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Machined Tailwheel Assembly with Wheel:

All Complete Airframe Kits come standard with the AeroConversions Machined Tailwheel Assembly with 4" Tailwheel. AeroConversions Machined Tailwheel Assemblies offer improved durability and ground clearance vs. the previous-generation Sonex welded tailwheel caster assemblies - especially useful for operations out of grass runways! The 4 inch Machined Tailwheel Assembly provides an additional inch of ground clearance
. Machined Tailwheel Assemblies are made from machined and black-anodized billet aluminum with a zinc plated steel steering arm.

Available Upgrade: 6" Machined Tailwheel Assembly
Using the same wheel popular with so many Vans RV builders, the AeroConversions 6" Machined Tailwheel Assembly offers an additional 2.5 inches of ground clearance.


4" Machined Tailwheel Assembly with Wheel
Included as standard equipment

Available Upgrade: 6" Machined Tailwheel Assembly


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