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12 Reasons to make Sonex your Sport Pilot Aircraft!


The Sonex is the thoroughbred Sport Pilot Aircraft. It is the Sport Pilot Class-Optimized Design with a stall speed, gross weight, and top speed designed around the new Sport Pilot Aircraft Category. If you enjoy flying for fun, whether you're a multi-thousand hour or a low-time pilot, the Sonex is for you!

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The Best Performance Per Dollar in the industry. Shop around. The Sonex simply can't be beat for a total completed cost of between $18,000-$32,000 for everything from Spinner to Tailwheel. Financing is also available.

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The Sonex was engineered to minimize the part count, eliminate the need for complicated fixtures or jigs, and allow you to construct your Sonex in a small work space. You only need the most basic of metal-working tools, a flat table, and two saw horses. The Sonex also features removable wings for transport and storage.

Sonex aircraft are engineered per FAR Part 23 by one of the best teams in the industry. You can be assured that if it's built per the plans, the Sonex, Waiex and Xenos will give you years and years of flying fun.

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The same set of Sonex Plans yields many different options including: standard (tail-dragger) or tricycle landing gear, dual or center stick, and 3 different engine options (2180cc VW, 2200 Jabiru, or 3300 Jabiru).

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Sonex has the best set of plans ever produced for a kit aircraft. Everything you need to build the airplane can be found in the plans. They also come with a complete Flight Manual and Builder's Checklist to assist you in tracking your progress and providing you a logical roadmap to completion.

Download Sample Plan Sheets:
Plan Layout Sheet (76 Kb PDF)
Electrical Example (156 Kb PDF)

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We promptly and accurately answer questions of all types by Phone, Fax, and E-mail with the best customer support in the business. We're proud of our customer service record and continue to make it a top priority.

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Sonex component parts are 100% made in the USA. We use the strictest quality control methods to guarantee your satisfaction with every component part.

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We use just-in-time manufacturing with numerous suppliers to keep costs down and the ability to deliver your kit with some of the lowest lead-times in the industry.

Free Workshop:
Your Sonex plan purchase comes with free attendance at our hugely successful workshop series. Learn all the Sonex ins and outs and builder shortcuts. Your attendance also comes with a coupon for $400 off of a complete Sonex, Waiex or Xenos kit! Non plan-holders can attend a workshop for $200.

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Research and Development:
We will continue to develop a wide range of innovative, simple, and exciting aircraft products. These products include new kit designs and engine conversion components. By purchasing a Sonex, you are investing in the continued advancement of recreational aviation.

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The Monnett Family has been involved in the Sport Aircraft and kit manufacturing business for over 30 years with various aircraft designs and products including the ever-popular Sonerai Sport Aircraft, Moni Motorglider, and Monerai Sailplane.


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