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" flies exactly the same as the Sonex, wonderful."


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Waiex Legacy "A-Model" is Discontinued: If you already have a project in-progress, you may still purchase sub-kits to finish your build. See Legacy "A-Model" Waiex Sub-Kits on our Web Store.



Because it Just Looks Cool

About the Aircraft
WAIEX (pronounced "Y-X") is simply a Y-tail Sonex. Built purely for it's good looks and as an homage to earlier John Monnett designs such as the Moni and Monex Racer, the Waiex specifications and performance numbers are identical to those of the Sonex and, like the Sonex, is perfectly suited to the new US Sport Pilot/LSA regulations. The Waiex retains the same superb Sonex flight characteristics and high performance in all phases of flight, including aerobatics.

If you're looking for the ultimate high-performance recreational aircraft with maximum ramp-appeal, the Waiex is for you.

About the Kit
The Waiex is only available in kit form. The Waiex complete kit includes many pre-fabricated precision parts.

Find out more about the complete Waiex kit!

18' 1"
Wing Span:
Wing Area:
98.0 sq. ft.
Tail Configuration:
Tail Height (Std Gear): 51"
Tail Height (Tri-Gear): 69"
Tail Width--with tail tips:
(interior width required for enclosed trailer)
Main Gear Width: 71" (with wheel pants)
Air Foil:
Primary Structure:
6061 aluminum
Cockpit Width:
40 in. More Info
Fuel Capacity:
16 US Gal.
Stall Speed (full flaps):
40 mph [64 km/h]
Stall Speed (clean):
46 mph [74 km/h]
Max Flap Extended Speed (Vfe):
100 mph [161 km/h]
Maneuvering Speed:
125 mph [201 km/h]
Never Exceed Speed (Vne):
197 mph [317 km/h]
Performance 80 hp 2180 AeroVee 80 hp Jabiru 120 hp Jabiru

Empty Weight

620 lbs. 620 lbs. 620 lbs.
Range 550 miles 550 miles 400 miles
Cruise Speed @ Sea Level* 130 mph 130 mph 135 mph
Cruise Speed @ 8000 ft (TAS) 150 mph 150 mph 170 mph
Power Loading (GW/HP) 13.125 13.125 9.583
T.O. Distance 400 ft 400 ft 250 ft
Landing Distance 500 ft 500 ft 500 ft
Service Ceiling (calculated) 16,000 ft 16,000 ft 23,000 ft
Utility Category 80 hp 2180 AeroVee 80 hp Jabiru 120 hp Jabiru
Gross Weight 1100 lbs 1100 lbs 1150 lbs
Baggage (Max) 40 lbs 40 lbs 40 lbs
Useful Load 480 lbs 480 lbs 530 lbs
Rate of Climb 500-900 fpm 500-900 fpm 1000-1400 fpm
Positive Load Factor +4.4 Gs +4.4 Gs +4.4 Gs
Negative Load Factor -2.2 Gs -2.2 Gs -2.2 Gs
L/D 11:1 11:1 11:1
CG Limits 20-32% Wing Chord 20-32% Wing Chord 20-32% Wing Chord
Aerobatic Category 80 hp 2180 AeroVee 80 hp Jabiru 120 hp Jabiru
Gross Weight - Aerobatic 950 lbs 950 lbs 950 lbs
Baggage (Max) 10 lbs 10 lbs 10 lbs
Rate of Climb 800-1100 fpm 800-1100 fpm 1500-2000 fpm
Positive Load Factor +6.0 Gs +6.0 Gs +6.0 Gs
Negative Load Factor -3.0 Gs -3.0 Gs -3.0 Gs
CG Limits 23-29% Wing Chord 23-29% Wing Chord 23-29% Wing Chord

 *Note: All Models meet FAA Sport Pilot Regulations at maximum continuous power at Sea Level, as required. Read More...

Sonex Aircraft, LLC Supported Engines include AeroVee 2180 (80hp), Jabiru 2200 (80hp), and Jabiru 3300 (120hp). Read More...

Available Configurations
Landing Gear:
  • Standard Gear (tail dragger)
  • Tricycle Gear
Engine Options:
  • AeroVee 80hp
  • Jabiru 80hp
  • Jabiru 120hp

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