sonex Aircraft, LLC facilities in Oshkosh, WI, and significant kit discount incentives are offered for attendees. Our next Sonex Workshop will be held May 30-31, 2015. Sign-up Today!

T-Flight Basic Aircraft Familiarization Flights are a popular option for Workshop attendees. Read More about T-Flight Transition Training packages!

Jeremy welcomes the Workshop crowd, lays-out the agenda for the weekend, introduces staff, and passes the microphone around for attendees to introduce themselves.

John Monnett gives a walk-around tour of the technical design features that go-into the Sonex line of aircraft.

John Monnett gives Workshop project demonstrations before turning attendees loose on their own metalworking projects.

Workshop participants get to work on their Sonex metalworking projects!

Jeremy hops into the Waiex for some fly-by's on Sunday morning. In addition to high-speed fly-by's slow flight is also demonstrated, illustrating the impressive performance envelope of Sonex Aircraft.

Sunday is engine day as John educates the group about all things AeroVee and AeroInjector.

John's closing session of aircraft building tips is one of the most informative highlights of the weekend.

Read More about Sonex Builder Workshops!

Check-Out the T-Flight Transition Training Program!

Sonex First Flight: Dana Baker

Congratulations to Dana Baker of Acton, California whose AeroVee powered, standard gear Sonex (S/N 1534) flew for the first time on March 8th! "The plane flew great and climbed very well," writes Dana. "I spent an hour getting familiar with the handling in all phases of flight. Many thanks to my wife for understanding my Sonex addiction, all the folks at Sonex and to Gary Aldrich my EAA flight advisor, Steve Irving my EAA Tech Counselor, and the very helpful controllers in the Fox Airfield tower. Now I know what the Sonex grin is all about." Gold Wings are on the way to Dana!

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Sonex First Flight: Michael Neidenthal

Congratulations to Michael Neidenthal of Peyton, Colorado whose Jabiru 3300 powered, standard gear Sonex (S/N 749) flew for the first time on March 6th! "I purchased the kit from the estate of Russ Woodyard in Tennessee," writes Michael. "My mentors John Gillis and Jeff Shultz said [Russ's project] was a great build, and [that I] just had to finish up the project. Big thanks to my mentors and Steve Rothert for all their help! Can't wait to bring it to KOSH (with paint) of course." Gold Wings are on the way!

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Onex First Flight: Gary Anders

Congratulations to Gary Anders of Enola, Pennsylvania whose VW powered, tri-gear Onex (S/N ONX0046) flew for the first time on February 21st! "I am so happy with the performance of this plane," writes Gary. "I have four hours on it already and couldn't be happier. Thank you Sonex staff for all your help. I'm not sure what I like more, building or flying the Onex. It was a great experience all around." Gold Wings are on the way!

View the Latest Sonex Aircraft Completions

Sonex Employee Anniversaries:
Joe Norris Celebrates 2 Years of Service!

Congratulations to Joe Norris, who celebrates his 2-year employment anniversary at Sonex Aircraft, LLC this month! Joe serves as the Chief Flight Instructor for the Sonex T-Flight Transition Training Program, handles all fleet maintenance for Sonex factory aircraft, is an assistant in the R&D department, and is a Technical Support Representative.

Read more about Joe, and the rest of the Sonex Aircraft Team!

Sonex Employee Anniversaries:
Ryan Grady Celebrates 3 Years of Service!

Congratulations to Ryan Grady, who celebrates his 3-year employment anniversary at Sonex Aircraft, LLC this month! Ryan is a full-time Warehouse Associate with Sonex, helping the Warehouse team to package and ship your kit, engine and parts orders every day.

Read more about Ryan, and the rest of the Sonex Aircraft Team!

First SubSonex Kit Delivered!
New JSX-2 Pilots Minted; Bob Carlton Receives JSX-2 Low-Level Waiver; New Videos Posted!

The first SubSonex Ultra-Quick
Build Kit, ready to ship!

The SubSonex kit fits nicely inside the
optional Triton TC 167 trailer

Sonex Aircraft is excited to report the achievement of several major milestones in the SubSonex Personal Jet program during the month of February: The first SubSonex kit shipped from the Sonex factory; Four new SubSonex model JSX-2 pilots were minted in Moriarty, NM; and Bob Carlton received his Low-Level Statement of Aerobatic Competency (SAC) card for the SubSonex, in-preparation for the 2015 air show season!

First SubSonex Kit Delivered:
On Thursday, February 12th, the first SubSonex kit left Sonex Aircraft headquarters in Oshkosh, destined for customer Redge Greenberg of Durango, Colorado. The Ultra-Quick Build Kit was transported in the optionally available Triton TC 167 enclosed trailer by Sonex staff to Greenberg's home.

This week, two more kits will be delivered to customers in Ontario Canada and Pennsylvania, with kit deliveries to Missouri, Kentucky, and Oklahoma to follow next week. The seventh kit will be delivered to New South Wales, Australia via 20' ocean container. Orders are now being accepted for the second run of SubSonex Quick Build Kit production, to commence in August, 2015.

SubSonex JSX-2 Pilot Population Increases by 400 Percent:
During the weekend of February 1st, four new pilots became qualified to fly SubSonex JSX-2. Sonex Aircraft President John Monnett and Sonex CEO Jeremy Monnett travelled to Moriarty, New Mexico to join Designated Pilot Examiner (DPE) Bob O'Haver and BonusJet flight instructor Billy Hill in making their first flights in SubSonex JSX-2 and subsequent qualifying flights for SubSonex permanent Letters of Authorization (LOA).

On Saturday, all four pilots made their first flights of SubSonex JSX-2, all four with diverse flying backgrounds from highly-experienced jet pilots O'Haver and Hill, to JSX-1 qualified pilot John Monnett, to piston Sonex pilot Jeremy Monnett, who recently completed the BonusJet training program. Remarkably, all four flights looked nearly identical, which is a testament to SubSonex JSX-2's outstanding flying qualities.

Bob Carlton Prepares for 2015 Air Show Season in JSX-2:
Airshow pilot and SubSonex Chief Test Pilot Bob Carlton has been practicing a new air show routine in SubSonex JSX-2 for the 2015 season! Currently booked at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 and the 2015 Rocky Mountain Air Show with more show dates pending, Carlton has put-together a SubSonex show unparalleled by jet acts of the past including maneuvers such as tail slides (usually taboo in a jet), hammerheads and non-stop action with tight turns inside the typical piston aircraft air show box. Carlton has been practicing the show extensively over the past month, and obtained his Low-Level Statement of Aerobatic Competency (SAC) card for the SubSonex on February 12th in Phoenix, Arizona.

See Today's Press Release!
Much more information about all of the above events can be read in today's official press release.

New Videos!
Four exciting new SubSonex videos were also released today on the Sonex Aircraft YouTube Channel:

Read More about the SubSonex!

Sonex Employee Anniversaries:
Heather Zahner Celebrates 10 Years of Service!

Congratulations to Heather Zahner, who celebrates her 10-year employment anniversary at Sonex Aircraft, LLC this month! Heather joined us in February of 2005 and has grown in her responsibilities to become an increasingly vital and valued member of the Sonex team. Heather currently serves as Sonex Aircraft's Manager of Customer Service, Accounting and Human Resources.

Read more about Heather, and the rest of the Sonex Aircraft Team!

Jabiru USA Announces Spring Engine Sale!

Jabiru Spring Engine Sale:
Jabiru 2200
Sale Price: $14,000
Jabiru 3300 Sale Price: $18,400

(Online Ordering)

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plans owner to view this product category.

PDF Order Form

Jabiru USA has recently announced a Spring Engine Sale for Jabiru 2200 and 3300 engines, and Sonex Aircraft, LLC is passing along the same pricing offer for Sonex Aircraft kit customers! Purchasing your Jabiru engine through Sonex Aircraft, LLC provides the value-added benefit of the Sonex/Jabiru Universal Baffle Kit and Installation Guide, a $250 value!

The following prices are available until April 30th, 2015:

Jabiru 2200:
Regular Price: $15,500
Sale Price: $14,000

Jabiru 3300:
Regular Price: $19,900
Sale Price: $18,400

See the Jabiru Spring Engine Sale flyer from Jabiru USA!

Sonex also recommends upgrading your Jabiru engine installations with the AeroConversions AeroInjector. Read more about the AeroInjector's performance in the Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex with the article "The $35 Hamburger" by Sonex Aircraft's own Kerry Fores!

Read More About All Supported Engine Options for Sonex Aircraft!

Space is Still Available:
Sonex Builders Workshop, March 7-8, 2015!

Interested in building a Sonex Aircraft? Space is still available for our 59th Sonex Builders Workshop, scheduled for March 7-8, 2015 here at the Sonex factory in Oshkosh! The $200 registration fee is available for credit toward your plans or kit purchase, and allows you to bring a guest to the Workshop for free. A number of kit discounts are also available only for Workshop attendees and their guests. Don't miss your chance to save a tremendous amount of money and time with these workshop discount opportunities.

Catch the Action from the Fall, 2014 Workshop:
Read a full report from our last Workshop, October 4-5, and learn what's in-store for your March, 2015 Spring Workshop experience, on our web site News Archive.

Read About Our Workshops and Transition Training in Kitplanes Magazine!
The Sonex Builders Workshop program is prominently featured in the January, 2015 issue of Kitplanes Magazine! The six-page feature, "Building Before Buying" by Scott M. Spangler, gives a detailed first-hand account of the typical experience at our seminar. The article is now available for free download from our web site: Read it Today!

Kitplanes Editor-in-Chief Paul Dye also made his first visit to the Sonex Aircraft campus last summer, going-through our T-Flight Transition Training course with Chief Flight Instructor Joe Norris. The experience impressed Paul so much that he and his wife decided to buy a Xenos Motorglider kit! Read Paul's article about T-Flight, "Getting a Good Start" as a free download from our web site!

Beat the Rush: Buy Now!
Note that there is no penalty for purchasing plans and/or kits in advance of the workshop. You receive the same discounts at the end of the workshop and you'll be first in line ahead of what we expect will be a strong list of post-workshop kit and engine orders.

Experience the Sonex Workshop AND a Sonex Aircraft Flight with our T-Flight Program:
Sonex Workshop attendees may sign-up for a Basic Aircraft Familiarization package via our T-Flight Transition Training program. Limited space is available and flight slots are weather-dependant. You may also extend your travel plans to fly during the week before or after the Workshop. Learn More about T-Flight and Sign-Up Today!

Get a 10 Percent Discount on Workshop Tools from Wicks Aircraft Supply!
Wicks Aircraft Supply is now offering a 10 percent discount on tools purchased for use at Sonex Builder's Workshops! Just mention your planned attendance of the Workshop when placing your order. Wicks can even ship your tools directly to Sonex Aircraft, LLC in anticipation of your arrival! See the Workshop Tools List on our Workshops web page. Wicks can also fill your Sonex Aircraft Hardware Kit needs once you begin building.

Read More About the Sonex Builders Workshop!

Find Area Lodging and Attractions!

See the Report From Our October Workshop!

Sonex Aircraft in the News:
Download and Read about Sonex Workshops,
T-Flight Training, and Kip Laurie's Waiex!

Read about Kip Laurie's well-traveled homebuilt in "The 48 State Waiex" (EAA Sport Aviation: January, 2015)

Read about Sonex Workshops in "Building Before Buying" (Kitplanes: January, 2015)

Read about T-Flight Transition Training in "Getting a Good Start" (Kitplanes: February, 2015)

Sonex Aircraft has enjoyed a lot of great press over the past two months, with three feature articles between the January and February issues of EAA Sport Aviation magazine and Kitplanes magazine! All three articles are now available for PDF download from our web site, generously furnished by both publications as free content.

In the January issue of EAA Sport Aviation, Waiex builder Kip Laurie was featured in "The 48 State Waiex" by Budd Davisson. The feature follows Kip through his homebuilding journey with construction of his Waiex S/N: W0082 and his subsequent long cross-country journeys in the aircraft -- flying coast-to-coast, then touching-down in all 48 lower states!

Kitplanes writer Scott Spangler paid us a visit last June to attend our Sonex Builder Workshop seminar, experiencing the informative hands-on class first-hand, interviewing attendees and photographing the event. Read his article, "Building Before Buying" today, and book your attendance at our next Workshop!

Kitplanes Editor-in-Chief Paul Dye also made his first visit to the Sonex Aircraft campus last summer, going-through our T-Flight Transition Training course with Chief Flight Instructor Joe Norris. The experience impressed Paul so much that he and his wife decided to buy a Xenos Motorglider kit! Read Paul's article about T-Flight, "Getting a Good Start" now!

Find More Articles about Sonex and AeroConversions Products!

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