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The following table provides links for past Sonex and AeroConversions press releases indexed by year.


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Press Releases Indexed by Year
Sonex Aircraft Reaches Milestone of 500 Completions in Worldwide Fleet; T-Flight Surpasses 100 Students (11/19/14)
It's Turbo Time! Sonex Aircraft Accepts AeroVee Turbo Orders (07/27/14)
It's Turbo Time! Press Conference Set for Sonex Open House & Homecoming Fly-In (07/20/14)
SubSonex Personal Jet Model JSX-2 Makes First Flights (07/14/14)
Sonex Aircraft Gears-Up for June 7-8 Workshop Seminar; Warehouse Expansion Prepares for Busy Summer Production and R&D Schedules (05/16/14)
Florida Sonex Association to Hold 2nd Annual Fly-In on Sun 'n Fun Saturday; More Sonex Events Planned for SNF (03/27/14)

EAB Option Announced for SubSonex Jet; Introductory Price Extended (02/07/14)


2013 an Action-Packed Year for Sonex Aircraft; Sonex News and Events at AirVenture 2013 (07/29/13)

Sonex Aircraft Accepts Kit Reservation Deposits for SubSonex Personal Jet; Deliveries Anticipated Mid-Year 2014 (07/28/13)
Sonex Aircraft Offers Quick Build Kits Featuring Pre-Built Major Assemblies (07/12/13)
Sonex Aircraft to Offer SubSonex Personal Jet Production Slots; Press Briefings Scheduled for AirVenture Oshkosh 2013 (07/08/13)
Sonex Builders & Pilots Foundation Established as National Type Club for Sonex Aircraft: Joint Sonex/SBPF Transition Training Syllabus Released (05/10/13)
Sonex Offers T-Flight Transition Training Program! (05/06/13)
Florida Sonex Association to Hold Zephyrhills Fly-In on Sun ‘n Fun Saturday (02/28/13)
AeroConversions Introduces AeroBrake Hydraulic Braking System (01/22/13)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Featured on Hit Television Show "The Aviators" (12/07/12)
Sonex Aircraft Adds New Quick Build Parts to Kits (07/19/12)
SubSonex Jet Prototype to Fly in AirVenture Showcase (07/19/12)
Help Wanted: Sonex Aircraft Research & Development Assistant (06/22/12)
First Customer-Built Onex Single-Place, Folding-Wing Sport Aircraft Takes Flight! (05/11/12)
Onex Single-Place, Folding-Wing Sport Aircraft Receives FAA NKET Approval; Onex Kits and Accessories Fully Developed (02/16/12)
Sonex Aircraft to Hold 50th Builder Workshop! (12/07/11)
SubSonex Jet Makes First Flight (08/10/11)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Accepting Deposits for Onex Single-Place, Folding-Wing, Aerobatic Sport Aircraft (03/17/11)
Onex Single-Place, Folding-Wing, Aerobatic Sport Aircraft Makes First Flight (01/28/11)
Hi-Res Images Supplemental: E-Flight Electric Waiex Achieves First Flight (12/06/10)
E-Flight Electric Waiex Achieves First Flight (12/03/10)
Sonex Talk Membership Exceeds 4,000 (08/16/10)
SubSonex Jet Prototype Ready to Resume Testing (07/22/10)
Onex Single-Place Aircraft Prototype to Debut at AirVenture 2010 (07/19/10)
Sonex Aircraft the First to Receive Official FAA NKET Listing Under New Amateur Building Rules (04/09/10)
AeroConversions Unveils New AeroInjector (02/19/10)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Participates in Preliminary FAA NKET Evaluation Excercises (10/09/09)

Sonex Aircraft, LLC Introduces Sub-Kits for Xenos Motorglider; Pricing/Option Changes Make Sonex and Waiex Sub-Kits More Affordable (10/09/09)

Sonex Aircraft, LLC to Feature New Airframe Concepts in Hornets' Nest Research and Development Pavilion (07/17/09)
E-Flight Electric Development Continues; E-Flight Waiex to be Featured in Aviation Learning Center at AirVenture (07/17/09)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Offers Show Specials on Kits and Engines for EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2009! (07/17/09)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Debuts All-New Sonex Story DVD! (07/17/09)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Offers Free Con-Way Shipping on Complete Airframe Kits (06/12/09)
AeroConversions Offers Affordable, Light-Weight Nikasil Cylinder Upgrade for AeroVee 2.1 Engine Kit (04/09/09)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Offers New Discount Incentive for Sonex and Waiex Tail Kit Builders (04/08/09)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Introduces Sub-Kits for Sonex and Waiex (02/27/09)
AeroConversions Offers Pre-Assembled Prop Hub/Crankshaft Upgrade for AeroVee 2.1 Engine Kit (12/22/08)
AeroConversions Announces New Oil Separator (11/24/08)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Introduces Optional Pre-Assembled Spars for Xenos Motorglider and Offers Partial Xenos Machined Angle Kit (11/17/2008)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Submits Comments to FAA ARC, Calls Builders to Action, and Plans October ARC Meeting Presence (09/11/2008)
Sonex Pilot Touches-Down in All Lower-48 United States; Perhaps First Ever Operating as Sport Pilot (07/25/2008)
E-Flight Initiative Continues to Make Major Development Strides; Project Featured in EAA Welcome Center With Several Forums Scheduled (07/25/2008)
AeroConversions Unveils Redesigned (07/25/2008)
Build Faster, Smarter and More Economically with New Sonex Workshop Incentives! (04/16/2008)
AeroConversions Introduces AeroVee 2.1 (03/26/2008)
Sonex Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary! (03/07/2008)
PRESS ADVISORY: Open Letter to the Press and Public, RE: FAA Amateur-Built Rulemaking Committee (02/15/2008)

Sonex and Waiex Sport Acro Ailerons Available; More Sport Acro “Competiton Mods” to come (02/15/2008)

Sonex Aircraft, LLC Introduces New Labor Saving Machined Angle Component Kit Upgrade (01/18/2008)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Introduces Optional Pre-Assembled Spars (11/21/2007)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC Releases Education Initiative Starter Packs (10/25/2007)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC and AeroConversions Unveil E-Flight Initiative for Sport Aircraft Alternative Energy Research & Development (07/24/2007)
“John Monnett: from Sonerai to Sonex” Biography Released;
Book to Debut at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2007 (07/16/2007)
Sonex Aircraft, LLC and AeroConversions to Unveil E-Flight Initiative for Sport Aircraft Alternative Energy Research & Development (07/03/2007)
Congressman Tom Petri Tours Sonex Factory (05/31/2007)
Sonex Unveils Competition-Capable Sport Acro (04/17/2007)
Sonex Wins Small Business Administration Award (03/19/2007)
AeroConversions Unveils AeroVee 2.0 (03/05/2007)

Sonex Awarded Oshkosh Small Business of the Year (11/08/2005)

Waiex and Xenos Granted FAA "51% Rule" Approval (10/28/2005)
Sonex Sport Trainer to Debut at AirVenture Oshkosh 2005 (07/14/2005)
Sonex to Hold 2nd Annual "Homecoming" Open House (07/14/2005)
Sonex Expands Product Line (04/01/2005)
Sonex Adds Another Employee (02/24/2005)
FAA Administrator Tours Sonex Facilities (10/19/2004)
Sonex Builders Featured in Forbes Magazine (10/19/2004)
Sonex Begins Construction of New Facility (10/19/2004)
First Waiex and Xenos Kits Delivered (07/16/2004)
Sonex Float Plane Gets Wet (07/16/2004)
Two New Informative Articles Available from Sonex (07/16/2004)
Sonex to Hold Open House Event at AirVenture '04 (07/16/2004)
Sonex Unveils Amphibious Float Plane (04/02/2004)
2003 Year in Review (12/31/2003)
AeroVee Now Boasts Dual Ignition (12/31/2003)
Waiex and Xenos Kit Pricing Announced (13/31/2003)
Sonex Sells 500th Plans Set (10/11/2002)
Sonex Submits Sport Pilot NPRM Comments (05/03/2002)
Sonex Finalizes OEM Agreement with Jabiru USA (05/07/2001)
Sonex Offers AeroConversions Products (04/03/2001)
Sonex Announces 2002 Workshop Schedule (03/26/2001)
Sonex to Sell Jabiru 2200, 3300 to Builders (03/21/2001)
4 More Sonex Customers Achieve First Flight (03/21/2001)
Sonex Aircraft Meet All Proposed Sport Pilot Criteria (01/04/2001)

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