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Sonex Aircraft, LLC is proud to offer some of the best support services in the hombuilt aircraft industry today. Sonex is committed to seeing customers through their aircraft projects to completion and beyond. This page details how best to contact Sonex staff for various types of inquiries and how to prepare for efficient, effective communication with Sonex that will get you the answers you need.

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Sonex Telephone System Main Menu

Sonex Aircraft, LLC implemented a New Telephone System in 2012 featuring vastly-expanded capabilities to make call handling more efficient at Sonex, and to make the customer service experience better. More customer calls are now able to get-through to their intended destinations via our new telephone system, but please note that the size of our staff is still the same, so multiple calls to a single desk will not get through simultaneously.

The Sonex Aircraft, LLC telephone system includes a Main Menu which you will hear when you first call Sonex. You may dial the number for your intended call destination at any time while the menu is playing. The menu options for the Sonex main telephone line (920-231-8297) are as-follows:

  1. Orders: Dial "1" if you have information and part numbers ready to place an order, or if you have an inquiry that does not fit within any of the descriptions below.
  2. Part Number Help: Dial "2" only if you have exhausted all other means of determining the part numbers you need. Before using this resource, be sure you have thoroughly checked your plans, packing lists, manuals and our web sites first. Alternatively, you can also email for help finding part numbers.
  3. Sales: If you are considering the purchase of a Sonex or AeroConversions product and are looking for additional information, press "3" to speak to a sales representative.
  4. Technical Support: If you are an existing customer and need technical support during your build, you can dial "4" and be connected to our Technical Support Staff. You may also dial the Tech Line directly at 920-230-TECH (8324). Note that our Technical Support Telephone Lines have limited days and hours of operation. We ask that all customers correspond with Tech Support via Email to to the greatest degree possible. If Email communication of your inquiry is not possible or practical at the current time, please select from one of the following three options:
    1. Airfame Tech: If you are seeking Technical Support for the construction of your airframe, dial "1"
    2. Engine Tech: For technical support of Engine Systems and Installation, dial "2"
    3. Parts/Shipment Issues: For support regarding an individual part that may not be manufactured to specification, or if you have a shipment packing error to report, dial "3"
  5. T-Flight: If you have questions about the Sonex T-Flight Transition Training program, you may dial "5" to speak to our flight department staff. You may also email your questions to
  6. Accounting: If you have questions about your account with Sonex Aircraft, LLC you may dial "6" to speak to a member of our Accounts Receivable team. You may also email your questions to
  7. Suppliers: Dial "7" if you are a supplier for Sonex Aircraft, LLC and you will be directed to our purchasing staff.

Any and all comments and suggestions for improving the Sonex telephone system, and the overall Sonex customer service experience, are always welcome! Please direct your comments and suggestions to Sonex Aircraft, LLC's General Manager, Mark Schaible, at


Orders may be placed via any of the contact options listed at right. Email and Online ordering are the preferred ordering methods because they are the most accurate and efficient.

Fax and Mail orders may be placed through the Sonex Web Store by selecting products online and generating a printable fax/mail order form. Fax and Mail order forms are also downloadable as PDF documents* from this site for:

When preparing to make a telephone, fax, or email order, please make sure you have available the part number, quantity, description and cost of all parts you wish to order. If you are unsure of what to order, or cannot find the part number, please contact our technical support services to get the information you need to place an order.

Contact Options: Orders

Phone: 920-231-8297
Fax: 920-426-8333

Mail Order:
Sonex Aircraft, LLC
511 Aviation Rd.
Oshkosh, WI 54902

Online Ordering: Sonex Web Store

All orders require your full name, billing and shipping address, telephone number, email address, and payment information, even if it is already on file with us. When placing telephone orders, you will be asked to confirm that information verbally.

Visa or Mastercard credit cards payments are accepted. Please give us your credit card number, expiration date, and the 3-digit CCV number that appears on the back of your card.

Lead Times:
Sonex Aircraft, LLC continues to use just-in-time manufacturing from a wide range of suppliers to keep costs down and quality up. If particular items have an unanticipated strong demand, occasionally they will be out of stock for an extended period. Many component assemblies (AeroCarbs, Trim Assemblies, etc) are built-to-order, therefore, if one component part is missing the entire assembly must be back-ordered. The best way to avoid delays in your project is to order items well in advance of when they will be required. Current lead times for specific items can be obtained from Sonex staff by phone, fax, or e-mail.

Order Procedures:
For more specific order procedures and requirements for Airframe Kit and Sonex Plans orders, please see the Kit Ordering page. For more specific information about ordering Engines, please see our Engine Ordering page.

All sales are subject to Sonex Aircraft, LLC Terms and Conditions.

*Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view Sonex PDF files.

Sales Inquiries

Sales inquiries are welcomed at the contact options listed at right. We ask that you please spend as much time on this web site as possible before making your sales inquiry call. This will help you in determining what questions to ask and will go a long way in helping you determine whether Sonex Aircraft products are right for you.

Contact Options: Sales

Phone: 920-231-8297


Air Shows:
We also welcome you to pay us a visit at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh annual air show. See the Sonex Events Calendar for specific dates and booth locations.

Factory Tours:
Factory Tours are available year-round at our factory in Oshkosh, WI.

Annual Open House:
Sonex Aircraft also holds an annual open house at our Oshkosh, WI facility prior to the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh air show each year. See the Sonex Events Calendar for specific dates.

We highly recommend that all potential Sonex Aircraft builders attend one of our Workshops, held several times per year.

Tech Support

Before calling or emailing Sonex Tech Support, please prepare yourself with the following information. This will help us answer your question as quickly and accurately as possible:

Contact Options: Tech Support

Phone: 920-230-TECH (8324)
Telephone Tech Support Available M,W,F: 10AM-Noon and 2PM-4PM CST

Airframe Support Email:

AeroConversions Products Support Email:

  • Please inform us as to the model of aircraft you are building: Sonex, Waiex or Xenos.
  • The specific plans page your question refers to.
  • When applicable, the specific part number of the part you are working on.
  • When applicable, the steps you have already taken to fix or identify the problem.
  • If you have an engine related question, please be sure to specify the type of engine you have.
  • When emailing, please be sure to give us your full name, aircraft model and plans number. All customer email correspondence is retained in our archives, filed by name. This correspondence history helps Sonex Aircraft staff to serve you more efficiently when addressing subsequent inquiries.

Email is definitely the preferred method of contact for Technical Support, especially if you are able to provide digital pictures of the part, assembly or installation your question concerns.


International sales are made directly through Sonex Aircraft, LLC except in the United Kingdom, Brazil, France, and Africa, where distributorships have been established.

All orders from customers in dealer territories must be directed to the appropriate dealer. Sonex Aircraft will not allow factory-direct sales to dealer territories. Sales/Informational inquiries, as well as Technical Support inquiries may still be made directly to Sonex Aircraft, LLC.

UK Sales: Silver Fern Microlights

Market Weighton Road
Barlby, North Yorkshire Y085HR
United Kingdom

Tel: 0044 (0) 7770 983800

Light Aircraft Association (LAA) approval of a sport aircraft design is prerequisite to UK Civil Aviation Authority aircraft registration. Silver Fern Microlights has made a significant investment toward securing LAA approval of Sonex designs which will allow other UK pilots to build and fly this popular homebuilt aircraft, and has thus earned distributorship status from Sonex Aircraft, LLC.

Brazil: Sonex Brasil

Aeroclube Municipal de Tatuí
Hangar CPT – Sala 1.
Avenida dos Aeronautas S/N
Jardim Aeroporto
CEP: 18280-452

Tel/Fax: 55 (15) 3251-2556
Cel: 55 (11) 9914-0889
       55 (11) 7376-1212

Sonex Brasil has been established by a private firm in Brazil to offer Sonex Aircraft and AeroConversions products to the growing sport flying market in that country, while easing language barriers to Sonex factory-direct support and mitigating the costs and hassles of importation for private individuals in Brazil.

France: AeroMax Affairs

AeroMax Affairs
Aérodrome St Laurent LFDU
4 Route De Semignan
33112 Saint Laurent Medoc

Tel: 33 (0)

Sonex representation in the country of France is offered by AeroMax Affaires in Bordeaux, operated by Roger Ricard. Located on the very active and developing airfield of Saint Laurent Médoc, Aero-Max Affaires is able to offer Sonex, Waiex, Xenos and Onex designs as homebuilt aircraft in France. The Sonex and Waiex designs may also be built and flown under French Ultralight rules.

Download: French DGAC's ULM Documents for Sonex and Waiex aircraft models

South Africa: Sonex Africa

Sonex Africa
60 Hella Crescent
Uitzict, South Africa 7550

Tel (Neil Cooper): 083 294 3537
Tel (Dirk Coetzee): 071 405 8314

Sonex Africa, operated from the country of South Africa by Neil Cooper and Dirk Coetzee, serves the entire continent of Africa and offers Sonex Aircraft construction services as allowed by the homebuilding regulations of each country.

Canada AULA Certification:
Toronto Aerosport

Toronto Aerosport
Baldwin Airport
Baldwin, ON Canada

Tel (Bill Bryan): 647-218-5403

Builders in Canada may purchase Sonex Aircraft products factory-direct, however, Toronto Aerosport offers solutions for those wishing to register their aircraft as Advanced Ultra Light Aircraft (AULA) under Canadian regulations. Most Canadian builders certify their Sonex aircraft as Amateur Built under CAR Standard 549, but for those looking to register as AULA aircraft, Toronto Aerosport can offer inspection service as-required for AULA, along with kit sales, builder assist and maintenance services.


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