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September-October, 2010

Please note that links on older archive pages are often not active. These pages serve purely as an informational archive. If you have trouble obtaining the information you need from this site, please email the webmaster with your questions.

Sonex Aircraft in the News: Andy Carter's
UK Sonex Featured in LAA Light Aviation

Andy Carter, Sonex SN#1109 has been featured in a recent issue of LAA Light Aviation magazine in the UK. Andy is the builder of the first customer-completed Sonex Aircraft to fly in the United Kingdom since Sonex dealer Silver Fern Microlights obtained LAA approval allowing Sonex projects to be built in the UK. The four page feature article "A Sonex is Born" (download 1.5mb PDF file), documents Andy's enthusiastic journey from RC aircraft construction and flying, through flight training and the construction of his AeroVee powered Sonex, which first flew in 2009.

AeroVee Engines have been flying in the UK for years, powering airframes such as the Flitzer Biplane, Jodel, and the Menestral HN700, however, the Sonex airframe is a relatively new entrant to the UK marketplace due to the stringent approval responsibilities placed on the Light Aviation Association, or LAA, (formerly Popular Flying Association, or PFA) by UK's Civil Aviation Authority. Thanks to the efforts of Mike Moulai of Silver Fern Microloghts to put the Sonex through the LAA's prescribed certification paces, the aircraft are now eligible for construction by pilots in the UK.

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Sonex Aircraft in the News:
Onex Billed As Most Exciting in Review of
Single-Place VW-Powered Aircraft

A recent article in EAA's online newsletter, Experimenter, bills the new Onex single-place, folding wing aircraft as one of the most exciting offerings in today's single-place VW-powered aircraft market. The article, "VW-Powered Single Seat, All-Metal Aircraft at AirVenture 2010" by Rob Wyland, reviews all the current offerings found at this year's EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Wyland had high praise for the Onex design, stating that it was the aircraft he was "most excited about seeing," and that he was "in love with the folding-wing concept and particularly the Onex’s method of folding the wing up like the WWII Corsairs." We couldn't agree more with Rob's thinking on both accounts! The article includes an imbedded copy of AvWeb's interview with Jeremy Monnett. A full list of links to Onex media coverage can be found in our 2010 AirVenture Wrap-Up.

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Sonex First Flight: Russell Halverson

Congratulations to Russell Halverson of Maribel, Wisconsin whose AeroVee powered standard gear Sonex (S/N 1292) flew for the first time on October 23rd! "The pilot, Jim Wheeler, who performed a flawless touchdown says that she flew true and fast," writes Russell. "Thanks goes out to Sonex for all their assistance along the way and to my wife for her understanding." Gold Wings are on the way!

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Sonex First Flight: Steven Ransom-Jones

Congratulations to Steven Ransom-Jones of Lake Villa, Illinois whose Jabiru 3300 powered tri-gear Sonex (S/N 1198) flew for the first time on October 22nd! "She got airborne very quickly and smoothly, accelerated rapidly and was a delight as far as handling was concerned," writes Steven. "Thanks for a great aircraft." Gold Wings are on the way!

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Sonex First Flight: Keith Rhode

Congratulations to Keith Rhode of Prior Lake, Minnesota whose AeroVee powered standard gear Sonex (S/N 1009) flew for the first time on September 30th! Gold Wings are on the way to Keith!

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Sonex First Flight: John Lavoie

Congratulations to John Lavoie of E. Templeton, Massachusetts whose AeroVee powered standard gear Sonex (S/N 1050) flew for the first time on October 20th! "Sonex 1050  flew for the first time today," writes John. "All went very well and flew as advertized if not better. Thanks to Sonex for a great kit and special thanks to my wife for her patience and support." Gold Wings are on the way!

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ASA Hosts a Huge Crossville Sonex Fly-In!

The official group picture: 140+ people and 29 aircraft strong!

An impressive showing of 29 customer-built Sonex Aircraft on the ASA's Crossville flight line!

John Davis holds a morning pilot briefing for the day's flying events.

A 3-ship Sonex Aircraft formation in the early evening light.

John Davis (Sonex SN# 523) and his American Sonex Association held its largest-ever Crossville, TN Fly-In event last week, October 8-9. The 7th annual event attracted 29 Sonex Aircraft, 142 attendees, and over 40 demo rides were given by the Sonex pilots in attendance!

"Well if last year was a rain out, we got paid back this year with an unbelievable weekend [with] clear skies all over the east coast," writes John Davis. The fly-in's events included a polishing demo, a paint discussion by Mike Loehle, manufacturer of Loehle Aero Coatings, and a display of aircraft lighting from Fresh Aero Aviation. The late afternoon brought a formation fly-by from Peter Van-Schalkwyk (Waiex #38), Chris Williams (Sonex #732), and Bob Frost (Sonex #232). John Davis again provided a "Big Boy's BBQ" feast for the attendees. Door prizes were provided by Sonex Aircraft, LLC, Wicks Aircraft, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, Ian Cutler, the Eley family and the ASA.

"I must say I've never seen so many people so eager to get a flight in a Sonex," writes Michael Crowder (Sonex #293), who helped organize the demo flights during the event. "It was truly amazing. At the start, the line was 30 people deep!  It was just great. I must also comment on the pilots who gave demo rides. Each and every one was great and commented on how much fun it was. Truly an amazing bunch of guys!"

"Great aircraft, Great people, fun flying and a great deal of work but it was fun," writes John Davis. Sonex Aircraft, LLC would like to again thank John, his volunteers, and all the Sonex pilots that helped make this outstanding grass-roots Sonex builder event so successful!

More pictures from the ASA Fly-In can be found at Michael Crowder's web site, and on the American Sonex Association's web site.

You can find more builders' events, or submit your own event, at our Builders' Events Calendar web page!

Waiex First Flight: Charles Refling

Congratulations to Charles Refling of Bottineau, North Dakota whose Jabiru 3300 powered standard gear Waiex (S/N W0071) flew for the first time on October 11th! Gold Wings are on the way to Charles!

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Xenos First Flight: Klaus Zieher

Congratulations to Klaus Zieher of Slaton, Texas whose AeroVee powered Xenos (S/N X0023) flew for the first time on September 29th! Gold Wings are on the way!

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Sonex Aircraft Pricing to Increase November 3rd

Sonex Aircraft, LLC will be instituting its first price increase since June, 2007 with price increases on plans, kits and the AeroVee Engine Kit, effective November 3rd, 2010:

Sonex Aircraft Plans: Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos Plans pricing will increase by $150 (note: Waiex and Xenos plans only available for purchase with Wing or Fuselage Sub-Kit purchase).

Complete Airframe Kits: Pricing on all Complete Airframe Kits will increase by $500.

Sonex Aircraft Sub-Kits: Pricing on all Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos Sub-Kits will increase by 3.4%

AeroVee Engine Kit: Pricing on the AeroVee Engine Kit will increase by $500.

Full details on all price increases can be found on our Pricing Page.

Order Now to Secure Current Pricing: As a courtesy to all current and prospective Sonex Aircraft customers, we are announcing this new pricing now, and honoring current pricing for all orders received with 1/3rd deposit payment by November 3rd, 2010. If you've been considering a Sonex Aircraft purchase in the near future, there's never been a better time to buy. If you have not yet attended one of our Sonex Builders' Workshop events, you can still take advantage of current pricing and our Workshop Discount Incentives: Buy now at full price, and receive Workshop discounts as a refund or credit to your account after attending the class.

The Best Performance Per Dollar - Calculate Your Building Costs: Whether you can take advantage of current pricing, or you are planning for a later purchase, Sonex Aircraft still represent the Best Performance Per Dollar in the kit aircraft industry today. Use our Finished Aircraft Cost Worksheet to estimate your total building costs.

Sonex Hosts Another Big Workshop Group!

Sonex Aircraft hosted another very large group of prospective builders at the 46th Sonex Aircraft Builder's Workshop on October 2-3! The group constructed sample Sonex metalworking projects, received detailed informational sessions about Sonex, Waiex and Xenos Aircraft, engine options, AeroConversions products, and all other aspects of building, owning and operating Sonex Aircraft. The weekend's weather was great, and Sonex Aircraft factory prototypes were able to demonstrate fly-by's on several occasions throughout the weekend.

Special guests during this workshop included Henryk Szkudlarz and Anthony Krol, representing the Polish Air Force Institute of Technology. Henryk, Anthony and the Institude are conducting the Flying Laboratory project using a Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex Aircraft, and gave a presentation about the project to Workshop attendees on Saturday evening. Stay tuned for more of the Flying Laboratory story to come! Saturday evening's presentation also included a briefing from John Monnett on Sonex Aircraft LLC's Hornets' Nest Research and Development projects. Bob Mackey of Falcon Insurance, plan administrator for the EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan, and Charlie Becker of EAA made presentations to the group about homebuilt aircraft insurance, aircraft certification, Sport Pilot regulations and more.

The Sonex Aircraft Workshop continues to be an extremely valuable experience for our builders, saving them time, money and answering many frequently asked questions in the building process. Sonex Builder Workshops are held several times per year at the Sonex Aircraft, LLC facilities in Oshkosh, WI, and significant kit discount incentives are offered for attendees. Our next Sonex Workshop will be held February 5-6, 2011. Sign-up Today!

Jeremy Monnett welcomes attendees to the Workshop, leads staff and attendee introductions, and outlines the weekend's events.

Sonex employee Kerry Fores makes some fly-by's in his personal aircraft "Metal Illness," a Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex.

John Monnett performs a fly-by in the factory prototype Sonex Sport Acro with smoke on!

Jeremy demonstrates the Xenos Motorglider in both powered and unpowered fly-by's.

Some Workshop attendees gather around the Sonex Sport Trainer prototype and pause to watch the fly-by action above.

The crowd gathers to inspect the Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex "Purple Haze," owned by Sonex employee Wayne Daniels.

Former Sonex engineering intern Brian Rothe brought his Waiex for attendees to admire.

The Sonex Sport Trainer prototype poses for pictures and close inspection.

John gives a walk around tour of some of the major features of Sonex Aircraft designs.

Workshop attendees begin working on their Sonex metalworking projects.

Jeremy leads a hands-on demonstration of solid riveting techniques for Sonex Aircraft main wing spar assemblies.

Sonex office staffers Heather Weber, Heather Zahner, and Stephanie Davis make their own Workshop project.

John illustrates techniques for squaring and skinning wings.

A couple closes-in on completion of their Worskshop project.

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Sonex First Flight: Jose Ramiro Cedillo

Congratulations to Jose Ramiro Cedillo of Chihuahua, Mexico whose AeroVee powered tri-gear Sonex (S/N 975) flew for the first time on October 2nd! Gold Wings are on the way!

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Onex Progress Update: Onex Gets Improved Seating Geometry and More Fuel!

The Hornets' Nest R&D team continues work on the Onex following a very successful debut of prototype #1 at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2010. AirVenture presented a perfect opportunity to have prospective customers of all sizes and shapes try on the Onex prototype and its preliminary cockpit layout. After having a few tall individuals (taller than 6 foot 2 inches) try on the cockpit, it became clear that changes should be made to improve knee room. Headroom was not a problem and feedback we received indicated that a more upright seating position would be preferred. This led to changes in the fuselage sides and floor, effecting seating geometry, which are now installed on prototype #1.

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Waiex First Flight: Ben McGuinness

Congratulations to Ben McGuinness of Longford, Victoria, Australia whose Jabiru 3300 powered standard gear Waiex (S/N W0104) flew for the first time on September 26th! "It goes like a rocket!" writes 22-year-old Ben. "Thanks Sonex, family and friends for support along the way!" Gold Wings are on the way to Ben!

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Builders Host 10th Annual Ontario Sonex Fly-In

The 10th Annual Ontario Sonex Builders Fly/Drive-In was held this past Saturday, September 11, at the Carp airport just west of Ottawa. Four Sonex aircraft participated, although one unfortunately arrived late and missed most of the action. There were also a number of drive-in and fly-in participants, including both current and prospective builders. The weather was perfect so there was lots of time to show off the aircraft and take two of the prospective builders for demo flights.  A lunch consisting of chili, beans and corn was provided by the local volunteers. Event organizers Garth Knowles and Ken MacLeod extend their thanks to all who helped make this event a success, including EAA Chapter 245 for the use of their hanger. Sonex Aircraft, LLC would like to extend our thanks to Garth and Ken for hosting another great grass-roots builder event. Find more builders' events, or post your own event, to our Sonex Builders' Events Calendar!

Prospective builder Bill Bryan is all smiles after a demo ride!

Chris and Steve McNally pictured with their Jabiru 2200 powered Sonex.

Ken MacCleod and Gary Loubert pose with their Jabiru 3300 equipped Sonex.

Garth Knowles with his Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex.

Four New Videos Posted to the Sonex Flying Stories Page!

Four new Sonex Aircraft builders' videos have been posted to our Sonex Flying Stories page!

Tom Huebbe and his sons John and Mark have posted three new videos:

Xenos builder Jim Arbore brought his polished, Jabiru 3300 powered Xenos# 28 to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2010 for the second year in a row, and made a beautiful slide-show video of the journey to the tune of "Silver Wings".

See More Great Stories and Videos on the Sonex Flying Stories Page!

Sonex First Flight: Walter Turk

Congratulations to Walter Turk of Lebanon, Illinois whose AeroVee powered tri-gear Sonex (S/N 495) flew for the first time on August 28th! Gold Wings are on the way!

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You're Invited: Sonex Builders' Workshop, October 2-3, 2010!

Our next Sonex Builder's Workshop is filling up fast, but space is still available. It is scheduled for October 2-3, 2010 here at the Sonex factory in Oshkosh. The $200 registration fee is available for credit toward your plans or kit purchase. A number of kit discounts are also available only for workshop attendees. Don't miss your chance to save a tremendous amount of money and time with these workshop discount opportunities.

Beat the Rush: Buy Now!
Note that there is no penalty for purchasing plans and/or kits in advance of the workshop. You receive the same discounts at the end of the workshop and you'll be first in line ahead of what we expect will be a strong list of kit and engine orders.

Get a 10 Percent Discount on Workshop Tools from Wicks Aircraft Supply!
Wicks Aircraft Supply is now offering a 10 percent discount on tools purchased for use at Sonex Builder's Workshops! Just mention your planned attendance of the Workshop when placing your order. Wicks can even ship your tools directly to Sonex Aircraft, LLC in anticipation of your arrival! See the Workshop Tools List on our Workshops web page. Wicks can also fill your Sonex Aircraft Hardware Kit needs once you begin building.

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AeroVee Turbo First Flight Video and FAQ's Posted to the Hornets' Nest

A new video of the AeroVee Turbo's August 30th first test flight has been posted, along with Frequently Asked Questions and their answers about the AeroVee Turbo project, in our September 9th Hornets' Nest Progress Update!

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AeroVee Turbo Flies!

Sonex is pleased to announce that flight testing has begun on the Turbocharged AeroVee engine installation in our factory Waiex.

The intent of this project is to continue the Sonex tradition of continuous improvement for our products by developing an economical, light-weight, simple, and reliable retrofit turbocharging system for the AeroVee engine. Find Out More in the Hornets' Nest!


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