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What do I need to do to fly my Sonex, Waiex, or Xenos as a Sport Pilot?

Pilots who already hold an FAA pilot certificate (recreational pilot or higher) may voluntarily choose to operate at the sport pilot level by simply allowing their FAA medical certificate to expire at the end of its term.  There is no FAA paperwork or notification requirement.  Your valid US state driver’s license is used in lieu of an FAA medical certificate when operating as a sport plot.  You must operate within the privileges and limitations of the sport pilot certificate when using your driver’s license in lieu of an FAA medical certificate.

New pilots seeking a sport pilot certificate will be able to learn how to fly powered aircraft in as little as 20 hours of flight instruction, saving both time and money. (Note: Your flight instructor will make the final determination as to your readiness to take a practical flight exam.)

Student pilots currently working on a private pilot certificate will be able to apply their training toward a sport pilot certificate and operate under sport pilot privileges until such time as they choose to complete the requirements for a private pilot certificate.

For more information on obtaining your Sport Pilot License and where you can receive training, we recommend that you visit EAA's Sport Pilot Web Site at:


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