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Sonex/EAA Merchandise and Apparel

Several new Sonex Merchandise and Apparel items, including sizes for women and children, are now available exclusively from EAA! See the latest, coolest new Sonex shirts and more!

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Sonex-B T-Shirt, Red
Waiex-B T-Shirt, Blue
Onex T-Shirt, Blue
SubSonex T-Shirt, Charcoal
Xenos T-Shirt, Yellow
Keep Calm and Fly Sonex metal sign
Keep Calm and Build Sonex metal sign
Sonex Logo metal sign
Sonex T-Shirt, Grey
SubSonex T-Shirt, Heather Gray
SubSonex T-Shirt, Navy
Waiex T-Shirt, Green
Sonex Logo Tee
Sonex Logo V-Neck (Women's)
Experi-MENTAL, Navy
NEW! Legacy Engine Mounts for Rotax

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