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Onex Orders Now Accepted! See the Official Onex home page for details.

Onex Progress Updates:

What is the Onex?
Onex (pronounced “One-X”) is a single-seat aircraft designed to offer an even-more economical way to build and fly your sport pilot aircraft! The folding-wing design can fit into a standard 7’ garage door, and the wing panels can easily be removed for trailering at highway speeds. The Onex follows the Sonex Aircraft design and engineering tradition in offering a simple, robust, aerobatic aircraft capable of squeezing incredible performance out of lower powered engines.

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Onex concept models showing wings extended and folded, both tri-gear and standard gear configurations, and showing scale relative to standard 7 foot garage door opening height as well as scale relative to vehicles. (Click to Enlarge All Images).
Onex Specifications (updated 4/29/11)
16' 5" [5.00 m]
Wing Span:
20' [6.09 m] (Option for 18'9" [5.72 m])
Wing Area:
84.4 sq. ft. [7.84 sq. m] (Option for 78.0 sq. ft. [7.25 sq. m])
Tail Configuration:
Tail Height (Std Gear): 53"
Tail Height (Tri-Gear): 71"
Tail Width--with tail tips:
Total Width w/ Wings Folded:
(interior width required for enclosed trailer)
Main Gear Width: 62" (with wheel pants)
Air Foil:
Primary Structure:
6061 aluminum
Cockpit Width:
27 in.
Fuel Capacity:
15 US Gal. [56.8 Liters]
Stall Speed (full flaps):
45 mph [72.4 km/h]
Stall Speed (clean):
50 mph [80.5 km/h]
Max Flap Extended Speed (Vfe):
110 mph [177 km/h]
Maneuvering Speed:
151 mph [243 km/h]
Never Exceed Speed (Vne):
216 mph [349 km/h]
Performance 80 hp 2180 AeroVee

Empty Weight

600 lbs. [272.2 kg]
Power Loading (GW/HP) 11.875
T.O. Distance 400 ft
Landing Distance 500 ft
Service Ceiling (calculated) 16,000 ft
Aerobatic Category 80 hp 2180 AeroVee
Gross Weight 950 lbs [430.9 kg]
Baggage (Max) 20 lbs
Useful Load 350 lbs
Positive Load Factor +6.0 Gs
Negative Load Factor -3.0 Gs
L/D 10:1
CG Limits 20-32% Wing Chord

 *Note: Meets FAA Sport Pilot Regulations at maximum continuous power at Sea Level, as required. Read More...

Sonex is extremely pleased at the high level of excitement and enthusiasm that greeted the unveiling of our 3 new Research and Development Programs.

All of these programs appeal to different audiences but are all united in providing new and exciting products for Sport Aviation in the traditional Sonex themes of Affordability, Simplicity, Versatility, Performance, Quality, Engineering, and Ease-of-Maintenance. Note that these new concepts DO NOT compete with current Sonex Aircraft products or confuse the market with similar products.

Sonex will continue to post the latest information on all 3 of these programs on this web site. Be sure to check this site, and the SonexTalk discussion group regularly for updates.

One special note. None of these Concept R&D products are being offered for sale at this time. All are considered under development. No additional information regarding pricing, availability, or technical information will be released at this time and inquiries regarding any of these topics will not be responded to. We do encourage you to submit your feedback and express your interest in these projects, however, as all public input will be compiled and considered by the Hornets' Nest Research and Development team. Send your feedback to: sales@sonexaircraft.com

Onex Frequently Asked Questions:

Why a Single Place Airplane?

  • 90% of Sport Flying is Solo.
  • Fewer Parts (lower kit cost).
  • Lower construction time (fewer tools).
  • Better performance for less money.
  • Smaller means easier to store and more can share a hangar.

Why Folding Wings?

  • Easy to Transport/Trailer
  • Store at Home -or-
  • Share a Hangar with 2 or more!
  • Onex System allows you to Fold Wings by yourself without tools.

Will the Onex be available as a plans-built aircraft?

No. The Onex will be offered in sub-kits and as a complete kit. It will offer the best value per dollar of any single-place fully-aerobatic performance kit aircraft.

What's the Price going to be?

As low as possible. As you all know, Sonex Aircraft is one of the most efficient grass-roots aviation businesses in existence with a keen eye on keeping aviation affordable and accessible to everyone. We operate with low overhead and rely on a large network of sub-contractors to keep prices down and quality up. It stands to reason that the Onex kit price will be lower than the Sonex and Waiex kit price, which you can currently complete for about $25,000. If the design team accomplishes our primary goals of making this MORE affordable than the industry-leading Sonex and Waiex, then we would expect a completed Onex to be less than a Sonex or Waiex including propeller, instruments, upholstery, engine, engine accessories and complete airframe kit. For those on a tighter budget, Sub-Kits will be offered so you can break these costs down further and pay these off one step at a time. Start saving today and you'll be ready for the first Sub-Kit as soon as they're announced.

Will Sport Pilots be able to fly the Onex?

Most definitely YES.

We have found there still is a tremendous amount of confusion when it comes to the definition of the "speed limit" for aircraft that Sport Pilots are eligible to fly. The answer to this question for an AeroVee-Powered Onex is the same as it is for a 3300 Jabiru-Powered Sonex or Waiex. By FAA definition, the sport pilot speed limit is defined as:

  • Maximum speed in level flight with maximum continuous power (Vh) of not more than 120 kts (138 mph) CAS under standard atmospheric conditions at sea level.
  • Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos all meet this requirement with their standard propellers for all factory-approved engine installations. The most common question on these speeds involves the use of the 3300 Jabiru. According to the Jabiru Factory, the maximum continuous power rating of the 3300L Jabiru is at 2850 rpm. At this rpm and under the specified conditions, the Sonex and Waiex cruise at 135 mph and the Xenos cruises at 100 mph.
  • For the Onex, Sonex Aircraft is the manufacturer of the AeroVee Engine series and we will be publishing a max continuous power spec for the AeroVee on the Onex, which will ensure compliance with the FAA definition above.

I noticed the Wing Area and Gross Weight have both been increased?

As we’ve finalized the Onex design, we’ve recognized that the final weights were limiting the pilot weight to 175 lbs to still be sport pilot compliant. We recognize that 250 lb individuals still want to be able to fly a Onex as a Sport Pilot. In order to make this possible, we’ll be providing a large fiberglass wing tip as standard equipment. Depending on the desired payload and whether you want to fly as a Sport Pilot, you will be able to build the Onex with either the original 18’ 9” wing span, or increase it to 20’ with the supplied wing tips. Note: these new wing tips will be easily removable for those who need to fit the aircraft in a 7’ tall garage door opening, or have limited clearance in an enclosed trailer.

How can I prepare myself now for flying a Onex AND ensure that I'll be able to obtain insurance?

All flight time is good flight time. Build flight hours in a wide range of aircraft, but focus specifically on higher-performance, low-wing, all-metal aircraft. Sonex and Waiex flight time is ideal, but any of the low-wing S-LSA Sport Pilot Aircraft currently flying will be great for getting yourself ready to fly your Onex. The higher the flight time you have in a wider range of aircraft, the lower your insurance bill will be.

Will the Onex will be Aerobatic?

Yes. You will be able to do the same Aerobatic Maneuvers that Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos Pilots have become so famous for. Loops, rolls, spins...all kinds of fun stuff...so add Aerobatic flight training to your list of To-Do's and you'll be ready to go when your Onex is complete.

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