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Plans/Kit/Flying Aircraft Ownership Transfer

Buying Previously Owned Sonex Plans and Complete Kits:

Sonex Plans that have not been used to build an Airframe may be resold. In order for Sonex, LLC to recognize the transfer of plans, two actions must be taken. One by the Seller and one by the Buyer:

Seller: The Sonex Planholder Buyer Agreement (Articles of Agreement and Waiver of Liability Agreement) requires the seller to notify Sonex, LLC of the ownership transfer in writing. This is most easily accomplished by sending an e-mail to:

Buyer:The buyer (new owner) must sign and return completed copy of the Planholder Buyer Agreement ( along with a $100 plan transfer fee. Copies, faxes and email attachments are accepted, as long as they are legible. Credit Cards are accepted for the plan transfer fee along with check. US Mail for payment by check: Sonex, LLC, 511 Aviation Rd., Oshkosh, WI 54902. Please leave all seller signature lines blank. Sonex is considered the seller, and will sign the documentation when it is received. Note: If the buyer is purchasing a complete kit or flying aircraft, then a copy of the signed FAA Bill of Sale (Form 8050-2) must also be included with the Planholder Buyer Agreement. The FAA values the chain of ownership with all kit aircraft and aircraft registration can become very difficult if this chain is not documented by all owners.

Once the signed Planholder Buyer Agreement and ownership transfer fee are received from the new owner and written notice of the transfer of ownership is received from the seller, the new owner assumes all of the rights and privileges of the original purchaser with two exceptions:

  • In order to attend the Sonex Workshop, the new owner must pay the $200 registration fee.
  • No parts exchanges are accepted from second-hand kit/parts owners, and part warranties are not transferrable to new owners.

Other Notes on Plan Transfers:

  • Participation in the e-mail groups will not be allowed until the signed buyer agreement is received.
  • Complete Sonex Kits share the serial number of the set of plans they are purchased under. Therefore, whenever a Sonex kit is re-sold or transferred, the set of plans they are purchased under is part of that transaction and must remain with the kit.
  • Any amount due to Sonex Aircraft under the Serial Number must be paid before a plan transfer is allowed.
  • Any Sonex Aircraft that is known to have been heavily damaged in an incident or accident is not eligible for plan transfer. Component parts may be salvaged from the aircraft and used on a new serial number purchased from Sonex Aircraft.
  • The last registered owner of the plans will be held accountable for any use of the plans or parts that violate intellectual property laws and/or Planholder Buyer Agreement terms.
  • Ownership transfers typically take 5-10 business days to process, beginning from the first day that all requirements are met.
  • Once a transfer is complete, you will be notified via email with a PAID invoice for your ownership transfer fee. Upon receiving this email notification, you will be able to create a Sonex Web Store account and be granted Sonex Aircraft Plans Owner membership status, allowing you to access all restricted Web Store product categories.

International Plan Transfer and Plans Building Availability: Sonex Plan Transfers are only available to customers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Complete Airframe Kit and Sub-Kit projects along with flying aircraft are eligible for transfer in all countries worldwide.

Buyer beware: Only one set of Sonex Spar Caps are sold per plan serial number. It is the buyer's responsibility to check with Sonex, LLC to ensure Spars have not been previously sold under the prospective buyer's serial number.

Buying Flying Sonex Aircraft:

Any Flying Sonex Aircraft carries the Serial number of the Sonex Plans used to build it. In order for the flying aircraft ownership transfer to be recognized by Sonex, LLC the procedure for Buying Sonex Plans (above) must be followed by Buyer and Seller. The Sonex Plans (print set) must travel with the aircraft being sold. It is the responsibility of the buyer to make sure the plans are with the flying aircraft at all times. Part warranties are not transferable to new owners, and parts exchanges are not accepted.

Note: we recommend that all Sonex Aircraft owners utilize their own buyer agreement when selling Experimental Amateur-Built aircraft, such as the template provided by EAA on their Members Only web site (log-in required):

This, and all other transactions subject to Sonex, LLC's full Terms & Conditions.

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