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Drawing Revisions
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Builders should check this page periodically for new revisions.

Note: Some of these revisions may already be made on your plans, depending upon when your plan set was printed. The Revision Block on each page of your plans details revisions already reflected in your set of plans. For an example revision block and explanation of its use, download the sample plan sheet (PDF)*.

Reporting Errors:
Please notify Sonex Aircraft, LLC of any drawing errors via e-mail at:

*Download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view Sonex PDF files.

In order to simplify revision log listings, each Sonex Aircraft design has it's own Revision Log page:

Sonex Revision Log

Sonex-B Revision Log

Waiex Revision Log

Waiex-B Revision Log

Xenos Revision Log

Xenos-B Revision Log

Onex Revision Log

SubSonex Revision Log


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