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Sonex plans to continually test new digital aircraft instruments as they become available. These instruments tend to change rapidly as advances in technology are made. The pricing has been trending down with increased competition and additional available features.

There is one company that Sonex feels have the best valued instruments in the market, MGL Avionics (Stratomaster).

Sonex takes your order for these instrument packages and has the units drop shipped from the manufactuers in the United States. Sonex-specific fuel level probes are available for both systems from Sonex Aircraft, LLC. Sonex provides competitive pricing and installation support for either of these instrument options. We will make sure you receive the correct set-ups for your Firewall-Forward Options on your Sonex, Waiex, or Xenos.

MGL Stratomaster
Velocity Singles

All the best that modern digital instrumentation has to offer, without all the confusing complexity and learning curve associated with other "Glass Panel" instruments, displaying both engine and basic flight information.
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MGL Stratomaster

The XTreme EFIS is an affordable mini EFIS. It can be configured as a PFD (with AHRS sensors added), and/or an engine monitor. It includes a GPS receiver that is used to provide ground speed and range information, as well as a backup/control for the AHRS. If you do not select the SP-4 attitude sensor, you can still have a GPS-derived bank angle display!
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MGL Stratomaster iEFIS Explorer 8.5"

iEFIS is the next generation EFIS system utilizing a custom developed, pressure sensitive, sunlight readable touch screen that can also be operated using gloves. iEFIS combines the undeniable advantages of simplified operation that a touch screen can offer with rich traditional controls which are equaly indispensible in the cockpit environment.

The iEFIS includes EFIS, Engine Monitoring and a full-featured GPS moving map navigation system.
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MGL Stratomaster V6 Com

Just like the V10 only smaller, and knobbier!
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MGL Stratomaster V10 Com

Compact, Light-Weight Efficient VHF Aviation Radio Transceiver.
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MGL Stratomaster GF-1 G-Force Indicator

Two axis G-force meter with memory and cycle counter. Measures vertical force at up to 10G at high accuracy.

Features include:

  • Recording of max and min G forces in permanent memory
  • Two independent cycle counters which record the number of times a preset force has been reached
  • Graphical display of force acting on the aircraft

Download GF-1 Manual (PDF format)


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Sonex Fuel Level Probe

Sonex Fuel Level Probes are available for either the MGL Stratomaster or the Grand Rapids EIS. Note: If you purchase one of the instrument packages above from Sonex Aircraft, LLC a fuel level probe is already included in the package price.

The Sonex Fuel Level Probe screws into existing provisions in the Sonex fuel tank (1/8" NPT). You must specify which instrument the probe will be used on (different probes provided for Grand Rapids EIS [Capacitive-type sender] and MGL Stratomaster [Resistance-type sender]). Note: Resistance-type fuel level senders are also preferred for Dynon instruments.


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AeroConversions K-Type and J-Type CHT Probes

Tired of ruining your old CHT probes every time you touch your spark plugs? Introducing AeroConversions CHT Probes for Jabiru, AeroVee, and other VW-based Engines!

Unlike traditional CHT probes which are installed under spark plugs, our new AeroConversions CHT probes are made to be attached to cylinder heads independently. For AeroVee, or any other VW head engines, the AeroConversions CHT Probe is screwed into the cylinder head with a small self-tapping screw. For Jabiru Engines, the probes are installed under cylinder head bolts.

AeroConversions CHT Probes are sold in sets of 2 probes, for use on any CHT instrument compatible with K-Type or J-Type senders. Note: Stratomaster Instruments require K-Type probes; Grand Rapids EIS requires J-Type probes. Thermocouple wire length: 48 inches.

Important Note: AeroConversions CHT Probes are NOT COMPATIBLE with the newest Jabiru engines which have narrow cylinder head fins: Jabiru 2200 serial number 2552 and newer; Jabiru 3300 serial number 960 and newer.

CHT Probes

$35.00 (set of 2)

All Sonex Stratomaster and Grand Rapids EIS Instrument Packages for AeroVee now include AeroConversions CHT Probes as standard.

AeroConversions CHT Probe Installation Instructions can be downloaded from the Sonex Instruction Sheets page.

AeroVee Installation

Jabiru Installation


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