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Matched-Hole Formed Parts Kit:

Sonex scratch builders may purchase Matched-Hole Formed Parts.
In August, 2012, Sonex Aircraft made the addition of new pre-fabricated parts to the popular Sonex and Waiex kit models, making the airframe easier and faster to build than ever before! Pioneered by the Onex Single-Place Aircraft Kit, Sonex and Waiex Complete Airframe Kits and Sub-Kits now feature Matched-Hole Formed Parts. Adding approximately 115 finished parts to each model’s kit package, the Matched-Hole Formed Parts kit consists of channels, angles and clips that would traditionally have been made by the builder from pre-formed sheet aluminum blanks provided in the Formed Aluminum Kit of earlier Sonex Aircraft kits. With matched pilot holes provided, these kit parts not only reduce fabrication work for the builder, they also reduce build time and increase build accuracy by cleco’ing to existing kit parts right out of the box! Builders can further decrease build time with the addition of the optional Machined Angle Component kit upgrade, making tail, fuselage and portions of the wing assembly fit together in almost no time.


Part Examples (Click Image to Enlarge)

Parts Cleco to Skins (Click Image to Enlarge)

Add Machined Angle Component Kit for more Matched-Holes (Click Image to Enlarge)

The Sonex Matched-Hole Formed Parts Kit includes all parts listed below. Click the "Order Now!!" button to place an order for all parts online (you must be a valid Sonex plans holder to purchase parts). To purchase individual parts or Sub-Kit groups, click on a part number or description below.

Sonex Matched-Hole
Formed Parts Kit:

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Sonex Matched-Hole Formed Parts Kit
SNX-MATCHED-TAIL-A: Parts for Sonex Tail - Group A
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-T03-04 Main Spar Channel 2
SNX-T03-06L Forward Spar Channel-LH 1
SNX-T03-06R Forward Spar Channel-RH 1
SNX-T04-01 Horizontal Root Rib 2
SNX-T04-02L LH Horizontal Rib #2 1
SNX-T04-02R RH Horizontal Rib #2 1
SNX-T04-03 Horizontal Rib #3 2
SNX-T04-04 Horizontal Rib #4 2
SNX-T06-05L LH Forward Root Rib Clip 1
SNX-T06-05R RH Forward Root Rib Clip 1
SNX-T06-06L LH Clip 1
SNX-T06-06R RH Clip 1
SNX-MATCHED-TAIL-B: Parts for Sonex Tail - Group B
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-T10-01 Vertical Root Rib 1
SNX-T10-02 Vertical Rib #2 1
SNX-T10-03 Vertical Rib #3 1
SNX-T12-03 Upper Spar Channel 1
SNX-T12-04 Lower Spar Channel 1
SNX-T12-06 Clip 1
SNX-T12-08 Forward Spar Channel 1
SNX-T12-09 Clip 1
SNX-T12-10 Clip 1
SNX-T13-06 Angle 1
SNX-MATCHED-FUSE-A: Parts for Sonex Fuselage - Group A
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-F03-02 Channel 1
SNX-F03-08 Shear Angle 1
SNX-F07-05 Instrument Panel Cross Tie 1
SNX-F07-08 Fuel Tank Stop Angle 2
SNX-F07-09 Center Firewall Angle 1
SNX-F07-10 Side Firewall Angle 2
SNX-F10-01 Angle 1
SNX-F10-07L Idler Attach Bracket - LH 1
SNX-F10-07R Idler Attach Bracket - RH 1
SNX-F10-08 Clip 2
SNX-F10-10L Support Channel - LH 1
SNX-F10-10R Support Channel - RH 1
SNX-F10-11 Clip 2
SNX-F10-12 Center Support Channel 1
SNX-F10-13L Seat Belt Attach Channel - LH 1
SNX-F10-13R Seat Belt Attach Channel - RH 1
SNX-MATCHED-FUSE-B: Parts for Sonex Fuselage - Group B
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-F14-04L Firewall Attach Angle - LH 1
SNX-F14-04R Firewall Attach Angle - RH 1
SNX-F14-05L Upper Firewall Attach Angle - LH 1
SNX-F14-05R Upper Firewall Attach Angle - RH 1
SNX-F14-06L Lower Firewall Attach Angle - LH 1
SNX-F14-06R Lower Firewall Attach Angle - RH 1
SNX-F15-05 Rudder Pedal Support Angle 2
SNX-F16-02 Forward Tunnel Zee 1
SNX-F16-05 Aft Tunnel Zee 1
SNX-F16-08 Side Clip 2
SNX-F17-10 Upper Clip 1
SNX-F17-11 Gusset 1
SNX-F17-12 Aft Clip 1
SNX-F20-07 Skin Splice Channel 1
SNX-F20-10 Former Clip 6
SNX-F20-11 Forward Clip 1
SNX-F20-12 Aft Clip 1
SNX-MATCHED-FUSE-C: Parts for Sonex Fuselage - Group C
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-F22-04 Angle 1
SNX-F23-02 Bulkhead 1
SNX-F23-07L Angle - LH 1
SNX-F23-07R Angle - RH 1
SNX-F23-10 Forward Support Channel 1
SNX-F23-12 Support Angle 2
SNX-F23-13 Aft Support Channel 1
SNX-F24-02 Upper Cross Tie #2 1
SNX-F24-03 Upper Cross Tie #3 1
SNX-F24-04 Upper Cross Tie #4 1
SNX-F24-05 Lower Cross Tie #1 1
SNX-F24-06 Lower Cross Tie #2 1
SNX-F24-07 Lower Cross Tie #3 1
SNX-F24-08 Lower Cross Tie #4 1
SNX-F24-09 Lower Cross Tie #5 1
SNX-F24-10 Forward Channel 1
SNX-F24-11 Aft Channel 1
SNX-MATCHED-FUSE-D: Parts for Sonex Fuselage - Group D
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-F27-01L Left Hand Vertical Zee 1
SNX-F27-01R Right Hand Vertical Zee 1
SNX-F27-02L LH Vertical Channel #2 1
SNX-F27-02R RH Vertical Channel #2 1
SNX-F27-03L LH Vertical Channel #3 1
SNX-F27-03R RH Vertical Channel #3 1
SNX-F27-04L LH Vertical Channel #4 1
SNX-F27-04R RH Vertical Channel #4 1
SNX-F27-05L LH Vertical Channel #5 1
SNX-F27-05R RH Vertical Channel #5 1
SNX-MATCHED-WING: Parts for Sonex Wing
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-W04-11 Angle 2
SNX-W04-12 Angle 2
SNX-W10-06 Tip Rib Attach Angle - Rear Spar 2
SNX-W12-01L Wing Rear Spar - LH 1
SNX-W12-01R Wing Rear Spar - RH 1
SNX-W13-05L Tip Attach Angle - LH 1
SNX-W13-05R Tip Attach Angle - RH 1
SNX-W16-09 Angle 1
SNX-W21-09 Clip 8
SNX-W21-13L LH Fwd Vertical Channel 1
SNX-W21-13R RH Fwd Vertical Channel 1
SNX-W21-14L LH Aft Vertical Channel 1
SNX-W21-14R RH Aft Vertical Channel 1

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