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Convert your existing Xenos project to a B-Model!

Please Read: Special B-Model Conversion Kit Considerations

  • No exchanges of legacy Xenos parts are available.
  • Builders will have to get their projects to a defined "starting point" for conversion. That may mean either building-up to the point where changes begin to take place, or removing parts to get "back" to the starting point of conversion changes. All Fuselage changes occur forward of the #2 fuselage formers. Wing changes involve the wing root ribs and trimming of inboard wing skins.
  • Depending upon a project’s status and condition, builders may need to fabricate or purchase replacement legacy (A-Model) parts at additional expense that are not part of the conversion kit. This will be more likely if builders need to remove parts to return to the conversion’s defined "starting point."
  • No "partial conversions" will be supported — Sonex Aircraft can only offer support for construction as defined in the plans that are provided for conversion.
  • Wing conversion kits do not include new B-Model wing skins, as the conversion is most economically made by trimming existing wing skins. Builders may opt to purchase new B-Model wing skins at additional expense.
  • Builders must retain their original legacy plans set with their projects and legacy aircraft serial numbers will not be valid for building additional projects. Legacy aircraft that have been converted will receive a version of their original serial number that includes a conversion designator.
  • See our list of legacy Xenos kit parts NOT used in B-Model Conversions (preliminary, subject to change without notice).

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Xenos-B Fuselage Conversion Kit

Xenos-B Fuselage Conversion Kit
Price: $ 8900.00


Xenos-B Wing Conversion Kit

Xenos-B Wing Conversion Kit
Price: $ 175.00


B-Model Engine Mount - Std Gear

B-Model Engine Mount - Std Gear
Price: $ 2200.00


See details 

B-Model Engine Cowling

Package: Includes All Components
Price: $ 1025.00

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