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The Best in the Business...

Sonex has the best set of plans ever produced for a kit aircraft. Everything you need to build the airplane can be found in the plans. Plans also include a complete Flight Manual.

Download Sample Plan Sheets:
Plan Layout Sheet (76 Kb PDF)
Electrical Example (156 Kb PDF)

Download Adobe Reader to view PDF files

"Everyone in the industry could take a
lesson when it comes to these plans!"


Ordering Sonex Plans:

The plan price is USD $750.

In order to purchase the plans:

  1. Sign and mail in the Sonex Planholder Buyer Agreement (Articles of Agreement and Waiver of Liability Agreement), Required for all Plans or Kit purchases.
  2. Submit your order online by clicking the "Order Now!!" button below, send a check or credit card information via mail to the address below, or call us at 920-231-8297 to place a telephone order.


    Download and fill-out the Sonex Plans Order Form (pdf), and mail it, along with the Sonex Buyer Agreement and payment information to the address below.

Scratch Building Availability:

Sonex Plans are available for individual purchase only to customers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Customers in all other countries may only build using a Sonex Aircraft Complete Airframe Kit, or Sonex Aircraft Sub-Kits.

Sonex Plans: $750

(online ordering)

PDF order form
Sonex Planholder Buyer Agreement

Sonex Aircraft, LLC
511 Aviation Rd.
Oshkosh, WI 54902

phone: 920-231-8297
fax: 920-426-8333

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