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Waiex and Xenos Granted FAA "51% Rule" Approval

Oshkosh, WI- October 28, 2005


The FAA completed evaluations of the Waiex and Xenos Kits in October 2005 for compliance with the "major portion" requirement of 14 CFR section 21.191(g). Sonex,ltd is pleased to announce that both kits were approved on October 21, 2005.

This approval ensures all Waiex and Xenos Builders will have a smooth road in Registering their aircraft as "Experimental- Amateur Built". It also ensures all foreign customers whose governing aircraft agencies use the FAA's Amateur-Built Aircraft Kit list for compliance can now build the Waiex and Xenos.

The Waiex and Xenos will be included in the next release of eligible Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits listed on this web site (Note that it may take some time for the next release of this list. Until then, a copy of the FAA's Approval letter may be obtained from Sonex,ltd):

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