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Builder Organizations & Events

A tremendous grass-roots network of builders' groups and organizations have formed since Sonex's founding in 1998. These builders' groups provide invaluable camraderie and peer support, while also hosting numerous fly-in events across the country and around the globe. This page serves as a Directory of Builder Organizations as well as a Calendar of Builders' Events.

Builder Organizations Directory | Builders' Events Calendar

Builder Organizations Directory

If you are establishing a new Sonex Builder Organization, or would like to change information in your organization's listing below, please contact Sonex Aircraft, LLC!

Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation

The Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation is a national type club for builders and pilots of Sonex Aircraft designs founded to promote safety and education in building and operating Sonex aircraft. The Foundation, in conjunction with Sonex Aircraft LLC, has published a Flight Training Syllabus for Transition Training in Sonex Aircraft.

Read more about the Foundation in our Official Press Release.

The Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation typically participate in the Great Lakes Sonex Fly-In held in June. Additionally, their Annual Membership Meeting is held each year during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh.

American Sonex Association

The American Sonex Association was founded by Sonex builder John Davis in September of 2004 as a way to provide the Southeast with a place to look at, fly in, and talk about the Sonex Aircraft. The entire purpose of the ASA is to provide help, encouragement, and special tools to Sonex builders where ever they might reside.

The ASA's flagship event is the annual Crossville Fly-In, held in October every year. The Association also hosts the annual North Carolina Spring Fling fly-in.

Florida Sonex Association

The Florida Sonex Association was founded in 2008 by Sonex builder Mike January to provide a safe and fun filled membership within Florida and surrounding states, to encourage their flying members to sponsor FSA fly-in events at their home airports, provide assistance to Sonex Aircraft pilots and builders in need if they become stranded or need assistance in construction within the state of Florida, as well as all member states and Canada (members who reside part-time in Florida, as well as other locations).

SonexAus (Australia)

SonexAus supports the owners and builders of the Sonex family of homebuilt aircraft. It aims to promote the building of Sonex aircraft as a recreational and educational pursuit and to advocate for the interests of Sonex owners and builders. SonexAus provides a wide range of practical assistance, information and social activities and flyins for the benefit of members and friends. SonexAus will maintain appropriate and effective working relationships and affiliations with SAAA, RAAus, AOPA and other relevant organisations and, if required, represents the interests of Sonex owners and builders with relevant government regulators.

SonexEuro (Europe)

SonexEuro was founded in 2012 by UK builder Steve Moody to build the Sonex community across all of Europe.

Builder Organizations Directory | Builders' Events Calendar

Builders' Events Calendar

The following events are being held by Sonex Aircraft builders and are a great way to network and see other builders' projects. To submit your event to this calendar, send us an email. Feel free to submit pictures of previous events of the same type to be included on this page.

Please note that Sonex Aircraft, LLC will generally not be attending these events. To see factory aircraft and displays, view the Sonex Aircraft, LLC Company Events Calendar. Also note that Sonex Aircraft, LLC has no ownership or affiliation with any associations or type clubs advertising events on this page.

May 20, 2017: 3rd Annual Sonex Mile-High Fly-In
Meadow Lake Airport (KFLY) Colorado Springs, CO

Fellow Sonex Builders, Pilots and Friends,

I'm pleased to announce the third-annual "Sonex Mile-High Fly-In!" Please come join builders and pilots from all across Colorado, New Mexico, Kansas and greater Rocky Mountain region for an afternoon of camaraderie and information sharing.

The event will be held near Colorado Springs, CO, at Meadowlake Airport (KFLY), May 20, 2017. Fly-in's and Drive-in are welcome! Arrivals will start around 8:00 am, and the programs at 10:00am. We'll have burgers and dogs on the BBQ for lunch.

The presentations will be informal and interactive, allowing current builders and pilots the chance to pass along what they've learned to others. Some of the topics will include "Flying the AeroVee Turbo," "Tuning your Aero Injector," and "Refining your Engine's Cooling System."

Several of our local pilots plan to give "Sonex Smile Rides" as a way to show off the attraction of a Sonex and to hook future builders!

Meadowlake Airport is situated south of Denver's airspace and at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. It's easy to get in and out, and makes a great destination. This year we'll be located at Carl Benda's sparkling new box hangar, with all the amenities and plenty of hangar space for overnight parking. If you plan to stay overnight, several hotels are close by, and dry camping is also available on the field.

Come out and support the Colorado Sonex Mile-High Club and make some new friends in the process! I look forward to a great turnout.

Download Event Flyer

Visit the Event Web Site

Contact: Jeff Shultz
Contact: John Gillis

May 6, 2017: 6th Annual NC Sonex Spring Fling
Siler City Municipal Airport (KSCR) Siler City, NC

We have settled on a date for the Sixth Annual NC Sonex Spring Fly-in. On Saturday May 6, 2017 we are planning the event this year at Siler city - KSCR. We thought that a change in venue back to Siler City, NC, would be a good idea and give people who had not been to the event an opportunity to see the newly paved runway and another great airport in North Carolina. We would like to extend an invitation to you all to come and join us . Camping is allowed at the airport so if you want to overnight you are welcome. Please mark your calendars and register so that we can get an indication for food, drinks and parking.

Register Now

Contact: Peter Van Schalkwyk

June 24, 2017: 5th Annual Great Lakes Sonex Fly-In
Bolingbrook's Clow International Airport (1C5) Bolingbrook, IL

This year the 5th annual Great Lakes Sonex Fly In will be held on June 24th @ Clow International Airport 1C5 Bolingbrook, Illinois

We have some interesting presentations lined up for all this year (but may not be in the order listed below):

Bryan Cotton - presentation on his Waiex 191 build.
Jim Gould - is a member of the Illinois Aviation Museum and will be discussing painting aircraft.
Russ Pavlock - is building Sonex 1351 and will discuss with us his experience with the B modification kit.

Please mark your calendars and further information will be posted as it becomes available at

Contact: Al Eidukas

Past Events:

November 4-6, 2016: 14th Annual Great Southern Sonex Gathering
Critters Lodge - Dillard Ranch Airport (TE01) Centerville, TX

Exciting News:  This year the Great Southern Sonex Gathering will be part of a three day campout, November 4th through 6th at Critter’s Lodge (Dillard Ranch) near Centerville, Texas. Don’t miss this one. It will be fun!

Download Event Flyer

Contact: Mike Singleton
Contact: Robert Barber

October 14-15, 2016: 13th Annual American Sonex Association Fly-In
Crossville Memorial Airport-Whitson Field (KCSV) Crossville, TN

The country's largest annual Sonex Fly-In Event is scheduled for October 14-15th in Crossville, Tennessee!

Download the Event Flyer!

Much more information available on the web at:

Contact: Michael Crowder

See the Report from the record-setting 2013 event!

October 7-9, 2016: SonexAus Gathering at Oz-Kosh
RAA Oz-Kosh, Narromine Airport (YNRM) Narromine, NSW, Australia

Sonex builders and owners will be catching up at Oz-Kosh at Narromine October 7-9. If you would like to have a close look at some Sonex aircraft and talk to some builders, plan to get to Oz-Kosh. If flying in, request the Sonex parking area and camp under the wing with the SonexAus crew.

The SonexAus Dinner will be held Saturday night 8 October (it might be a counter meal at the local pub – we will all get together anyway!).

If you are planning to be at Oz-Kosh then email me on or call me on 0410 561 371 at Narromine for details.

If you haven’t looked recently, check our SonexAus website at: and bookmark it for future reference.

Contact: Stuart Trist
Phone: 0410 561 371

September 10, 2016: 8th Annual Northeast Sonex Fly-In
Dillant-Hopkins Airport (KEEN) Keene, NH

Rain date: Sunday, September 11, 2016

If you have an interest in the Sonex aircraft; if you just like airplanes and enjoy hanging around airports; if you live in the New England/Northeast area, then this event is for you!

This event was conceived because there are now nearly a dozen or more flying Sonex/Waiex/Xenos/Onex aircraft in the area, and even more active builders, as well as those considering building.

We hope to have many flying Sonex/Waiex/Xenos/Onex aircraft attending so the rest of us can admire them (!), to ask questions, and to say, "so that's where that piece goes..." Then there's the rest of the usual fly-in goings-on: talking shop, swapping stories/lies, eating and drinking.

Some Sonex owners may be willing to give rides, which is a great opportunity for current and would-be builders to try out the ride!

Our new web address is:

Contact: Mike Smith

July 27, 2016, 6pm: Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation BBQ
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016

Hey all you Sonex builders, pilots, and enthusiasts

We are planning an event but it must have member support in order to succeed.

We are lucky to have Wayne Daniels as a host for this event, and are planning this as a member-driven event.

This is something we need assistance with and have begun working on the logistics of getting people to the other side of the airport and back.

The party will be an informal BYOB (Bring your own beverage - if you drive please DO NOT plan on drinking alcohol!) burgers and brats affair at Wayne's 7th Heaven over on the east side of Wittman Field. The date is set as Wednesday July 27th, 2016 and the time is 6 pm local.

The night airshow is a highlight of the week, and we can enjoy it from the perspective of Wayne's backyard. Our plan is to keep costs to a minimum, hopefully around $5 a head. We need a few volunteers for driving the van, and coordinating transportation.

If you are planning on coming please RSVP at

I also created a signup sheet online so hopefully this works - it's new to me so please be patient if we have problems. It's ok to RSVP via email and using the link.

Robbie Culver
Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation

July 25, 2016, 11am: Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation Annual Meeting
EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 Sonex Aircraft, LLC Booth#622

On Monday, July 25, 2016, Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation, an Illinois not-for-profit corporation (the “Foundation”), will hold its Annual Meeting of Members in Oshkosh, Wisconsin at AirVenture on the Flight Line adjacent to the Sonex Aircraft, LLC display booth at 11:00 a.m. CT.

All members, interested parties, friends, fans, builders, pilots, and family are invited!

For voting members, Your vote matters! Whether or not you plan to attend the meeting, please take the time to vote by completing the Proxy you will receive by email from the Foundation.

If you attend the meeting, you may vote at the meeting and your Proxy will have no effect, or your Proxy can stand as your vote.

If you do not attend the meeting, your Proxy will be counted as your vote. As a Voting Member as of the record date of June 25, 2016, we hope you will return the Proxy in favor of the proposals.

At the meeting, the Voting Members shall:
Elect two (2) directors to a three-year term. Robbie Culver and Chris Balthis have been nominated.

The Board of Directors recommends that you approve the proposal and asks that you review the May 2016 “Shop Talk” Newsletter of the Foundation (pages 26 & 27) for information regarding the proposals and the director nominees.

Robbie Culver
Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation

May 28, 2016: Mid West Sonex Fly-In
Gardner Municipal Airport (K34) Gardner, KS

8:00 - 9:00
Arrive at K34 Sonex Aircraft Park at VAA 16's Hangar

9:00 - 10:00
Meet Builders and Pilots

10:00 - 11:00
Model B Discussion
General Building Tips
Door Prize Drawing

11:00 - 1:00
Sonex Smile Rides and Lunch at Miami Co. BBQ

1:00 - 3:00
Return to K34

Free Camping

Rain Date: May 29th

Click for More Information

Contact: Bob Mika

May 14, 2016: 13th Annual Northern California Sonex Fly-In
Rio Linda Airport (L36) Rio Linda, CA

NorCal Fly-In at Rio Linda: See the Report from Last Year's Event!

Hard to believe it's been 13 years. Date has been set at May 14, 2016. Aircraft start arriving as early as the hanger doors open (some are on the field) and continue till everyone arrives. I haven't been too active on the board of late, but been getting pinged so it was way past time to post. Our traditional fare of fabulous BBQ ribs will be served for a nominal donation along with an array of fixen's and some burgers and dogs. Rumor is we should get to see a full compliment of the Sonex fleet models (san's the Jet and B models) this year, so come out and see your favorite Sonex, Waiex, Zenos, Onex with a variety of powerplants, some of which even have the turning wheel on the correct end. Weather should be nice and cooler which is why this was moved up a couple of weeks.

Contact: Jeffry Larson

Builder Organizations Directory | Builders' Events Calendar


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