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Reporting Completions

Have you just completed and flown your Sonex Aircraft for the first time? Congratulations are in order! Be sure to report this achievement to Sonex Aircraft to receive your Sonex Gold Wings pin and to be listed as a completion in the Sonex Builder Database. Timely reporting of your completion will also earn you recognition on the Sonex Aircraft home page. Note that Sonex Aircraft, LLC only recognizes aircraft that have been flown as "completions."

Follow one of these simple steps to report your completion to Sonex Aircraft, LLC:

  • Email and provide your full name, aircraft serial number, first flight date, and configuration (engine type, landing gear and control stick configuration). Please send us any pictures you have of your aircraft, as well.


  • You can log-in to the Sonex Builder Database to update your aircraft listing and upload pictures on your own. Be sure to fill-out the forms completely, including First Flight Date.

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You Can Receive a Free Sonex Hat!

Send us a clipping from Kitplanes, EAA Sport Aviation or EAA Sport Pilot magazines featuring your Sonex Aircraft in the completed projects section, and we will send you a free Sonex hat in a color and style of your choice! Be sure to include your hat style and color preference with magazine clippings (photocopies accepted). Limit one hat per aircraft SN.

Get your Sonex Aircraft published in aviation magazines! Follow the instructions below:

Kitplanes Magazine
submission instructions

What they need:
1. A typed, double-spaced description (200 words maximum) of the project and the finished aircraft.
2. A good color photograph (see photo requirements and tips below) of the aircraft that we may keep. Accepted formats include:
        --3x5-inch or larger prints
        --35 mm slides
        --digital images (see the guidelines for submitting digital images below)
3. An indication of whether Kitplanes may publish your address in case other builders would like to contact you.
4. A daytime phone number where Kitplanes can contact you with any questions.

How to get it to Kitplanes:
1. Snail Mail: Send everything to:
Completions, c/o KITPLANES Magazine
203 Argonne Ave, Suite B105
Long Beach, CA 90803
2. E-mail: Send everything to Write "Completions" in the subject line, and remember to attach the digital photo.

Please follow these guidelines for submitting digital photos:
1. Photo must be in .jpg, .gif or .eps format.
2. Photo must be 300 dpi at a print size of 3x5 inches or larger. Lower resolution photos cannot be accepted.

Here some elements necessary for a good photograph:
1. Focus -- the main subject (your airplane) must be entirely in focus.
2. Exposure--don't send a photo that's underexposed or overexposed--Kitplanes can't fix that.
3. Color -- make sure the photo's color is true to what the airplane looks like.

Some tips for making your airplane look good:
1. Walk up to the airplane until it takes up the entire frame in your camera's viewfinder. Photos that are taken from 100 feet away diminish in quality when they're enlarged.
2. Avoid people and/or objects that are not relevant to the photograph.
3. Take your photos early in the morning or late in the afternoon. Avoid the middle of the day, when shadows tend to hide details.
4. Make sure the background is acceptable and clear of objects that might degrade the photo.

Submission instructions as of 9/29/09. Check the Kitplanes web site for the most updated instructions.

EAA Publications
submission instructions

Send Photos of Your Completed or Restored Aircraft to EAA PublicationsShare your craftsmanship and completed aircraft with EAA Sport Aviation readers worldwide.

Send a photo (please, no Polaroids) and a description of your project and, space permitting, EAA will use it in “What Our Members Are Building & Restoring.” Your photo and description may also appear on the EAA website at EAA reserves the right to edit your description for brevity or clarification, and photos will not be returned.

Please include your name, address, and EAA number with your submission, and include your e-mail address so other EAAers can contact you about your project.

Submissions are published at the sole discretion of the publisher and may appear in any of EAA’s publications or its website.

Send photos and project descriptions to:
EAA Publications
Completed Projects
P.O. Box 3086
Oshkosh, WI 54903-3086

Email Submissions:

Tips for Digital Photographs:
Digital cameras are great, and EAA gets many submissions with digital photos. Here are a few hints to help ensure your digital picture finds its way to the magazine rather than the file drawer.

  • Make sure there’s enough resolution. What looks good on your computer screen may not work in print. Generally, a full-resolution picture from a 2 megapixel camera or better is required.
  • Don’t print it from your computer and send the print. While it is possible to get a publication-useable print from a personal computer, it requires special paper and knowhow.
  • Don’t place the file into a Word document or make a PDF of it. Please send it as a JPG or TIFF file.
  • Name your file. Your camera will put a name on your picture that won’t make sense to anyone. Change the file name to your name and the airplane type, such as “SmithSonex.doc.”
  • Keep in mind the photo file will be big and will tie up a dial-up e-mail account for some time.

Submission instructions as of 10/07/10. Check the EAA web site for the most updated instructions.


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