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Sonex Float Plane Gets Wet

Oshkosh, WI- July 16th, 2004


The Sonex Float Plane gets wet:

The Sonex Float Plane made its maiden flight off of the water today, July 12th, 2004!

Test Pilot John Monnett flew the Float Plane from Wittman Airport to nearby Lake Butte des Morts. After doing a gear retraction test, he decided it was time to set it down in the water. A high-speed (step) taxi on the water and slow speed water rudder operation both proved positive with the Sonex handling well.

John was very impressed with its ability to get off the water. The wind conditions were calm and the water was close to glass, which made for a very good test of the 3300-Jabiru Powered Sonex Float Plane's ability to break out of the water. (Note: "glassy" water conditions are considered difficult for seaplane take off and landing)

Other general observations from the flight:
* Gear retraction is effortless with the hand operated hydraulic pump (mounted where the brake handle in the standard Sonex Configuration usually is)
* Cruise Speed of 120+ mph with the current prop
* 1000 fpm climb
* handles well in the water
* steers well on the the ground with hydraulic brakes
* with an optimized prop for the float plane, we expect to see cruise speeds around 130 mph.

The float plane will be on display at the Sonex Open House and at AirVenture 2004, most likely in the EAA's Sport Pilot Booth located Show Center at AeroShell Square!

FMI: contact Jeremy Monnett, Sonex General Manager at the numbers or e-mail below.
511 Aviation Road
Oshkosh, WI 54902
Tel: 920.231.8297
Fax: 920.426.8333

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