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Laser-Cut Metals Kit:

The Sonex Laser-Cut Metals Kit includes all laser-cut skins, formed wing and tail leading edges, fittings, gussets, and plates along with sheets of un-cut flat stock. All holes are located per plan and precision cut by CNC laser. This kit saves you hundreds of hours of layout and fabrication time!

Precision Laser-Cut Pilot Holes allow builders to fabricate all major structures of the aircraft with no special jigs or fixtures, and skins that incur damage or hangar rash can simply be drilled-out and replaced with new laser-cut skins with perfectly-matching holes.

Laser-Cut precision parts up to 0.190 thick!

Laser-Cut and Pre-Formed
Wing and Tail Skins

Large skins shipped in the Kit
Pallet for damage-free shipping

The Sonex Laser-Cut Metals Kit includes all parts listed below. Click the "Order Now!!" button to place an order for this sub-kit online (you must be a valid Sonex plans holder to purchase parts). To purchase individual parts, click on a part number or description.

This kit must be shipped via LTL motor freight due to its large size. Parts ordered individually may be shipped via UPS.

Sonex Laser-Cut Metals Kit:

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Laser-Cut Parts and Sheet Stock
L-SNX-TAIL: Laser-Cut Parts for Sonex Tail
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-T05-01 Horizontal Tail Skin 2
SNX-T09-03 Spacer 1
SNX-T11-01 Vertical Tail Skin 1
SNX-T12-01 Main Spar Aft Strap 1
SNX-T12-02 Main Spar Fwd Strap 1
SNX-T12-07 Forward Spar Fitting 1
SNX-T13-03 Drive Horn 1
6061-063 Sheet 0.063 sheet 12"x12" 1
L-SNX-FUSE-GroupA: Laser-Cut Parts for Sonex Fuselage - Group A
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-B04-07 Rudder Trim Tab 1
SNX-D02-05 Windshield Bow Strap 1
SNX-D02-09 Gusset (cross tube) 4
SNX-D02-15 Canopy Side Trim 1
SNX-F03-03 Fitting 2
SNX-F07-03 Instrument Panel 1
SNX-F07-06 Cross Tie Attach Plate 2
SNX-F07-07L Left Hand Corner Plate 1
SNX-F07-07R Right Hand Corner Plate 1
SNX-F08-09 Trim Lever 1
SNX-F10-14 Gusset 2
SNX-F10-15 Gusset 1
SNX-F10-22 Idler Plate 1
SNX-F10-24 Gusset Plate 2
SNX-F10-25 Gusset Spacer 2
6061-025 Sheet 0.025 sheet 36"x48" 2
6061-032 Sheet 0.032 sheet 12"x24" 1
6061-125 Sheet 0.125 sheet 12"x24" 1
L-SNX-FUSE-GroupB: Laser-Cut Parts for Sonex Fuselage - Group B
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-F13-01 Fwd Fuselage Sides 2
SNX-F13-04 Longeron Doubler 2
SNX-F14-10 Gusset 12
SNX-F15-06 Doubler-Flap Access 2
SNX-F15-09 Lower Gear Gusset Plate 2
SNX-F15-10 Upper Gear Gusset Plate 2
SNX-F15-11 Seat Belt Attach Gusset Plate 2
SNX-F15-14 Doubler Support Plate 2
SNX-F16-01 Fwd Fuselage Floor 1
SNX-F16-07 Shear Plate 2
SNX-F17-01 Firewall 1
SNX-F17-04 Windshield Strap 1
SNX-F17-05 Filler Box Skin 1
SNX-F17-06 Filler Box End 1
SNX-F17-07 Doubler 1
SNX-F20-06 Turtledeck Skin 2
SNX-F20-08 Splice Plate 1
SNX-F20-09 Attach Plate 2
L-SNX-FUSE-GroupC: Laser-Cut Parts for Sonex Fuselage - Group C
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-F22-01 Aft Fuselage Floor 1
SNX-F22-03 Shear Web 1
SNX-F22-07 Spacer 2
SNX-F23-06 Web 2
SNX-F23-08 Fitting (seat belt) 2
SNX-F24-12/13 Upper/Lower Web 2
SNX-F26-01 Aft Fuselage Sides 2
SNX-F26-04 Upper Horizontal Splice Plate 2
SNX-F26-05 Upper Vertical Splice Plate 2
SNX-F26-06 Lower Horizontal Splice Plate 2
SNX-F26-07 Lower Vertical Splice Plate 2
SNX-L05-06 Stop Plate 1
L-SNX-WING-GroupA: Laser-Cut Parts for Sonex Wing - Group A
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-W04-04 Aileron Drive Plate 2
SNX-W04-07 Counterbalance Plate 4
SNX-W06-04 Flap Drive Plate 2
SNX-W10-01 Main Spar Web 2
SNX-W10-02 Aft Spar Web 2
SNX-W10-03 Center Spar Web 2
SNX-W10-05 Doubler Spar Web 2
SNX-W10-07 Tip Web 2
SNX-W13-01 Rear Spar Attach Plate 2
SNX-W13-04 Doubler 2
SNX-W15-06 Fwd Upper Rib Gusset Blank 8
SNX-W15-07 Fwd Lower Rib Gusset Blank 8
SNX-W16-07 Aft Rib Gusset Blanks 8
SNX-W16-08 Aft Rib Gusset Blanks 8
SNX-W17-04 Reinforcement Angle 2
SNX-W17-05 Reinforcement Angle 2
SNX-W17-06 Reinforcement Angle 2
SNX-W17-07 Reinforcement Angle 2
L-SNX-WING-GroupB: Laser-Cut Parts for Sonex Wing - Group B
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-W18-01 Forward Wing Skin 2
SNX-W18-03 Inspection Cover 4
SNX-W19-01 Upper Wing Skin 2
SNX-W19-02 Lower Wing Skin 2
SNX-W20-01L Wing Root Doubler/Wing Walk 1
SNX-W20-01R Wing Root Doubler 1
SNX-W21-11 Aileron Bellcrank Plate 2
SNX-W23-08 Tubing Support Plate 4
SNX-Spar-Spacer Spar Web Spacing Tool 3

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