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Sonex Aircraft News Archive
March-April, 2016

Please note that links on older archive pages are often not active. These pages serve purely as an informational archive. If you have trouble obtaining the information you need from this site, please email the webmaster with your questions.

Sonex Builder Events Calendar Updated!

The Sonex Builder Events Calendar has been updated with 3 new events for 2016:

  • May 14, 2016: 13th Annual Northern California Sonex Fly-In
  • May 28, 2016: Mid West Sonex Fly-In
  • June 25, 2016: 4th Annual Great Lakes Sonex Fly-In

If you're hosting a Sonex event, please be sure to send us your calendar submission!

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B-Model Webinar Archive Available!

If you missed our Sonex and Waiex B-Model Webinar on April 27th, don't sweat it! An archive video of the webinar presentation is now available on EAA's web site. Watch it Today!

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B-Model Kit Ordering Now Available!

Online ordering tools are now available for the new Sonex and Waiex B-Model kits! You can also mail or fax your order with our PDF B-Model Order Form.

Like other Sonex Aircraft designs, B-Models are available in Complete Airframe Kits, Sub-Kits and Quick Build Kits.

B-Model Kit Reservation Deposit holders have already been given their opportunity to order, and we are on-track to begin shipping in June. Place your order today to receive the earliest possible shipping opportunity!

B-Model Kits:

B-Model Kits:
See All Pricing and

PDF Order Form

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Sonex Has Great Show at Sun 'n Fun 2016!

The Sonex Booth stayed busy all week at SNF '16!

Many took the opportunity to try-on the new B-Model and experience its enlarged cockpit space!

The SubSonex also received a great deal of attention!

Sonex Aircraft, LLC once again exhibited at Sun 'n Fun in Lakeland, FL and had a banner year with two major product developments that were extremely well received at this year's show, making it the perfect kick-off for the 2016 flying season!

The Waiex B-Model prototype was on-display at SNF, including an official unveiling at the Sonex booth on opening day. Sun 'n Fun 2016 served as the public's first opportunity to see the new B-Model design in-person, and the response was tremendous. Many attendees got a chance to try-on the enlarged cockpit and check-out the enhanced B-Model features. Feedback from many prospective builders indicated that B-Model design changes addressed everything they wished the Sonex line of aircraft had in the past, renewing their interest in a Sonex or Waiex project. We can't think of a better measure of success for the new designs than that kind of initial feedback! Many current builders expressed strong interest in converting their projects to B-Model configuration, causing us to reconsider our original sales strategy for the B-Model Sonex and Waiex: Conversion kits are now in the works -- Read More!

Just prior to Sun 'n Fun, Sonex Aircraft announced a re-organized SubSonex Personal Jet kit sales strategy along with a drastic reduction in price with a $42,000 base price for the SubSonex Quick Build airframe kit. Sun 'n Fun response to the new SubSonex pricing and purchase options was outstanding as many expressed renewed interest in the kit, and many more discovered the SubSonex for the first time at Sun 'n Fun 2016. Bob Carlton flew the SubSonex in airshow performances and showcase flights at Sun 'n Fun again this year, including the Thursday and Saturday night airshows. His outstanding performances drove large numbers of people to the Sonex booth spaces to check-out the incredible little jet aircraft. Our special thanks to Bob and Laurie Carlton of Vertigo Airshows for showing-off the SubSonex in the best possible way, and to the Sun 'n Fun airshow announcers for singing our praises during the performances.

We would also like to thank Kirk Snader, for flying his beautiful Jabiru 3300 powered Waiex during Sun 'n Fun showcase flights, showing-off the aircraft's great performance and giving us more opportunities to speak about Sonex on the announcer's stand!

Sonex Aircraft received great media attention at SNF 2016, including a prominent feature about the B-Model designs in the Sun 'n Fun Official Program publication, articles in the Sun 'n Fun Today daily newspaper, exposure in the ANN Sun 'n Fun Innovation Preview program, an interview with John Monnett by announcer and Sonex Builder Wayne Flury on the SNF announcer's stand, interviews on Sun 'n Fun Radio and the Uncontrolled Airspace podcast, and stories from AOPA, and countless other aviation media outlets covering Sun 'n Fun 2016!

Sonex Forums were also held at Sun 'n Fun covering the B-Models, AeroVee engines and other AeroConversions products, and the SubSonex Personal Jet.

If you missed us at Sun 'n Fun 2016, be sure to visit our factory and check us out at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh this summer!

The addition of booth space NE-11 for Sun 'n Fun 2016 gave Sonex Aircraft a very visible presence at the end of an exhibit row near major vendors such as Flying Magazine and Sporty's Pilot shop, along with other popular kit manufacturers.

Sonex introduced the B-Model Waiex prototype to the media on opening day of the show.

The Waiex-B looked great in the Sonex booth with its' "Spirit of Red One" paint job!

The Waiex-B on-display featured a dual-screen MGL iEFIS Explorer 8.5" display installation. Dynon also provided a working mock-up B-Model panel with dual SkyView displays, the Advanced Flight Systems Control Module.

Many people of various shapes and sizes tried-on the B-Model and the feedback about the increased cockpit space was very positive!

Traffic in the booth stayed very steady with a high level of interest throughout the week. We had to have an emergency shipment of extra brochures sent to the show!

Sonex held several forums throughout the week including this SubSonex jet forum with Bob Carlton.

SNF announcer and Sonex builder Wayne Flury interviews John Monnett on the announcer's stand for the Aviation Insights live interview series.

Bob Carlton once again flew his amazing SubSonex Personal Jet airshow performances at Sun 'n Fun 2016. Bob debuted the SubSonex airshow performance at Sun 'n Fun 2015, and this year's show marked the 11th event flown with the SubSonex aerobatic show.

Strap 17.5 lbs of pyro to each wing tip of the SubSonex, put flashing multi-color LED light tape on the fuselage, add an award-winning aerobatic pilot, and you have Bob Carlton's legendary "Fire & Lights" night pyro airshow!

This spectacular time-lapse shot of the SubSonex night airshow is provided by Jerry Cummings of Light Force Images!

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New: B-Model Conversion Kits in the Works!

Sonex Aircraft, LLC had a great showing at Sun 'n Fun 2016 with the public debut of the B-Model design for Sonex and Waiex aircraft! The Waiex-B on-display in our booth received a tremendous response and an unexpected number of current Sonex and Waiex builders expressed their interest in converting their projects to B-Models.

Sonex Aircraft staff is now working hard to put together cost estimates and parts lists for various B-Model conversion kits and your feedback is needed! An informative posting and poll regarding conversion kits has been posted to Note that you must be a registered user of the forum and be logged-on to vote. Please submit your responses to our poll if you are interested in a B-Model conversion! Builder responses will help Sonex Aircraft determine feasibility and demand for these conversion packages. Take Our Poll Today!

Look for a more-detailed report of our exhibition at Sun 'n Fun 2016 to follow next week!

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Sonex First Flight: John Stewart


Congratulations to John Stewart of Surprise, Arizona, whose AeroVee powered, tri-gear Sonex (S/N 1462) flew for the first time on March 30th! "On 3/30/2016 Sonex 1462 aka N462SX aka Favorite Lady completed her first flight. She is named after my Father-In-Law's WWII B-17," writes John. "It has been a fantastic journey building her. I really appreciate all the help from the Sonex staff. Thanks to all of you! Favorite Lady handled exactly as I expected. Thank you Joe Norris [Sonex T-Flight instructor]. I felt completely prepared for the flight even though it was a while since I completed my T-Flight training. The flight was really awesome. The Sonex aircraft is a true joy to fly. No surprises. A video of John's first flight can be found on YouTube. Gold Wings are on the way!

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Sonex First Flight: Carl Bejvel


Congratulations to Carl Bejvel of Visseltofta, Sweden, whose Rotax powered, standard gear Sonex (S/N 0513) flew for the first time on April 9th! "Flight went perfect without any problems at all," writes Carl. A video of Carl's first flight can be found on YouTube. Gold Wings are on the way!

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Sonex Aircraft Sun 'n Fun 2016 Preview!

Sonex Aircraft staff will be heading-down to Sun 'n Fun 2016 this weekend, and we wanted to give you a preview of what's new for the show! See our video preview below, and on Aero-News Network's Sun 'n Fun Innovation Preview program, airing online this weekend on many sites, including

You can see the full schedule of Sonex events on our Company Events page. Don't miss the official B-Model unveiling and the SubSonex Personal Jet, which will both be on-display in our booth spaces, NE-11/29. Bob Carlton will be flying day and night SubSonex airshows at Sun 'n Fun, and we can't wait to watch him fly once again!

SubSonex Personal Jet Now More Affordable!

Sonex Aircraft is excited to announce a new sales strategy for the SubSonex Personal Jet, with a drastically reduced airframe price to put this unparalleled aircraft into the hands of more pilots! The SubSonex package is now available in separate purchases of Airframe, PBS TJ-100 engine, optional BRS package, and other optional accessories. The SubSonex airframe is available as an EAB-compliant Quick Build kit package for the amazing price of $42,000! The very-complete airframe kit only needs engine, avionics, upholstery and finishing materials in-order to fly, offering a “Sub-100 SubSonex” kit plus engine package for only $97,000, and allowing customers to split those costs over the span of the aircraft’s build time.

The SubSonex can be seen in the Sonex booth NE-11/29 and in the air over Lakeland next week as 2015 Bill Barber Award winner Bob Carlton returns to Sun ‘n Fun with his impressive SubSonex aerobatic airshow act, along with several showcase fly-by’s throughout the week. Bob will by flying both his aerobatic day show and his legendary “Fire & Lights” night pyro aerobatics at SNF 2016. For a preview of Bob’s amazing SubSonex jet routine, see our new AirVenture 2015 airshow video below!

Sonex Founder John Monnett and Bob Carlton will present an informational forum about the SubSonex Personal Jet at Sun ‘n Fun on Friday, April 8th at 9am in forum classroom 9.

See Today's Official Press Release!

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Xenos Quick Build Kits Now Available!

Xenos Quick Build Kits will include all the same features as Sonex Quick Build Kits (pictured).

Due to popular demand, Sonex Aircraft is now offering Quick Build Kits for the Xenos Motorglider!

Quick Build upgrade price for the Xenos Complete Airframe Kit is $16,000 and includes all the same features as Sonex, Waiex and Onex Quick Build Kits: completed fuselage with canopy installed, completed wing panels, and the wings are rigged to fuselage. Sub-Kit Quick Build options are also available for Xenos Fuselage and Wing Kits. See our Pricing page for full details.

These Quick Build upgrade options drastically reduce build time and reduce the level of skill required to complete the aircraft. Quick Build Sonex Aircraft kits offer the fastest build possible within the bounds of Experimental/Amateur-Built homebuilding regulations.

The Xenos Motorglider is a tremendous value, offering versatile soaring capabilities at an unmatched price in the motorglider market.

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Sonex First Flight: Brett Ahearn


Congratulations to Brett Ahearn of Geraldton, Western Australia, whose AeroVee Turbo powered, standard gear Sonex (S/N 1645) flew for the first time on March 12th! "Just wanted to say a special thanks for making it all happen," writes Brett, "and getting me over the hurdles faced on the way. It was greatly appreciated and helped more than I can say during the build." Gold Wings are on the way to Brett!

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Onex First Flight: Conrad Nordquist

Congratulations to Conrad Nordquist of Jurupa Valley, California, who recently reported the November 23rd first flight of his VW powered, standard gear Onex (S/N ONX0119)! Gold Wings are on the way!

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Sign-Up for the Sonex & Waiex B-Model Webinar!

Interested in learning more about the new Sonex and Waiex B-Model designs? Be sure to sign-up for the B-Model Webinar, scheduled for April 27th at 7pm Central Time!

Hosted by EAA as-part of their extensive and informative Webinar series, John Monnett will explain the philosophy of the new designs and how they have evolved from the existing models.

Webinar live multimedia presentations are informative and interactive, allowing the presenter to use slides and audio, while audience members can write-in with questions during the presentation. Space is limited, so Sign-Up Today!

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Sonex Holds 62nd Builder's Workshop Event; Announces Re-Tooled Workshop Resources!

Sonex Aircraft recently held its 62nd Sonex Builder's Workshop Event on February 27-28th, which will be the last of our traditional Workshop events as we announce new and improved builder training resources, which will be coming soon!

Sonex Aircraft is taking our popular Workshop Seminars on-line! With so much great content captured via the EAA Hints for Homebuilders video series, we've organized Sonex-specific hints on our Video Tips page, and will be filming new videos and webinars to give you the skills needed to build a Sonex Aircraft!

  • Improved Accesibility:
    Now, the lessons of the Sonex Builders Workshop can be accessed by anyone around the world. No airline tickets, rental cars, or expensive hotel stays are needed!
  • Learning Style, Comprehension and Retention:
    More and more, people are turning to online tutorials and YouTube to learn new skills. In the Sonex Workshop setting, attendees cannot possibly retain all of the material we present, and like playing the "telephone game," they sometimes don’t recall it correctly if not taking good notes. With an online workshop or a DVD, attendees can watch segments multiple times, just like they do with the AeroVee Assembly DVD, and easily refer back to the videos during their aircraft project.
  • A New DVD:
    Sonex is working closely with EAA to compile all Sonex-specific Hints for Homebuilders along with some new content into an EAA Hints for Homebuilders "Sonex Edition" DVD. Look for this DVD to become available Soon!
  • EAA SportAir Workshops:
    Still need that one-on-one instruction experience? Stay tuned, as Sonex and EAA will be partnering together to produce a Sonex-focused EAA SportAir Workshop program for presentation at popular SportAir Workshop sites across the country.

Get Hands-On with Sonex Starter Packs!

For years, the original Sonex Workhsop metalworking project has been offered to schools in the Sonex Education Starter Pack project. Coming-soon will be a re-tooled version of this project, updated to include more materials and reflect the current features of Sonex Aircraft kits!

See us in Oshkosh: Visit Anytime!

  • Factory Tours and Sonex Events:
    Contact us for a personal tour of the Sonex Aircraft factory. Get more information about the factory's location and Oshkosh lodging and attractions on our factory map page. Be sure to visit us for all of the great Sonex Aircraft events at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, Sun 'n Fun, and more. See the Company Events page.
  • Experience a T-Flight Basic Aircraft Familiarization Flight!
    Sign-up for a Basic Aircraft Familiarization package via our T-Flight Transition Training program at Sonex factory headquarters. If you like the aircraft enough to buy a kit, your familiarization flight fee will be credited toward your kit purchase. Sign-Up Today!

Images from the February 27-28th Workshop:

T-Flight Basic Aircraft Familiarization Flights were popular during this workshop, as the late February weather gave us an unseasonable break. Read More about T-Flight Transition Training packages and come fly with us!

Sonex GM Mark Schaible welcomes the Workshop crowd, lays-out the agenda for the weekend, introduces staff, and passes the microphone around for attendees to introduce themselves.

John Monnett gives a walk-around tour of the technical design features that go-into the Sonex line of aircraft.

Charlie Becker from EAA stopped-by during lunch on Saturday to speak about current EAA initiatives and member benefits.

Kerry Fores gives Workshop project demonstrations before turning attendees loose on their own metalworking projects.

Workshop participants get to work on their projects!

John gives an advanced session of aircraft building tips to close-out the weekend.

Attendees of this workshop were the first to see the new B-Model prototypes up-close!

Check-Out the T-Flight Transition Training Program!

Sonex First Flight: Joshua Bardell


Congratulations to Joshua Bardell of Lake Zurich, Illinois, whose AeroVee Turbo powered, tri-gear Sonex (S/N 864) flew for the first time on March 2nd! "The aircraft performed flawlessly!" writes Josh. "It was such an incredible feeling to lift off for the first time after all the hours of seeing the plane in the build stages. The weather was beautiful and the Aerovee Turbo performance was so strong! The transition training at Sonex made my first flight so comfortable. The Sonex team and Sonex community are an incredible group of people and I look forward to many great years of flying along side everyone! See you at Oshkosh '16." Gold Wings are on the way!

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