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July-August, 2015

Please note that links on older archive pages are often not active. These pages serve purely as an informational archive. If you have trouble obtaining the information you need from this site, please email the webmaster with your questions.

You're Invited:
Sonex Builders Workshop, October 3-4th!

Interested in building a Sonex Aircraft? Space is still available for our 61st Sonex Builders Workshop, scheduled for October 3-4th, 2015 here at the Sonex factory in Oshkosh! The $200 registration fee is available for credit toward your plans or kit purchase, and allows you to bring a guest to the Workshop for free. A number of kit discounts are also available only for Workshop attendees and their guests. Don't miss your chance to save a tremendous amount of money and time with these workshop discount opportunities. Sign-Up Today!

  • Read About Our Workshops and Transition Training in Kitplanes Magazine!
    The Sonex Builders Workshop program is prominently featured in the January, 2015 issue of Kitplanes Magazine! The six-page feature, "Building Before Buying" by Scott M. Spangler, gives a detailed first-hand account of the typical experience at our seminar. The article is now available for free download from our web site: Read it Today!

    Kitplanes Editor-in-Chief Paul Dye also made his first visit to the Sonex Aircraft campus last summer, going-through our T-Flight Transition Training course with Chief Flight Instructor Joe Norris. The experience impressed Paul so much that he and his wife decided to buy a Xenos Motorglider kit! Read Paul's article about T-Flight, "Getting a Good Start" as a free download from our web site!
  • Beat the Rush: Buy Now!
    Note that there is no penalty for purchasing plans and/or kits in advance of the workshop. You receive the same discounts at the end of the workshop and you'll be first in line ahead of what we expect will be a strong list of post-workshop kit and engine orders. Have questions about a possible purchase? Contact us at:
  • Experience the Sonex Workshop AND a Sonex Aircraft Flight with our T-Flight Program:
    Sonex Workshop attendees may sign-up for a Basic Aircraft Familiarization package via our T-Flight Transition Training program. Limited space is available and flight slots are weather-dependant. You may also extend your travel plans to fly during the week before or after the Workshop. Learn More about T-Flight and Sign-Up Today!

Read More About the Sonex Builders Workshop!

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Sonex to be Featured at EAA 563's 1st Annual Mid-Illinois Experimental Aircraft Fly-In

Sonex Aircraft, LLC will be the featured presenter at the 1st Annual Mid-Illinois Experimental Aircraft Fly-In, coming-up on Saturday, September 12th! The event will be held at Mount Hawley Auxiliary Airport (3MY) in Peoria, IL and begins at 8am with a pancake breakfast. A representative from Sonex will be in-attendance and giving a presentation, along with Onex and AeroVee Turbo presentations from local Sonex builders. If you are in the Illinois area, this is a great opportunity to see Sonex Aircraft and talk with Sonex staff! For more information, visit the event's web site at:

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SubSonex Coming to Land of Enchantment Fly-In and Colorado's Light the Night Airshow!

Land of Enchantment Fly-In: August 29th
Want to get a closer look at the SubSonex Personal Jet? JSX-2 will be on static display at EAA Chapter 179's Land of Enchantment Fly-In on Saturday, August 29th at the Double Eagle II Airport in Albuquerque, NM. Meet Vertigo Airshow's Laurie Carlton and Desert Aerospace BonusJet/SubSonex transition training instructor Bill Hill, and find-out more about the SubSonex!

Light the Night Airshow: September 4th
Bob Carlton and the SubSonex is also booked for the aircraft's seventh airshow of it's inaugural 2015 season, flying on Friday, September 4th at the Light the Night Airshow in Colorado Springs. The SubSonex will be making another night airshow appearance, following it's spectacular night show debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015! The SubSonex is even featured exclusively in the Light the Night Airshow's promotional video (see below).

Get the New SubSonex DVD Today!
Are you ready to Get Your Jet? Now is the time to turn your jet dreams into reality. Be sure to pickup a copy of the new SubSonex DVD today! "SubSonex: Flying JSX-2" includes much of the footage recorded and posted to our YouTube channel since the new jet's first flight 1 year ago. The only thing missing is the smell of Jet-A! Order now for $5 including shipping within the United States. Click Here to Order!

Light the Night Airshow Video:


Sonex Builder Events: Southern California Fly-In

A new Sonex Builder Event has been announced for Saturday, October 17th! The Southern California Sonex Builders will be gathering in Lancaster, California with Sonex Aircraft on static display, guest speakers, door prizes and more. Sonex Aircraft enjoys a loyal and dedicated builder community, holding outstanding grass-roots gatherings like this several times per year. Read more about this, and other events on our Sonex Builders' Organizations and Events page!

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Onex First Flight: Frank Klimek


Congratulations to Frank Klimek of Springdale, Arkansas, whose AeroVee powered, standard gear Onex (S/N ONX0090) flew for the first time on August 11th! "After 3 years and 3 months it all paid off," writes Frank, "First flight and all after that have been a blast. Trimmed at cruise it flies hands off. I want to thank everyone at Sonex for their help when I needed it. Thanks Kerry for being so patient with me. Also, had it not been for my friends and flying buddies "Dr. Dave" T. Moore And very close friend and Sonex / builder Rick Wantz "nwawingman" I still would be months away. Great kit, great company even greater Sonex flying community. From here on it's on me to hone my skills. I love this plane!" Gold Wings are on the way!

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AirVenture 2015 Report:

A huge row of Sonex Aircraft
ready to "arrive" at AirVenture!

SubSonex Airshow!

A Waiex wing going together
in the Give Flight tent.

Bob Carlton is handed the Bill
Barber Award for Showmanship!

SubSonex firing-up for it's
very first night airshow!

A jet with pyro:
what could be better?

The SubSonex night airshow, as
seen from the SBPF party.

Sonex Aircraft, LLC had another great showing this year at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015! Our Booth #622 in the North Aircraft Display Area was well attended all week, and the weather couldn't have been better.

As always, the festivities were kicked-off on Sunday with the annual Sonex Aircraft Open House and Homecoming Fly-In. Fifteen customer-built aircraft shared the ramp with Sonex factory prototype aircraft, and a large crowd of current and prospective customers attended the event throughout the day. At 2 o'clock, customer and factory aircraft made their traditional "mass taxi arrival" across Wittman Regional Airport to AirVenture grounds.

AirVenture was officially kicked-off by EAA Chairman Jack Pelton at the Give Flight tent on Monday morning, joined by Sonex staff and volunteers, along with representatives and volunteers from Van's and Zenith. Sonex Aircraft is proud to have donated a pair of Waiex wings for construction in the Give Flight tent by volunteers, led by our Quick Build Assembly staff. Through an application process, EAA Chapter 555 in Las Cruces, NM was selected to receive the completed Waiex wings, and the chapter will continue to construct the rest of the Waiex project via our Sonex Education Initiative. Special thanks to the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation for organizing the volunteer crew of builders to assemble this special set of wings in only 2 days' time -- the first set of wings completed among the three manufacturers! Did we mention how easy the Sonex is to build?

A Onex Tail Kit was also donated by Sonex Aircraft for construction at EAA in the Aeroplane Factory Workshop building. EAA intends to continue construction of the Onex at future events.

On Monday evening, the annual Sonex Aircraft Hangar Party was held at our factory headquarters, featuring music by Red Fish. During the gathering, Kate Monnett gave a touching tribute to her husband, Jeremy, and to Mike Clark. Jeremy and Mike were added to the EAA's Memorial Wall during a ceremony at AirVenture, and other honors were bestowed during the show. The Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association (LAMA) annual LAMA President's Award was presented posthumously to Jeremy during a press conference on Tuesday. Selection of the award recipient each year is made via membership vote. According to LAMA Chairman and President Dan Johnson, an overwhelming number of votes were received to honor Jeremy with this year's President's Award. On Tuesday evening at AirVenture's Theater in the Woods, Both John and Jeremy Monnett jointly received EAA's Dr. August Raspet Memorial Award for their contributions to aircraft design. Specifically cited considerations for this year's selection were the SubSonex and Onex aircraft designs. This award is EAA's highest engineering/aircraft design honor. John Monnett's receipt of the Raspet award this year makes him the only recipient to receive the award twice, with his first Raspet award presented in 1979!

Another award was presented to a Sonex Aircraft team member at the Theater in the Woods on Tuesday, as SubSonex chief test pilot and airshow pilot Bob Carlton received the Bill Barber Award for Showmanship. Honored for his complete body of airshow work, dating back to hang-glider records, helicopter glider tow airshows, performances in the Super Salto jet powered sailplane, the SubSonex and his legendary night pyro airshow performances, Carlton beamed with pride as he joined the ranks of "his heros" in receiving the airshow industry's highest honor. Our congratulations to Bob and his wife & business partner Laurie for this achievement, and our huge thanks to Bob and Laurie for everything they do to contribute to the success of the SubSonex program! You can learn more about Bob Carlton's airshow work at:

The SubSonex was flown by Bob Carlton in five performances during AirVenture 2015, including 3 afternoon shows, and the debut of the SubSonex night airshow on both Wednesday and Saturday nights. With 35 lbs and $1,000 of pyro on-board, plus extremely bright fuselage LED lights, the SubSonex night airshow was a graceful and spectacular show! See the SubSonex night airshow in video! As the 6th event in the SubSonex's inaugural airshow season, the SubSonex day airshow thrilled and excited the crowds, while capturing the imagination of future SubSonex builders and pilots.

Sonex Aircraft held several informational forums at AirVenture again this year, along with daily factory tours. Both the forums and tours were very well attended with enthusiastic future Sonex Aircraft customers.

In addition to helping to organize volunteers for the EAA Give Flight project, the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation held their third annual membership meeting on the AirVenture Sonex flight line, while also hosting the first AirVenture SBPF membership party: a very-well attended bar-b-que during the night air show, held at local builder Wayne Daniels' home, "7th Heaven," on Oshkosh's runway 18/36. More information about the Foundation's annual meeting, BBQ, and tons of great pictures of all Sonex AirVenture events can be found on the SBPF web page: and the SBPF Facebook page. Special thanks to Foundation president Robbie Culver for many of the great photos in this report!

Sonex Aircraft continued it's participation in the Aircraft Kit Industry Association (AKIA) with attendance of the annual AKIA AirVenture meeting. New officers were elected during the AirVenture meeting, including Zenith's Sebastian Heintz as the new AKIA president, and Sonex GM Mark Schaible was appointed by the organization to continue Jeremy Monnett's role as AKIA representative to the EAA Safety Committee. AKIA continues to work on several initiatives for the homebuilt aircraft community for increased safety in the fleet, promotion of the industry, government advocacy and stewardship of our privileges to design, build and fly our own aircraft.

Group Photo at the Sonex Open House and Homecoming Fly-In

The Sonex AirVenture booth looked better-than-ever this year!

Sonex factory prototypes at the Open House & Homecoming Fly-In.

Customer aircraft tails lined-up at the Sonex factory.

Miles Monnett ready to taxi the Onex with Grandpa John!

The "mass taxi" AirVenture Sonex Aircraft arrival is underway!

Sonex staff and volunteers officially kick-off AirVenture with Jack Pelton at the Give Flight tent.

More of the Sonex action from the Give Flight tent...
Kate, John, Betty and Miles Monnett accept the LAMA President's Award on-behalf of Jeremy Monnett, presented by LAMA's Dan Johnson.

Kate, John, Miles and Brooks Monnett receive the Dr. August Raspet Award, presented to Jeremy and John by EAA's Charlie Becker.

More SubSonex Airshow...

SBPF BBQ party at 7th Heaven...

7th Heaven hosts Wayne and Kathy Daniels with their Sonex "Purple Haze" and the Sonex Foundation BBQ crowd!

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Sonex First Flight: Bruce Loos


Congratulations to Bruce Loos of Roanoke, Indiana, whose AeroVee powered, standard gear Sonex (S/N 432) flew for the first time on July 31st! "It flew beautifully without the slightest rigging or trim issue," writes Bruce, "Check my Facebook page for a video of my 1st takeoff and landing, it more or less shows how good the Sonex transition training was (Thanks Joe Norris & Tom Helm). It has truly been a pleasure dealing with the entire Sonex team. I also need to thank my EAA Hall of Fame Technical Advisor and DAR, Lowell Ferrand, project manager/builder assistant, Dave Slosson, all of the professionals at FWA who went out of their way to accommodate the first flight, and my wife and family without whose support, completion of the project would have been impossible." Gold Wings are on the way!

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Don't Miss-Out: There's Still Time to Save with AirVenture Show Specials!

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 is in the books, and was an incredibly successful year! Thank You to everyone who stopped by to see Sonex Aircraft and AeroConversions Products in the North Aircraft Display area Booth 622! If you saw us at AirVenture and are thinking about a Sonex Aircraft project, or even if you weren't able to attend, you can still save with our AirVenture 2015 Show Specials:

AirVenture Show Specials!
Our show specials for AirVenture 2015 expire on Friday, July 31st. Place your order now and save!

  • Complete Airframe Kits, Kit-Minus-Tail Packages and Quick Build Kits: Save $1,000
  • Sub-Kits: Save 5%
  • AeroVee and AeroVee Turbo Kits: Receive Free Prop Hub Assembly Service ($295 Value)

Learn More about Sonex Aircraft Kit Options!

Learn More about the AeroVee and AeroVee Turbo!

Xenos First Flight: James Triggs

Congratulations to James Triggs of Olympia, Washington, whose VW powered, Xenos (S/N X0038) flew for the first time on May 21st! "The Xenos has been both a delight to fly and flight test," writes Jim. "I have been pleasantly surprised in that it continues to exceed my expectations. We have had excellent soaring conditions and have recorded a 1,000 ft/min thermal while at idle power. The Xenos is proving to be a very low priced motorglider with reasonable soaring capabilities. My only regret is the building process is over." Gold Wings are on the way to Jim!

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AirVenture 2015 is Upon Us! Don't Miss It!

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 is here! Stop by and see Sonex Aircraft and AeroConversions Products in the North Aircraft Display area Booth 622!

AirVenture Show Specials!
We are pleased to announce show specials for AirVenture 2015, beginning today and expiring on Friday, July 31st. Place your order now and save!

  • Complete Airframe Kits, Kit-Minus-Tail Packages and Quick Build Kits: Save $1,000
  • Sub-Kits: Save 5%
  • AeroVee and AeroVee Turbo Kits: Receive Free Prop Hub Assembly Service ($295 Value)

Stop-by and Help Build Sonex Wings at the EAA Give Flight Tent!
AirVenture will be officially started by Jack Pelton at 8am Monday with a ceremony at the EAA Give Flight tent, where a set of Sonex wings will be built by volunteers during the first three days of the show to be donated to a youth build project to be announced at the end of the show! Stop-by the Give Flight tent on Celebration Way and pull a few rivets! You can also help build a Onex Tail Kit at the AeroPlane Workshop!

More Sonex Attractions at AirVenture
There's a lot of Sonex events and attractions throughout the week. Follow the links below for more information:

Limited Office Hours During AirVenture:
First of all, why are you not here? Shame on you! If you're trying to get in-touch with us during the show, you'll experiece limited availability from our office, as most of our staff will be supporting our activities at the exhibit booth. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Our Orders/Customer Service telephone line will be open on Monday through Friday from 9-11am. The Sonex and AeroConversions Technical Support telephone lines will be closed throughout the week. Please send your inquiries via email to the appropriate contact points, as detailed on our Contacting Sonex page. Email will be checked on a very limited basis as time allows, and responses will be provided based-on priority. If your call is an emergency, please hang-up and dial 911, otherwise, we'll look forward to speaking with you after the show!

Waiex First Flight: Nicholas Sheryka


Congratulations to Nicholas Sheryka of Tehachapi, California, whose Jabiru 3300 powered, standard gear Waiex (S/N W0142) flew for the first time on July 13th! An employee of Scaled Composites, Nick's chase for the flight was flight test legend Mike Melvill flying his own round the world Long EZ. "The flight went great and was such a blast," writes Nick, "Thanks for producing this awesome kit!" Gold Wings are on the way!

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Coming Soon at AirVenture 2015:
Save with Show Specials, Get Two New DVD's, New Sonex Merchandise and Apparel From EAA!

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 is coming soon! Stop by and see Sonex Aircraft and AeroConversions Products in the North Aircraft Display area Booth 622!

AirVenture Show Specials!
We are pleased to announce show specials for AirVenture 2015, beginning today and expiring on Friday, July 31st. Place your order now and save!

  • Complete Airframe Kits, Kit-Minus-Tail Packages and Quick Build Kits: Save $1,000
  • Sub-Kits: Save 5%
  • AeroVee and AeroVee Turbo Kits: Receive Free Prop Hub Assembly Service ($295 Value)

New Sonex Merchandise and Apparel from EAA!
See the coolest new Sonex apparel designs at AirVenture, as Sonex Aircraft has partnered with EAA to handle all Sonex apparel and merchandise. New Sonex screenprint tee's will be available in the Sonex booth, and will also be available along with Sonex merchandise items in EAA Merchandise locations at AirVenture. New merchandise includes pub glasses and Sonex metal signs!

New AeroVee Assembly DVD!
We are excited to announce that an all-new AeroVee Assembly DVD will be released at AirVenture 2015! Sonex Aircraft's Joe Norris takes you through over 3 hours of in-depth instruction in the assembly of the AeroVee Engine Kit, including considerations for the AeroVee Turbo, with stunning visual quality and detail. Get it first at AirVenture, North Aircraft Display Area, Booth# 622! Watch the preview below:

New SubSonex JSX-2 DVD!
Also being released at AirVenture 2015 is a new SubSonex DVD, featuring the past year's flight footage of JSX-2! "SubSonex: Flying JSX-2" includes much of the footage recorded and posted to our YouTube channel since the new jet's first flight 1 year ago. Included on the DVD are two new SubSonex videos, available below!

Don't forget to catch the SubSonex Airshow routine, flown by Bill Barber Award winner Bob Carlton, making five performances during AirVenture!

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