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Scratch Building

Formed Aluminum Kit:

The Formed Aluminum Kit includes all of the formed channel stock and control surfaces required for the Sonex. All parts are coated on one side with scratch-resistant plastic coating. The Formed Aluminum Kit saves hundreds of hours of precision bending brake work.

The Sonex Formed Aluminum Kit includes all parts listed below. Click the "Order Now!!" button to place an order for this sub-kit online (you must be a valid Sonex plans holder to purchase parts). To purchase individual parts, click on a part number or description.

Sonex Formed Aluminum Kit:

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Sonex Formed Aluminum Kit
Required for All Builders:
Part Number Length (inches) Description Qty/Kit
SNX-F07-02 35 Glare Shield 1
SNX-Z02-01 58 Universal Aileron Skin 2
SNX-Z02-02 72 Flap Skin 2
SNX-Z03-01 48 Universal Control Surface Skin 3
Not Required If Using Matched-Hole Formed Parts Kit:
Part Number Length (inches) Description Qty/Kit
SNX-F23-02 12 Bulkhead Channel 1
SNX-Z01-02 32 Rear Spar 1
SNX-Z01-02 96 Rear Spar 2
SNX-Z01-03 96 0.025 Angle 1
SNX-Z02-03 96 0.032 Angle 4
SNX-Z02-04 96 0.025 Channel 5
SNX-Z03-02 96 0.032 Channel 4
SNX-Z03-03 48 Tail Post Channel 1
SNX-Z03-04 24 Fuselage Vert Channel 1
SNX-Z03-04 96 Fuselage Vert Channel 1
SNX-Z04-01 48 Fuselage Vert Zee 1
SNX-Z04-02 96 Cross Tie 2
SNX-Z04-03 48 3 1/2" Channel 1
SNX-Z04-03 96 3 1/2" Channel 2
SNX-Z05-01 38 Tunnel Zee 1
SNX-Z05-02 38 Tunnel Angle 1

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