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Sonex Aircraft Flying Stories

True Stories from Sonex Aircraft Pilots...
It's often been stated by Sonex Aircraft pilots that the absolute best part of owning a Sonex Aircraft is the way they fly. As the fleet of completed Sonex Aircraft grows, we've compiled some great flying stories from our builders for publication on these pages.

Sonex Flying Stories: Our Favorite Customer Videos

Watch our YouTube playlist, "Sonex Flying Stories: Our Favorite Customer Videos" to see our favorite customer video submissions!

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Robert Barber: Sonex# 271

Who says the Sonex is not a cross-country machine? Sonex Builder Robert Barber (S/N 271) sure doesn't, as he flew his Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex from his home in Bryan, TX to Alaska and back! The tale of his journey can be found in an article Robert wrote for the April, 2014 issue of Kitplanes Magazine. "Northward Ho! Alaska and Back in a Plansbuilt Sonex," (1.7mb PDF file) is an 11-page cover feature detailing his journey, along with impressive photographs of the beautiful Alaska mountainscape taken along the way. In addition to the download link above, the article can also be accessed from the Kitplanes web site.

Michael Farley: Waiex# 56

Waiex builder Mike Farley achieved First Flight of his aircraft on April 2nd, 2012. He wrote us a few days later wanting to share his experiences with others via the following article:

Michael Jackson: Xenos# 42

Michael Jackson first captured our attention by constructing his Xenos Motorglider SN#42 within the confines his New Jersey townhouse (see article from link below). Michael has since completed and flown his Xenos, and has provided the videos below:

Karl Storjohann: Sonex# 1178

Sonex Builder Karl Storjohann (S/N 1178) completed his Jabiru 3300, Std-Gear aircraft early in 2011 and wrote about it for EAA's Experimenter newsletter. The article shows Karl's excitement and perserverence in completing his project!

Jim Ballenger: Sonex# 760; Pete Pearson: Sonex# 1051

Sonex builders Jim Ballenger and Pete Pearson flew their Sonex Aircraft for the first time on the same day. Read Pete's brief account of two friends building and flying together.

Stuart Trist: Sonex# 181

Big Country, Small Plane: 2,400 miles across the Australian outback in Sonex #181 (1.10mb PDF File)

Whoever said the Sonex is not a "touring aircraft?" I think I have given my tri-gear Sonex with a Jabiru 2200 engine a serious testing in long distance touring and it has proved more than capable of the mission, keeping pace with the average GA aircraft burning more than double the fuel.

Read More! (1.10mb PDF File)

Phil Simon and Jerry Bassler: Sonex# 492

Build Partners Phil Simon and Jerry Bassler of San Rafael, California first flew Sonex# 492 in February 2006, and have since flown many long cross countries in the aircraft. On July 21, 2008 the aircraft touched-down in Maryland, completing Simon's goal of landing their AeroVee-powered Sonex in all of the lower-48 United States!

"Our Sonex is the perfect airplane," writes Phil Simon. "Lots of fun to do basic aerobatics in (loops & rolls) and enjoyable to fly cross country in. The little AeroVee engine is bullet proof... Building the Sonex & the AeroVee were two of the most rewarding things I have ever done."


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