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Pre-Formed Ribs and Bulkheads:

Sonex scratch builders may purchase pre-formed Wing Ribs, Fuselage Former Bulkheads, Tail Tip Ribs and Control Surface Ribs. Purchasing pre-formed ribs and bulkheads saves you over one hundred hours of layout and fabrication time!


The Sonex Pre-Formed Rib and Bulkhead Kit includes all parts listed below. Click the "Order Now!!" button to place an order for this sub-kit online (you must be a valid Sonex plans holder to purchase parts). To purchase individual parts, click on a part number or description.

Sonex Pre-Formed Ribs
and Bulkheads:

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Pre-Formed Ribs and Bulkheads
F-SNX-TAIL: Ribs for Sonex Tail
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-T04-05 Tip Rib- Horizontal 2
SNX-T04-06 Leading Edge Rib 3
SNX-T07-02 Control Surface Rib 3
SNX-T07-03 Control Surface Rib 3
SNX-T07-04L Elevator Root Rib-LH 1
SNX-T07-04R Elevator Root Rib-RH 1
SNX-T10-04 Tip Rib- Vertical 1
SNX-T13-04 Forward Rib 1
SNX-T13-05 Aft Rib 1
SNX-T14-04 Rib for Tail Tips 3
F-SNX-FUSE: Bulkheads for Sonex Fuselage
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-F17-03 Upper Firewall Former 1
SNX-F20-01L Former #1 LH 1
SNX-F20-01R Former #1 RH 1
SNX-F20-02L Former #2 LH 1
SNX-F20-02R Former #2 RH 1
SNX-F20-03L Former #3 LH 1
SNX-F20-03R Former #3 RH 1
SNX-F20-04L Former #4 LH 1
SNX-F20-04R Former #4 RH 1
SNX-F20-05 Former #5 1
F-SNX-WING: Ribs for Sonex Wing
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-W04-02 Aileron Rib 6
SNX-W04-03 Aileron Rib 6
SNX-W04-10L Aileron Tip Rib-LH 1
SNX-W04-10R Aileron Tip Rib-RH 1
SNX-W06-02 Flap Rib 4
SNX-W06-03 Flap Rib 4
SNX-W15-05 Wing Rib-Fwd 26
SNX-W16-06 Wing Rib-Aft 26

Sonex Form Block Kit:

For Scratch Builders who choose to form their own ribs and bulkheads, we offer the Sonex Form Block Kit. The Form Block Kit includes 8 Precision CNC Routed Form Blocks and 2 injection molded Flanging Dies.

Flanging Dies may be ordered separately in 3" dia. and 4" dia.

Sonex Form Block &
Flanging Die Kit:

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