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Scratch Building

Sonex Bushing and Spring Kit:

Sonex scratch builders may purchase the Sonex Bushing and Spring Kit, which includes several difficult-to-find hardware items required to build the Sonex.

The Sonex ST Center Control Flap Spring is also availble as an option. This spring keeps proper tension between the flap handle and the flap handle detents in the "Sport Trainer" center control configuration.

Optional Sonex ST Center
Control Flap Spring

Sonex Bushing and Spring Kit

The Sonex Bushing and Spring Kit includes all parts listed below. Click the "Order Now!!" button to place an order for this sub-kit online (you must be a valid Sonex plans holder to purchase parts). To purchase individual parts, click on a part number or description.

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Sonex Bushing and Spring Kit
Part Number Description Qty/Kit
SNX-C01-03 Rudder Return Springs 2
SNX-D01-05 Canopy Latch Spring 1
SNX-L01-07 Axle Spacer 2
SNX-L01-XX Axle Toe-In Tool 2
SNX-W21-12 Pivot Bushing 6
Optional Items
Part Number Description Qty/Kit

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