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AeroBrake Hydraulic Brake System

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Due to popular demand, the AeroBrake is the first hydraulic brake product specifically designed for use with Sonex Aircraft airframes. The versatile AeroBrake design may also be used on a wide-variety of other experimental aircraft designs. While Sonex has had great success with the standard Azusa mechanical brake system over the years, the AeroBrake offers improved stopping power and smooth braking action in a head-to-head comparison of the installations.

In-keeping with the Sonex and AeroConversions tradition of providing simple and elegant products for sport aviation, the AeroBrake employs a unique non-caliper design that allows convenient and easy removal of the wheel assembly for maintenance of tires, wheels & bearings. The AeroBrake uses a simple disk as a bolt-on addition to standard Azusa-1137 or equivalent wheels. The AeroBrake assembly retains the same axle-to-wheel spacing as the traditional Azusa drum brake installation, and the entire installation weighs the same as a drum brake installation using AeroConversions Machined Brake Drums. Designed to use a 3/4" axle, builders may use bushings to adapt the AeroBrake for use with smaller axles.

Full installation kits are available for Sonex/Waiex/Xenos or Onex aircraft installation, including a simple and robust master cylinder, allowing builders to retain Sonex Aircraft's trademark universal braking with the existing brake handle form & function, including use of the parking brake detent. Universal (non-differential) braking, combined with Sonex Aircraft direct-steering nose wheel or tail wheel, offer the most positive control of the aircraft while making Sonex Aircraft tail wheel aircraft some of the easiest tail draggers to fly. Builders may use their own alternative master cylinder(s) to mount the brake control to the stick, or if differential braking is desired. Installation kits also include new laser-cut wheel pant mounting plates designed specifically for AeroBrake installation.

Basic Package Includes:

  • AeroBrake Hydraulic Brake Units (Qty 2).
  • AeroBrake Discs (Qty 2) for Azusa-1137 (or equivalent) wheels with countersunk wheel assembly screws.
  • Bleeder Valves (Qty 2) and 90 degree NPT Hydraulic Fittings (Qty 2).
  • Nyaflo Type H 3/16" OD hydraulic brake line tubing (12 foot roll).
  • ACV-B01-05 Parking Brake Valve Kit.

Optional AeroBrake Master Cylinder Includes:

  • Universal Master Cylinder for use with Sonex Aircraft brake handle.
  • Straight Fittings for brake line connection to Master Cylinder (Qty 2).

Onex AeroBrake Installation Package Includes:

  • ONX-L06-10 Laser-Cut Wheel Pant Mounting Plate for AeroBrake-Onex Installation (Qty 2).
  • Extruded Angle Material for Master Cylinder Mount fabrication
  • All Blind Rivets required for installation (other AN hardware required for installation not supplied by AeroConversions).

Sonex/Waiex/Xenos AeroBrake Installation Package Includes:

  • SNX-L07-10 Laser-Cut Wheel Pant Mounting Plate for AeroBrake-SNX/WIX/XNS Installation (Qty 2).
  • Extruded Angle Material for Master Cylinder Mount fabrication.
  • All Blind Rivets required for installation (other AN hardware required for installation not supplied by AeroConversions).

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SKU: ACV-B01-01
Price: $ 350.00
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