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Wheel and Brake Kit:

All Complete Airframe Kits come standard with Azusa Wheels, Brakes, Tires and Tubes for either Standard or Tricycle Gear.

New since Fall, 2014: Machined Steel Brake Drums are now standard! AeroConversions Machined Brake Drums are made from zinc-plated billet steel, and run true for greater stopping and holding power, and include cooling fins for consistent braking power during periods of extended braking.


Std Gear Wheel, Brake, Tire and Tube Kit

AeroConversions Machined Brake Drums

AeroConversions AeroBrake Hydraulic Brake Upgrade Available:
As an option, builders can upgrade their wheel and brake kit to include AeroConversions AeroBrake Hydraulic Brakes to provide more consistent braking power for extended braking durations.

AeroConversions AeroBrakes


Those interested in scratch-building the Sonex may purchase the Sonex Wheel and Brake Kit without purchasing a complete aircraft kit. Note: All other aircraft models only available as complete kits.

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