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Optional Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spars:


Sonex and Waiex Main Wing Spars are available for optional purchase to both Complete Airframe Kit builders and Sonex Scratch Builders, making these extremely simple-to-build aircraft even easier to complete!

Note: The following Bolt-on Assemblies are not installed (only the solid riveting is completed): SNX-W11-02, SNX-W11-06, SNX-W11-10L, SNX-W11-10R, SNX-W20-02 and SNX-W20-03.

Note that only 1 set of Spar Caps may be sold for each aircraft serial number. Therefore, if you have already purchased Spar Caps, they must be returned for use in your Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spar.

All return parts shipments must have an RMA (Returned Merchandise Authorization) number assigned by Sonex Aircraft, LLC and clearly marked on return shipment packaging. If you place an order for Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spars using the links below and specify all parts you wish to return for use in the assembly, Sonex will automatically send you RMA information upon confirmation of your order. Note that any returned parts that arrive damaged must be re-purchased for use in your Spar Assemblies. Customer pays all RMA and final Spar Assembly shipping.

If you have questions about how best to ship your returned Spar Caps, contact:

Click the "Order Now!!" button to place an order for Optional Pre-Assembled Main Wing Spars online (you must be a valid Sonex plans holder to purchase parts).

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Optional Pre-Assembled Sonex/Waiex Main Wing Spars

Wing Spar Components That May Be Returned For Credit and Use in Your Assembly:

Part Number Description Qty/Kit


Sonex Spar Caps Mandatory Return (See Above) 1 each
SNX-W10-01 Main Wing Spar Web 2
SNX-W10-02 Aft Spar Web 2
SNX-W10-03 Center Spar Web 2
SNX-W10-05 Doubler Spar Web 2
SNX-W10-07 Tip Web 2

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