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Laser-Cut Metals Kit:

Sonex Aircraft Laser-Cut Metals Kits include all major laser-cut skins, formed wing and tail leading edges, fittings, gussets, and plates along with sheets of un-cut flat stock. All holes are located per plan and precision cut by CNC laser. This kit saves you hundreds of hours of layout and fabrication time!

Precision Laser-Cut Pilot Holes allow builders to fabricate all major structures of the aircraft with no special jigs or fixtures, and skins that incur damage or hangar rash can simply be drilled-out and replaced with new laser-cut skins with perfectly-matching holes.

Laser-Cut precision parts up to 0.190 thick!

Laser-Cut and Pre-Formed
Wing and Tail Skins

Large skins shipped in the Kit
Pallet for damage-free shipping

Those interested in scratch-building the Sonex may purchase the Sonex Laser-Cut Metals Kit without purchasing a complete aircraft kit. Note: All other aircraft models only available as complete kits.

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