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Scratch Building

Scratch Building

Many aircraft builders are interested in building from plans without purchasing an aircraft kit.

The Sonex is available for plans or "scratch" building.* Scratch builders can purchase Sonex plans and build the entire aircraft from raw materials,** or they can purchase any of the components or Scratch Building Materials Kits below at any point in their project:

Those interested in scratch-building the Sonex may order any of the above materials kits after purchasing plans. Note: Scratch Building not available for Waiex, Xenos or Onex.

*Scratch Building Availability:
Sonex Plans are available for individual purchase only to customers in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Customers in all other countries may only build using a Sonex Aircraft Complete Airframe Kit, or Sonex Aircraft Sub-Kits.

**Sonex spar caps are made from a proprietary extrusion and must be purchased from Sonex to build the aircraft.

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