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May-June, 2006

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Sonex First Flight: Gerald Jackson

Gerald Jackson of Akron, Ohio flew his Jabiru 2200 powered, standard gear Sonex (S/N 204) for the first time this morning! Gerald reported making a total of 3 flights today with no surprises in the aircraft's performance. Congrats to you, Gerald. Gold wings are on the way!


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Sonex First Flight: Jim Cash

Congratulations Jim Cash of Kerrville, Texas! Jim flew his Standard Gear, Jabiru 3300 Powered Sonex (S/N 729) for the first time today. Gold wings are on the way to Jim!

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Sonex First Flight: Scott Cannon

Congratulations to Scott Cannon of Logan, Utah, who flew his Standard Gear, AeroVee Powered Sonex (S/N 762) for the first time on June 23! Gold wings are on the way to Scott!

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Sonex First Flight: Ed Palmer

Congratulations go to Ed Palmer of Chariton, Iowa, who flew Sonex S/N 264 powered by AeroVee S/N 177 for the first time on June 21!

"To all of you out there building, keep at it. It's worth the wait," Remarks Ed. "I just wish I could put into words the emotions I felt when I
lifted off. It was just.......AWESOME!!!"

Gold wings are on the way!

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First Annual Fly-O-Rama a Success

Sonex Aircraft, LLC held its first annual Fly-O-Rama Fly-In on Saturday, June 17. Despite gusty winds, high temperatures, and impending thunder storms, the event was quite successful.

Fly-In attendees inspect the Y-tail of the Xenos Motorglider. Fly-In attendees were able to see the heritage of current Sonex Aircraft, as the Monex Racer, on loan from the EAA AirVenture Museum for refurbishment, was on display (foreground) along with the original prototype Sonerai I.

A Fly-In attendee inspects Kerry Fores' "Metal Illness".

Fly-In attendees pore-over Drew Waterworth's beautifully finished Waiex.

Approximately 50 current and future Sonex Aircraft builders were in attendance on Saturday.

Special thanks goes out to David Koelzer (Sonex S/N: 0036), Marty Smiltneek (Sonex S/N: 0173) Wayne Daniels (Sonex S/N: 0444) and Drew Waterworth (Waiex S/N: 0024) for bringing their aircraft to the event!

The Fly-O-Rama also turned-out to be a successful fund-raiser for the local chapter of Women In Aviation, who provided a wonderful spread of food for the event.


The local chapter of Women in Aviation provided lunch and received many donations from Fly-In attendes.

Sonex First Flight: Thomas Debrouillet

Congratulations go to Thomas Debrouillet of York, South Carolina, who flew his Jabiru 2200 Powered, Standard Gear, Sonex (S/N 0259) for the first time on June 16! Gold wings are on the way!

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Waiex First Flight: Louis Pappas

Congratulations to Louis Pappas of Glendale, Arizona for being the third Waiex builder to complete and fly his aircraft! Lou's Standard Gear, Jabiru 3300 powered Waiex (S/N W0031) took to the sky on June 10, and again on June 17th. Gold wings are on the way to Lou!

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Sonex Offering Free Gas at First Annual Sonex Fly-O-Rama Fly-In, June 17th!

All Sonex Aircraft planning to fly to Oshkosh for the First Annual Sonex Fly-O-Rama Fly-In this Saturday, June 17, will receive a free top-off of 100LL prior to departing Oshkosh, compliments of Sonex Aircraft!

Several Sonex pilots are already planning to attend, weather permitting, and we hope this shameless promotion will attract even more! If you are not already a Sonex pilot, there will still be plenty to see including customer-built aircraft, factory prototype aircraft, factory tours and more!

Overnight tie-down space is available, so feel free to fly-in early and leave late. For more information, see our Events Calendar page.

Sonex Aircraft Fly-In Traffic Instructions (1.4mb PDF File)

Map to Factory

Financing Now Available for Sonex Aircraft Kits!

Sonex Aircraft Complete Airframe Kits for the Sonex, Waiex and Xenos are now on the "approved" kit list for two major aircraft finance companies: AirFleet Capital and NAFCO. Both companies are willing to handle "approved" experimental aircraft kits and are financing at competitive interest rates with reasonable terms.

We are pleased and excited to announce these new financing programs that make it even more affordable to build a Sonex, Waiex or Xenos. Sonex Aircraft continues to stand apart from the competition as the low cost leader, offering the best performance per dollar in the kit aircraft market.

Sonex Fly-In Instructions Available

Updated instructions for flying-in to all Sonex Events, including the June 17 Fly-O-Rama, the July 23 Sonex Aircraft Homecoming Fly-In, AirVenture Oshkosh 2006, and Sonex Workshops, are now available for download in PDF format: Sonex Aircraft Fly-In Traffic Instructions (1.4mb PDF File)

Map to Factory

Sonex Events Calendar

Sonex First Flight: Don Boll
Congratulations to Don Boll of Bottineau, North Dakota, who logged the first two flights of his VW Powered, Standard Gear, Sonex (S/N 0396) last evening! Gold wings are on the way to Don!
Sonex First Flight: Robert Eley
Congratulations go to Robert Eley of Clarksville, Tennessee, who flew his AeroVee Powered, Tricycle Gear, Sonex (S/N 0388) for the first time yesterday! Gold wings will meet him at the station... in Clarksville... get it... anyone?

Builders Hold Successful California Gathering

Sonex Aircraft builders held another successful gathering last weekend at the 3rd Annual Northern California Sonex Builders BBQ at Rio Linda Airport (L36), just north of Sacramento, CA. Six completed Sonex aircraft flew-in for the event, and one Sonex under construction was trailered-in. The event attracted many current and potential builders and also turned-into an informal fund raiser for cystic fibrosis. The Sonex team would like to extend special thanks to Eric and Jennifer Scheppers for hosting this event, along with all the other folks around the world who keep the grass-roots Sonex Aircraft movement alive!

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Read about Sonex Aircraft and Long X-C

Kerry Fores, Sonex employee and builder of Sonex SN# 9 flew his aircraft to Sun 'n Fun 2006 from our factory in Oshkosh, WI. Read all about his adventures in his newly released article Sun and Fun in a Sonex (1.1mb PDF file). This is a must-read for anyone interested in the cross-country capabilities of Sonex aircraft!

You can also read Kerry's article The $35 Hamburger online.

Read about Sonex Aircraft and Aerobatics

Bill Brown, builder of Sonex SN# 642 has been exploring the aerobatics envelope in his aircraft. A member of EAA chapter 25 in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Bill wrote an article about aerobatics in the Sonex for the May, 2006 edition of the chapter's newsletter On Final. Bill's article Opening the Envelope (956kb PDF file) is a good account of his experiences.

Sonex Holds 32nd Builder Workshop

Sonex Aircraft, LLC held its 32nd Builder Workshop on May 6 and 7th. A crowd of approximately 60 workshop attendees and guests were immersed in everything Sonex during the two-day seminar. We enjoyed excellent weather allowing Sonex factory prototypes and customer-owned aircraft to make fly-by's on both mornings.

The Xenos motor glider soars overhead, engine off, silent and graceful.

Workshop attendees got a chance to look-over every detail of Sonex factory prototypes and customer aircraft, especially Drew Waterworth's custom painted Waiex (below).

Sonex pilots Sam Pavel and Drew Waterworth brought their aircraft for the weekend. Sam Pavel flew his Sonex SN# 346 to our factory in Oshkosh from South Bend, IN. Drew Waterworth taxiied his newly painted Waiex SN#24 from his hangar across the airport so that everyone could drool over his new custom paint scheme sporting a metallic candy apple red base color with prismatic paint ghost flames.

Wicks Aircraft Supply representatives Janet Schumacher and Shari Caldwell were in attendance both days learning more about Sonex Aircraft's products and operations. They also worked on their own hands-on metalworking project right alongside our workshop attendees.

On Saturday evening, EAA Aviation Services representative Timm Bogenhagen spoke to attendees about aircraft registration and certification as well as about Sport Pilot. Later in the evening, Sonex pilots Tony Spicer and Kerry Fores spoke and answered questions about Sonex Aircraft flying qualities. Bob Mackey of Falcon Insurance was on-hand Sunday to educate attendees about insuring their Sonex aircraft as well.

We would like to thank all attendees, customers, speakers and guests for making the weekend so much fun.

For more information about future workshops, view our Workshops page.

Sonex employee Kerry Fores zooms overhead with smoke on in his Jabiru 3300 powered Sonex (below) and lands to answer workshop attendees' questions (right).

Wicks Aircraft Supply representatives Janet Schumacher (front left) and Shari Caldwell (front right) joined our family of workshop attendees for the weekend.


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