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Sonex T-Flight Transition Training Program:

Come to Oshkosh and Prepare to Fly Your Sonex Aircraft!

Please contact with questions.

Read About T-Flight in Kitplanes Magazine!

Kitplanes Editor-in-Chief Paul Dye made his first visit to the Sonex Aircraft campus during the summer of 2014, going-through our T-Flight Transition Training course with Chief Flight Instructor Joe Norris. The experience impressed Paul so much that he and his wife decided to buy a Xenos Motorglider kit! Read Paul's article about T-Flight, "Getting a Good Start" now!

Sonex T-Flight Transition Training Packages:


  • Basic Aircraft Familiarization:
    1/2 hr Ground + 1/2 hr Dual: $100.00
  • "2 & 2": 2 hrs Ground + 2 hrs Dual: $400.00
  • "2 & 5": 2 hrs Ground + 5 hrs Dual: $850.00
  • Additional Time Charged in 1/2 Hour Increments.
  • Ground Instruction Group Discount: 2 or more students (discount accrues per hour): -$25.00

Please contact with questions.

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is proud to hold an FAA Letter of Deviation Authority (LODA) allowing type-specific transition flight training for the Sonex line of aircraft. The LODA authorizes Sonex Aircraft, LLC to provide training for pilots building, buying or considering a Sonex design. The training is for aircraft familiarization and transition purposes only. Student applicants must already hold a pilot certificate with appropriate category and class rating, as well as any required endorsements.*

Through the Sonex T-Flight Transition Training Program, students have the opportunity to experience training at the Sonex Aircraft, LLC factory in Oshkosh, WI. Ground and flight instruction (dual instruction only) is available in the Sonex factory prototype aircraft that are most appropriate to your needs, given by Sonex Aircraft’s own Certified Flight Instructors. Transition training has been identified by the FAA, NTSB, Aircraft Kit Industry Association (AKIA) and others as a key component to improving safety in the Experimental/Amateur-Built aircraft fleet, and transition training in the form of dual instruction given by a CFI is an increasingly common requirement to obtain insurance for homebuilt aircraft.

Sonex has created a comfortable pilot lounge & training environment within our factory headquarters campus so that students may familiarize themselves with Sonex Aircraft flight handling and procedures via ground instruction and dual instruction flights from the runways of the historic Wittman Regional Airport. Group discounts are offered on ground instruction rates for groups of two students or more. Training is offered in packages that include Basic Aircraft Familiarization, as well as packages created to suit the two most common training requirement standards set-forth by homebuilt aircraft insurance underwriters. Once your registration is received, our flight instructors will contact you to talk about your flying experience and training needs, and discuss the schedule for your training.** If ground or flight instruction is required in addition to the hours included in our standard packages, additional time is charged in 1/2 hour increments.

Ground instruction is charged at $50/hr. Flight instruction is charged at $150/hr including aircraft, fuel and instructor.

Sonex Aircraft CFI’s can also conduct Flight Reviews in our aircraft. You can contact Sonex instructors to discuss your Transition Training or Flight Review needs at: or call 920-231-8297.

*For those wishing to experience flight in a Sonex Aircraft who are not certificated pilots with appropriate ratings and endorsements, we recommend flying with other Sonex Aircraft Customers. You can find Sonex pilots via our searchable Sonex Builder Database. There are also several Sonex Builders’ Events held throughout the year, at which Sonex Aircraft rides are commonly given, and you can find them using our Sonex Builders' Events Calendar.

**Sonex Aircraft, LLC is not responsible for travel or other expenses incurred as a result of weather, mechanical or other delays or rescheduling that may need to occur. Transition training flight operations are not conducted during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. Learn more about travel accommodations and attractions in Oshkosh!

Payment in-full is required upon student registration, along with a signed copy of the Sonex Aircraft Transition Training Liability Waiver. Student no-show, or cancellation of registration with less-than 10 days notice will be subject to a $100 Cancellation Fee. Transition Training registration and all other transactions are subject to Sonex Aircraft, LLC Terms & Conditions.

Special Notes:

  • T-Flight Students are restricted to a maximum weight of 220 lbs.
  • T-Flight instruction is NOT available during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh. The AirVenture NOTAM specifically prohibits flight training activity during the show.

Joint Sonex Aircraft/Sonex Pilots & Builders Foundation Transition Training Syllabus:

The Transition Training Syllabus used by the Sonex T-Flight Program is avaialble for download in PDF format for review by prospective T-Flight participants, and for other CFI's to use in their own Sonex Aircraft transition training operations and LODA applications. See the Official Press Release announcing the Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation.

Other Flight Training Resources for Sonex Aircraft Pilots:

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