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January, 1999

Please note that links on older archive pages are often not active. These pages serve purely as an informational archive. If you have trouble obtaining the information you need from this site, please email the webmaster with your questions.

January 25, 1999
Sonex tri-gear appears at Ron Alexander's weekend SPORTAIR workshop in Oshkosh:


January 19, 1999
Sonex Tri-Gear Flies!!
Flight Pictures: (No longer active. View current image galleries)
tri-gear in flight
tri-gear taxis in after first flight
tri-gear with test pilot John
Tri-Gear Video Clips: (No longer active. View current video clips on info pack pages)
tri-gear first take-off (mpeg 968K)
tri-gear first landing (mpeg 839K)

January 11, 1999
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