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The following accessories are sold directly by Sonex Aircraft, LLC.

Nuvite Polishing Starter Kit


Includes Grades F9 (1/2 lb), C (1/4 lb), and S (1/4 lb) and a set of comprehensive polishing instructions.

Additional cans of each grade may be purchased individually.

Polishing your aircraft can save over $1500.00 in paint and 25 lbs of useful load.

Nuvite F9 1/2 lb Jar


Grade F9 (1/2 lb jar) Nuvite Polish.

Nuvite C 1/4 lb Jar


Grade C (1/4 lb jar) Nuvite Polish.

Nuvite S 1/4 lb Jar


Grade S (1/4 lb jar) Nuvite Polish.

Canopy Cover


Light weight (1.5 lbs), water resistant. Same Cover Fits Sonex, Waiex, and Xenos.

Sonex Vinyl Decals


Sonex Vinyl Decal Package includes: Sonex name (23" W x 4 1/2" H) (Qty 2); "Reality Check" Logos for Wing and Fuselage (18" W x 21" H) (Qty 3)

Bucking Bar


Bucking Bar custom machined with a notch to accomodate Sonex/Waiex and Xenos spar caps. Use with a polished bolt for Solid Riveting in Main Spar.
Machined from Steel Billet.

Super-Simple Dimple Die


Dimple Aluminum Skins for Flush Riveting with your manual pop riveter. Makes 120 degree dimple. The original Monnett invention.

Overtighten Your Fuel Tank Fittings? Fix Them with Sonex Oops Fittings

Did you over-tighten the molded-in NPT fittings in your Sonex Fuel Tank, or neglect to clean the threads before installing your fittings? Instead of replacing your entire fuel tank, you may replace the molded-in NPT fittings with Sonex Oops fittings, available in both 1/8 and 3/8 NPT, including full installation instructions.

To avoid causing this problem, be sure to read and follow the directions provided in your Fuel Tank Installation Instructions, which can be downloaded from our Instruction Sheets page.

Oops Fitting 1/8 NPT: $11.00

Oops Fitting 3/8 NPT: $21.00

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AeroConversions Products

AeroConversions is a product line of Sonex Aircraft LLC which includes the AeroVee engine, AeroInjector & Throttle Quadrants, and ancillary aviation products such as the AeroConversions Trim System, Machined Brake Drums for Sonex wheels and brakes, accessories for Jabiru engines, and more! For more information about AeroConversions products, visit


AeroVee 2.1 Engine Kit


Throttle Quadrants

Trim System

AeroConversions AeroBrakes


Cooling Systems


Recommended 3rd Party Products

The following products are not sold by Sonex Aircraft, but are highly recommended by Sonex staff for use in Sonex, Waiex and Xenos airframes.

EAA's Amateur-Built Aircraft Certification Kit
EAA now offers an Amateur-Built Aircraft Certification Kit, which is available for purchase online. The kit includes everything you need to register and certificate a new experimental amateur-built aircraft. The 15-page, step-by-step Certification Guide walks you through the entire process-from getting an N number to the aircraft inspection-and provides samples of how to complete each required form. The certification kit also includes all FAA forms, Experimental sticker (in black), dataplate, and a convenient placard decal sheet.

Pitot-Static Probe
Aircraft Spruce Pitot-Static Probe
While a complete pitot-static probe is detailed in the plans and can be built by the truly dedicated builder, Aircraft Spruce & Specialty offers a ready made probe which serves the needs of the Sonex Aircraft builder well. Their "L"-shaped probe, part number 15144, can be mounted on a small inspection plate and installed in the wing in the same location shown for the "plans-built' probe.

AveoFlash PowerBurst Lighting

3-in-1 Position/Nav/Strobe LED Lights
3-in-1 Position/Nav/Strobe AveoFlash PowerBurst LED lights from AveoEngineering are a fantastic value with great performance. Weighing just 2.116 ounces, the AveoFlash PowerBurst units require very simple wiring and no heavy power supply boxes! Integrated rear position lights eliminate the need to install a rear position light on the tail of the aircraft, providing an ideal solution for position lighting on the Y-Tail Waiex or Xenos aircraft. AveoFlash products are available through Wicks Aircraft Supply

Parts Required for typical Sonex/Waiex installation: 30' of 4 conductor 22 gauge wire (60' required for Xenos), Qty 2 "single-pole, single-throw" (SPST) switches.


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