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Get Financing for your Sonex Aircraft Project!

EAA Finance Solutions via NAFCO (National Aircraft Finance Company)

NAFCO has been selected to administer the EAA Finance Solutions program, offering expanded service for homebuilt aircraft! EAA members receive $140 off application fees and member-exclusive rates. Not a member? NAFCO will pay for your membership and give you $100 off your loan fees.

NAFCO LogoNAFCO (National Aircraft Finance Company) has been in business financing aircraft for more than 30 years. Get more information, request a quote, and apply for EAA Finance Solutions: or call toll free: 800-999-3712

Sonex Aircraft, LLC has been added to the list of NAFCO Industry Partners, and all piston-powered Sonex Aircraft are eligible for financing from NAFCO!

To calculate an approximate cost to complete your Sonex Aircraft project, view our completed aircraft cost estimating worksheet.

Note: Sonex Aircraft customers need to obtain financing directly from their financing company. Sonex Aircraft, LLC is in no way responsible for approval or denial of your project financing application.


Watch the EAA/NAFCO webinar: "Why Wait? Expedited and Expanded Aviation Financing"

Watch the EAA/NAFCO webinar: "Financing a Flying Club Aircraft"

If you have comments regarding your experience financing Sonex Aircraft via NAFCO, please write to:

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