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November-December, 2007

Please note that links on older archive pages are often not active. These pages serve purely as an informational archive. If you have trouble obtaining the information you need from this site, please email the webmaster with your questions.

Sonex Holiday Hours

Sonex Aircraft will again be shutting down for the week between the Christmas and New Year holidays for year-end inventory and maintenance projects. We will not be answering phones between Monday, December 24th and Tuesday, January 1st.

We will still be checking e-mail during this period. Reponses may be delayed due to the large volume of year-end projects. The Sonex Web Store will, as always, be open for orders. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this will cause.

Pricing to Increase on Sensenich Props, Effective January 1, 2008

Sensenich Propeller has announced a price increase for their entire propeller product line that will apply to propeller orders that come in after January 1st, 2008. This price increase is due to an increase in raw material and labor cost. The last Sensenich price increase occurred in August of 2004. All orders placed between now and January 1, 2008 will be honored at the lower prices. See our Propellers Page for all current pricing and 2008 pricing on Sensenich props for Sonex Aircraft.

Special EAA Eagle Hangar Banquet Opportunity for February Sonex Workshop Attendees!

Space is still available for the February 2-3 Sonex Aircraft Builder Workshop, so sign-up today! February Workshop attendees receive a special treat: an opportunity to attend the EAA Chapter 252 annual banquet, held in the awe-inspiring EAA AirVenture Museum Eagle Hangar facility. Dining in the Eagle Hangar, among legendary warbirds is a privilege usually reserved for EAA board members or other VIP guests!

2007 EAA Chapter 252/Steve Wittman Chapter Banquet Guest Speaker: Greg Cayon, former Air Force One pilot. Greg is a past Air Force One pilot and flies as a corporate pilot for Kohler Corporation. Greg will share his experiences and stories from his days as a pilot for Air Force One.

Catered Dinner by LaSure’s at 7:00 pm: Carved Prime Rib and Turkey and all the trimmings! Come & join us for a memorable evening with Aviators, Airplanes, Food & Fun! Win great Door Prizes, and participate in the “Silent Auction” of Aviation Items!

Master of Ceremonies: John Monnett. Invited guests and aviation legends include: Paul & Audrey Poberezny, Gene & Dorothy Chase, Norm & Loretta Petersen, Bill Brennand, Munsil Williams.

Download Banquet_Flyer_2008.pdf (212kb PDF File) for more information!

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Introducing AeroConversions
K-Type CHT Probes!

Tired of ruining your old CHT probes every time you touch your spark plugs? Introducing new AeroConversions K-Type CHT Probes for AeroVee and other VW-based Engines!

Unlike traditional CHT probes which are installed under spark plugs, our new AeroConversions CHT probes are made to be attached to cylinder heads independently. For AeroVee, or any other VW head engines, the AeroConversions CHT Probe is screwed into the cylinder head with a small self-tapping screw.

AeroConversions K-Type CHT Probes are sold in sets of 2 probes for $30, for use on any CHT instrument compatible with K-Type senders.

All Sonex Stratomaster Instrument Packages for AeroVee Engines now include AeroConversions CHT Probes as standard.

K-Type CHT Probes

$30.00 (set of 2)

Note: Grand Rapids EIS instruments require J-Type CHT senders, which are not available from AeroConversions.

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Sonex First Flight: Will Ouellette

Will and Pam Ouellette install the last ceremonial
"golden rivet" prior to Sonex #747's
first flight (above, right).

Congratulations to Will Ouellette of Maryville, Tennessee, whose AeroVee powered, Tri-Gear Sonex (S/N 747) flew for the first time on December 1.

"Many thanks to John Davis as mentor, supporter, builder, critic, pundit and chaser during the entire Sonex process - couldn't have done it without him," writes Will. "Thanks also to Robert Ely for his help with the build, especially the AeroVee. Thanks also to Robert for letting me get some fam rides in his Sonex and for lending me his airplane for my BFR - what a guy! And, of course, kudos to Frank Beeler, the EAA Tech Advisor who continually kept checking my construction progress and making sure the parts all fit together as intended."

"Best of all was the support from Sonex and most importantly, that of Kerry Fores. His advice, assistance and counsel made all the difference in the build and I couldn't have done it without Kerry and the Sonex staff. Further proof that the Sonex is the best experimental choice of all!"

Gold Wings are on the way to Will!

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Waiex First Flight: Ray Krause

Congratulations to Ray Krause of Colusa, California, whose AeroVee powered, Standard Gear Waiex (S/N W0051) flew for the first time on November 21. "WHAT A HOOT!!!!" reported Ray. "After flying the J-3 for three years, it is like flying a fighter jet... Thanks to Eric Scheppers and his Red Devil for his great advise, encouragement and flight training. Thanks to all the folks at Sonex, esp Kerry! It is a fantastic kit and plane, and you Sonex people are the best there could possibly be!!!!!" Gold Wings are on the way to Ray!

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Sonex Offers Pre-Assembled
Main Wing Spars!

Sonex Aircraft, LLC proudly announces the availability of new Pre-Assembled Sonex and Waiex Main Wing Spars, making these extremely simple-to-build aircraft easier-than-ever to complete!

Optional Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spars are available as a $2200 upgrade to your Sonex or Waiex Complete Airframe Kit. Existing Sonex and Waiex Builders may also have Sonex Aircraft, LLC assemble their Main Wing Spars. See the Optional Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spar page for full details.

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New Sonex Upholstery
Packages Available!

Sonex Aircraft, LLC proudly announces the release of new, redesigned and expanded Upholstery Packages and Accessories. New interiors in Black Cordura, Tan Leather and Charcoal Leather are now available, along with a new optional Black Cordura Baggage Sling. In addition to these new product offerings, our traditional Velour fabric upholstery package and optional booster seat cushions are still available.

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5th Annual Great Southern Sonex
Gathering Draws Record Crowd

This year's event attracted approximately 80 guests!

Event organizer Mike Singleton (foreground) and other Sonex pilots gave multiple demonstration flights.

Great Southern Sonex attendees inspect Wes Ragle's Sonex #664 (foreground) and Billy Brock's Sonex #440 (background).

Attendees gather 'round Bob Vossman and his Sonex #550.

Mike Singleton speaks to the large Great Southern Sonex Gathering crowd.

The 5th Annual Great Southern Sonex Gathering was held at Lone Star Executive Airport (CXO) in Conroe, Texas, on Saturday, November 3rd. According to event organizer, Mike Singleton, it earned its name with all of the Great airplanes and Great people. Attendance was almost doubled from last year, as approximately 80 people were in attendance. Eight Sonex aircraft were present including those belonging to Norm Kirby, Bob Vossman, Billy Brock, Wes Ragel, Derrall McMillan, Ken Farris, Gene Fulmer and Mike Singleton.

Eighteen of the roughly 80 attendees have Sonex Aircraft in various stages of construction, meaning many potential new members of the Sonex family!

The statewide morning fog prevented early arrivals by most of the Sonex pilots so the number of rides given was limited to approximately fifteen people. However, rides were promised to those that could arrange the time to visit a nearby Sonex owner.

Door prizes were donated by local sources and by Sonex Aircraft, LLC. including tools, Sonex patches, pins, caps and shirts.

Mike Singleton had considerable help in organizing this year's event. "A few honorable mentions in addition to the Sonex pilots go to Phil Harper for his 5th annual pilgrimage from Springfield, Missouri; to Valerie Harper for giving rides in her Wittman Tailwind; to Ray Coker for all his help; to Berry Coppage for donating brisket (again); to Larry Perryman for use of his new hangar facilities; to Rachel Kress for assisting with the door prize drawings; to my grandson James for his help as roving photographer and because he’d be mad if I didn’t mention him; to the wives, families and friends for their tolerance of our addictions; to all those that pitched in to help when it was needed; and to all the rest who came to share their enthusiasm for Sonex aircraft," reported Mike.

The event  will likely continue to grow each year and bring more fine airplanes and wonderful people. Keep watching our Builders' Events Calendar for more grass roots Sonex events!

Submit your Builder Event to Sonex!

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Waiex First Flight: George Barth

Congratulations to George Barth of Ponce Inlet, Florida, whose Jabiru 3300 powered, Tri-Gear Waiex (S/N W0035) flew for the first time on November 10. "It was a flawless first flight," wrote George. "What a great feeling to have something that you have created from pieces of metal to fly the way it does. Thanks to Sonex, what a great plane. To all you guys and gals out there don't give up. It sure is well worth the time and effort." Gold Wings are on the way to George!

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Author of John Monnett Biography to be interviewed live on UltraFlight Radio

Sonex builder Jim Cunningham, author of John Monnett: from Sonerai to Sonex, will be interviewed live on UltraFlight Radio on Tuesday, November 13, at 11:20 am Central Time. The interview will also be archived on the UltraFlight Radio web site.

John Monnett: from Sonerai to Sonex is a 150 page biography of Sonex founder and President, John Monnett, which tells the inspiring story of the history behind Sonex Aircraft and AeroConversions products. Signed Copies are available directly from the Sonex Web Store!

Sonex Offers Stratomaster Enigma

Sonex Aircraft, LLC is now offering Stratomaster Enigma packages for AeroVee/Jabiru 2200 and Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex Aircraft! The Enigma includes EFIS, Engine Monitoring and a full-featured GPS moving map navigation system.

Purchasing your instrument through Sonex Aircraft, LLC provides all of the accessories and support needed for installation.

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Sonex Aircraft Holds 37th Builder Workshop

Jeremy Monnett gives opening remarks at the 37th Sonex Workshop.

The 37th Sonex Aircraft, LLC Builder Workshop was held November 3-4 for another fantastic group of current and prospective Sonex Aircraft builders. Oshkosh, WI was graced with beautiful, crisp Fall flying weather and workshop attendees were again inspired by Sonex Aircraft fly-by's on both days. Attendees learned Sonex-specific metalworking skills with a hands-on metalworking project, and they were given information and instructional sessions on all aspects of Sonex Aircraft and AeroConversions products. As always, attendees reported finding the workshop very beneficial, including one individual with six previous homebuilt aircraft projects under his belt!

Space is still available for the February 2-3 Sonex Aircraft Builder Workshop, so sign-up today! February Workshop attendees receive a special treat: an opportunity to attend the EAA Chapter 252 annual banquet, held in the awe-inspiring EAA AirVenture Museum Eagle Hangar facility. Dining in the Eagle Hangar, among legendary warbirds is a privilege usually reserved for EAA board members or other VIP guests!

Sonex Employee Kerry Fores taxis-out to demonstrate his Sonex "Metal Illness" for workshop attendees.

Sonex Aircraft Builder Workshop attendees pore over every inch of factory prototype and customer-built Sonex Aircraft on-hand.

There must be something to Kerry's "Time Travel" article in Sport Aviation after all, as he tears a worm-hole in the early morning sky!
Jeremy rips around the pattern demonstrating the Sonex Sport Trainer during the workshop's gorgeous Fall flying weather.
Sonex Workshop attendees hard at work on thier Sonex metalworking project! Kerry gives pointers on skinning Sonex Aircraft wings during Sunday's in-depth project overview session.

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Sonex Aircraft make strong showing at Copperstate

Eric and Jennifer Scheppers' "Red Devil" Sonex saw a steady-stream of interest at Copperstate '07.

Elmer Smith and Mark Edwards' Sonex #179 (foreground) and Scott Cannon's Sonex #762 are beautifully framed by the Arizona mountain skyline at Copperstate.

Five customer-built Sonex Aircraft were flown into this year's Copperstate Regional EAA Fly-In, held October 23-26 in Casa Grande, Arizona, which was reported to be the best attended in years. Sonex Aircraft built and flown by Eric and Jennifer Scheppers (Sonex SN: 250), Elmer Smith and Mark Edwards (Sonex SN: 179), Scott Cannon (Sonex SN: 762), Dennis Burton (Sonex SN: 691) and Steve Pettyjohn (Sonex SN: 451) were all in attendance.

Although Sonex Aircraft, LLC does not have an official presence at the Copperstate Fly-In, our extra special thanks goes-out to Eric and Jennifer Scheppers, who unofficially represented Sonex at the Fly-In for the 5th year, handing-out Sonex and AeroConversions brochures, allowing folks to try-on their "Red Devil" Sonex, and making twice daily fly-by demonstrations, putting the performance of $100,000 LSA's being demonstrated at the show to shame! Eric reported more interest in Sonex Aircraft by the folks at Copperstate than ever before!

Steve Pettyjohn's Sonex #451

Dennis Burton's Sonex# 691

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Sonex and AeroConversions in the News: Joel Fuller and the AeroVee featured in Sport Aviation

Waiex builder Joel Fuller is featured, along with several other homebuilt aircraft builders, in the November issue of EAA's Sport Aviation magazine. "Homemade Horsepower" tells the stories of several builders who have built their own engines for experimental amateur built aircraft.

Joel's picture is featured as the article's opening spread and his experience building the AeroVee Engine Kit for his Waiex S/N 14 is included as a large portion of the article, illustrating why the AeroVee offers the absolute best performance and value per dollar in the experimental aircraft engine market today.

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