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Sonex Expands Product Line

Oshkosh, WI- April 1st, 2005


Sonex,ltd expands its product line!

No fooling this time as John has reconsidered closing the R&D center and has pledged to continue to develop and expand one of the world's leading aircraft and engine product a result...

Sonex,ltd is pleased to announce its newest model the Sonex "Sport Trainer". The newest Sonex model is designed to be used as a transition trainer. All of the controls are moved to a center console including the flaps, brakes, throttle, mixture, and trim. This allows both instructor and trainee to easily access all instruments and controls and incorporates a new quieter exhaust system along with the newest AeroConversions product, the "dial-a-speed" trim system. This model's "deep seat" also allows maximum headroom for taller occupants.

We expect the AeroVee Powered Sonex ST to be a very popular model for the homebuilder and an ideal economy Special, Light-Sport Aircraft (production S-LSA).

Check out the new Yellow "Spirit of the Sport Pilot" appearing at Sun n Fun 2005! (April 12th-18th)

For more information, contact Jeremy Monnett, Sonex General Manager at the numbers or e-mail below.
Tel: 920.231.8297
Fax: 920.426.8333

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