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  Catalog > Service Bulletins > ACV-SB-091616-1B Optional Machined Turbo Drain Sump ACV-T05-73
ACV-T05-73 Machined Turbo Drain Sump may be optionally used in-place of the existing ACV-T05-46 Turbo Oil Drain Plate per AeroConversions Service Bulletin ACV-SB-091616-1B.

This item is being included in all future AeroVee Turbo engine kits.

ACV-T08-73 Machined Turbo Drain Sump package includes:
- ACV-T05-48 Machined Turbo Drain Sump, Qty 1
- ACV-Z01-26 Washer, Qty 2
- ACV-Z01-42 Bolt, Qty 2

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SKU: ACV-T05-73
Weight:1.00 lbs
Price: $ 44.75
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